Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Rocky is very timid, but he adjusted to his foster home so well.  He loves to play!
He and Furby knew something was going on.  They had a long ride to their new home.
Furby offered to help drive, but Jackie told him to just be a passenger.
They arrived at their new home.     Guiness and Opus were there to welcome them.
Jackie made special blankets for each of the dogs in their new home.  I love her blankets!
Guiness loved his!
Rocky was not too sure about the change, but he will be fine.
He inched in a little bit.  Who is this?  Rocky, your new mom  is going to adore you and you will feel the same!
Opus is the same age at Furby-- both 12.   Furby has a lot of energy and loves to play play play.  Are you up for it, Opus?  (Oh my gosh, that face-- I just want to kiss him!)
They check out the yard.
And then, there's a group shot of the new family.   
I think Guiness is very happy that he has new friends to play with!!  

NOTE:   (The foster parents have a hard time, too.   We get very attached to the Pekes in our care, and love them like our own.  We often nurse them back to health from serious conditions, having them for a long time.  Some people don't know how we can let them go-- or how hard it is to do that.   But, if we don't let them go, we cannot continue to foster.  So, we love and let go, over and over.   Our hearts can ache, and we worry about them for at least the first few weeks.   And then we hear they are adjusting and we feel better.   Fostering is not for everyone, but for those who do foster, THANK YOU!   You are the heart of rescue.)


LadyJicky said...

I can only guess how hard it was for the Foster parents to say goodbye but then ... there is a new space for a Peke in need :(

Foster parents are Peke Angels !

Oh but look .... what a fabulous new home for these lucky two .... and now those new parents have a SEA OF PEKINGESE in their home ... how wonderful :)

Lost Earring said...

I for one would never make it as a foster because I just could not let go. The ability to let go after spending time nursing Pekes back to healthiness would make me want to keep every single one of them so while I can support, donate and cheer on rescuers, I just could not find it in me to see them driven away to a new home.

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Love the "family portrait!" Lots of Pekes!