Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Furby came into rescue with his mate, Baby Girl, and his son, Rocky last March.  
Furby was in rough shape.  Rocky was fairly healthy, and Baby Girl was diagnosed with cancer and will remain in her foster home.   (Right now, she is doing well, but she will not be available for adoption.)
I kept Furby here awhile to care for his critical needs.  I'm not  better than our other foster homes, but something about him made me want to see if I could get him healthy-- I just was not sure.
Rocky was a big boy and incredibly sweet and timid.  Oh my heart.
Once I realized Furby was going to be okay, I really wanted him to be with his son, and Bill and Jackie let him come there.  It's such a happy place there and Furby wanted to PLAY.  No one would play here.
At first, Rocky and Furby ignored each other--
Furby slept with the cat. haha
They got closer.
Pretty quickly they all became friends.  Look at those smiles!
I went to visit.  The Viking went with me..
I met adorable Oreo.  He has some temperament quirks, so he will only be adopted to a perfect home for him.  
I really wanted to just grab him and kiss him-- but that would not have been a good idea. :-)
Duke is beautiful.
Furby remembered me.  He's just a happy guy.
So many Pekingese!! 
Is this Dixie?  I get them confused!
Guiness was adopted from us and he came to meet all the Pekes to see if one (or two) would fit into his family.
Do you see one you like?
Will it be Duke?
It's hard to decide!  There were four fosters there.
No, you can't choose the cat. :-)
I can tell you like this one!   After much deliberation, Guiness made his choice.   He chose father/son Furby and Rocky.  We are so excited!!    See more on them tomorrow!!

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LadyJicky said...

OMG ..... a Sea of Peke's!!!

So happy for Furby and Rocky - a wonderful new home for them :)