Monday, December 11, 2017


 There have been too many losses this week and I just found out that we have another one.
 Keller came into rescue in July of 2010.  He was in a NC shelter and he was fostered by a sweet young woman in NC.
 His eyes were damaged, and nothing could be done.
 His eyes were removed, but it not change his spirit.
 He loved his mom, and enjoyed the sunshine on a car ride.
 He went to work with her every day.
 His mom was a dog groomer, so sometimes, he had fun things done to his hair (all pet safe of course).
 He loved his doggy family and got along with them well.
 Snow was no problem-- except for his mom, because he blended right in.
 He loved a good snoozing place.
 And if his friends were with him, it was even better.
 He sometimes had a ride when they went someplace.  He loved his pouch, and on walks with his siblings, he would sniff the air, and wind up falling asleep.
 A snuggle with his friend was great....
 But, snuggling with his mom was at the top of the list.  He had the best life with her-- the best food, hair and nails done, trips to the lake or beach. And love.
 Keller had a wonderful life.   But, last month, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma.  This is bone cancer, and it was fast growing.  There was no way to do surgery because of its location.    He was kept as comfortable as possible, but once the pain began, his mom knew she would not let him suffer.
 His doggy friends will miss him so much.
Keller had a life of love for the past 7 1/2 years-- he will be dearly missed.  Run free, sweet boy.


 Starlight says, "Mom is at it again!  I thought she was done decorating."
 The house was done and ornaments were on the tree.    We always put the tree up first, and add the lights.  Then, the tree goes "on hold" while I decorate the house.  The last thing I do is put the ornaments on the tree, and then, the snow.  Once the snow is on, I'm done decorating!
 Starlight politely asked what was going on.  She is curious, but usually gives up trying to figure it out, especially now that she is over 13. 
I've done this every year since I began decorating my own home.   My grandmother was born in the late 1800s and she did this.  (I know, that seems a LONG time ago.)   I don't know if her mom did it.   She was a farm wife and so money was tight.   So, she made "snow" for their Christmas tree.   Homemade ornaments were on there, too. 
 Once the lights are on the tree, the ornaments go on.  Then, the last step is the snow.  I grate ivory soap-- the bars, not the liquid.  And don't try to use another soap.  It won't work.  You put the grated snow in a bowl and add a small amount of HOT water and beat it!!  My grandmother had the kids take turns with a hand egg beater, because it had to look like meringue.   Now, with electric mixers, it's so much easier.
 I use a small spatula to spread it on the branches.   The dogs seem to think it's tasty, so I have a small xpen around the tree.  My Cranberry used to LOVE to lick the branches. 
 Spread it on a small bit at a time.  Using a spatula saves your hands from getting scratched on the branches.
 You can do a light layering or it can look like a heavy snowfall, whatever your preference. 
 At night, with the small white lights, it looks like the moon light on the branches of a snow-touched tree.   I also have a small tree with blue lights-- a reminder of my childhood.   That is the Bit tree this year, so I'm going to leave that one plain.  That's the play tree, so the Bits can change things out if they want. 
 My daughters sometimes put snow on their trees-- Granger wants to know if he's going to have it at his house.   Don't worry, Granger, you'll be at my house some, too. 
Kai Kai slept while I did it.   He wasn't bothered by my working around him.    If you try this on your tree, post a picture.   I love the look of my snow-dusted tree!

Sunday, December 10, 2017


 Pooky came into rescue last Thursday.  His owner died and his family needed to find a home for the three dogs who were left.  One was a blind old Pug and she went to rescue.  Pooky, a 14 year old male Peke, came to us. 
There is still an old female Chihuahua who needs a home.  If you know anyone who can take her, please let me know.   (   
 Pooky went to Bella and Simon's home.   Bella, with her might self -- all 9 1/2 pounds-- was being a little bossy, but Pooky is so sweet.
Simon was keeping an eye on Pooky.   I'm sure Pooky will settle in and relax and enjoy his new life.   They all say, HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, December 9, 2017


Thank you Robert for your donations in memory of Pupfy.   I know he was your heart dog.
Emily's sweet pups, Drizzle and Newman/Newmie, help us every month.   They are 11 and 12 now.   
 Tim and Colleen's pups, Doolin and Gizzy, also help us monthly.  Gizzy is a PVPC alumni-- foster failure.   Thank you, boys!! 
Rosie, a forever foster, asked her mom to help the other Pekes in our rescue.   Barbara loves this sweet, older girl!   Another Albino Peke!
 Ann sent a donation in memory of her precious Princess.
Princeton and Clarence, two best friends, sent in a donation to help our fosters!  
Another donation has come in  from Pepe, Lilly and Lucy.   They are sweet, joyful Pekes!   
 Midnight, Elvis and Harley made a donation to the Joyful Year fund.  THANK YOU!!
 Toby and Zoey's mom, Barbara, made a donation all the way from Palm Springs!
Lil Cali Gurl helped us, too!  You're the best!
Beautiful Maggie (who belongs to Kay and Claretta) made a donation to the Joyful Year fund.   Thank you, sweet girl.
 Barbara wants to honor her sweet Paws who passed away three years ago. 
Mary asked people to make donations to our rescue for her birthday.  Abner was one of our fosters and has gone on to become an incredible therapy dog.  He dressed as a doctor for Halloween visits.   
 Mazie is another alumni-- thank you for helping us!
 Melrose shares his mom with our rescue.  She does a big job for us, helping us keep our money straight.   Thank you!
 Coco's mom, from Australia, sent a donation.  Thank you!
 Piper, a PVPC alumni, made a donation to help others like him who need our help.
 Magnolia's mom helps us a lot!!   Thank you!
Claire made a donation  in memory of her sweet Albert.  
 Last year, I did a blog to celebrate the life of Joyful Grace.
 Joyful came into rescue in 2015, and we were not sure we could save her.  But, she was a little fighter.  She wanted to live.
 Her foster mom, Sherry, has a way with the seniors and Joyful was in the right place for great care.
 Joyful had a lot of health problems.  She went on heart meds, skin meds, arthritis meds and pain meds.   We really hoped to give her a longer life than she would have  had.
 We were able to give her a year of love and care.   She did so well with her foster mom and stole the heart of so many of our rescue family.    So many sent in outfits for her, beds, things with JOY on them.   Her foster mom still has the little nightlight lamp with JOY on it. 
 Joyful was with us for almost one full year.  She died last November 1, 2016.   But, she left a legacy.
So, this year, we begin our "Make it a Joyful Year 2017" and for every donation, regardless of the size, I will add a picture of your dog/dogs to this blog and keep reposting it.   Once you send in your donation either through our web site ( or to our P.O. Box (PVPC, P.O. Box 61005, Richmond, VA 23261), post a picture on the blog on facebook so that I can add it to the blog.   We gave Joyful Grace a good year, and we continue to do that for others in our care, thanks to the donations we receive.   Let's make it another Joyful year!
Harley Marie wants to make it a Joyful Year!!   Thank you, sweet one.
 Freddie (of Freddie's Finds) sent a donation.   Thank you!
 Marco Polo and Ch'In are happy Pekes!   They want to help others.
So, their mom sent a donation to help the Pekes. 
Queen Willow, Bandit and Meyer Mason VIII are helping, too!   
Princess Virginia's new owner made a donation!!
Piggie is 16 1/2 years old and he wanted to help us have a Joyful Year.  Thank you, Syndee!!
Charley is Barbara's older girl.  She's almost 15.    A donation was made for this Sweet girl!
Madeline Grace and Mickey made a donation to help our foster dogs.  Thank you!!!   
Benjamin/Benny and Mattie sent another donation to help us!   Thank you, sweet adopted fosters of mine!!  
Gracie Lu may have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but she will never be forgotten.  What a story she had and she started a friendship between me and her mom, Jane.  
 Andrea sent me a picture of her Cherry, above, and also one of her heart-dog, Anna, below.
Anna has crossed the Rainbow Bridge-- and maybe she even met Joyful Grace there.  Thank you!
Thank you Laura and your Pekes, Milo, Mika, Luca and Sir Jenkins!!
Charlie is a rescued King Charles Cavalier.  His parents and Charlie love to help our rescue.  Thank you!!