Friday, September 19, 2014


Gus was in a shelter in Williamsburg, VA.   He had been adopted from this same shelter and his owner could no longer take care of him.   He is ten years old and about 12 pounds.
So, he got on the "Freedom Ride."   That's really my van. :-)
 Henry was coming to my area also, so they were able to be together for the journey to S.E. Virginia.
 Gus needs nasal (eye) fold surgery-- his folds are rubbing against his eyeballs and creating lots of drainage.   He also REALLY needs a dental.
 Look at this face!
He is now with his foster mom (who will probably never let him go!) and will come back for his surgery in 2 weeks.    Welcome to PVPC, Gustopher!   (That's my nickname for him-- it kind of stuck.)   You are just precious!  

Thursday, September 18, 2014


 Henry (Tiny Henry) came into rescue as a neglected, flea-infested, curling nails dog.    He wasn't neutered, and obviously had not been cared for in a long time.
 He had a terrible infection, teeth were bad-- we were up for the challenge!   He had all his surgeries and had on a special e-collar to keep him from licking.  (These work for some dogs and for others, they need a regular e-collar.)
 He loves to sit outside and sunbathe.
 It's a great place to air out after a bath.  
 I love his little tongue!
 He was taking a nap incognito.
 We knew it was you!
 Are you tired?  
 Henry is a happy boy!   He is older, we know that, but he is sweet and loving.    I was with him for awhile yesterday and he was so friendly with every dog he saw.
Henry is in a foster home in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.    He loves everyone and every dog.    He just wants a home to live out the rest of his years being loving and loving right back!    You won't regret adding him to your family!  I love the seniors!    Do you?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


 Marshall came into rescue in February-- we thought he had been hit by a car, but he had hip and knee issues
 He had  three surgeries.   But, now he's done with surgery!  YIPPEE.  
 He likes hanging out with his friends.   He loves laying on the small deck and observing his yard.
 Jill Lee is one of his friends.
 He is the only foster dog we have that gets to go swimming.   It really helps his muscles get stronger.
 He is ready for a forever home now.    He is a young boy, and has many wonderful years in front of him.  
If you are interested in this super sweet boy, just let us know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Song Sun Sun aka Sonny, was in a Baltimore shelter.   I emailed a friend of  mine (who has adopted 3 from us) and told her about him.     (Here he was meeting some of the neighbors.)
She went right over to see him and he came home with her!  His owner had turned him in.   Why is it that people give up on their dogs when the dogs are older and need them more than ever??
His mom emailed me and said,  "The boy is delightful. He is very mellow, discovered sleeping on a chair this am. A first for pekes in our house. This is promising. He loves to be cuddled and wants company most of the time."
He bays like a beagle, but snorts like a Peke.  
Sonny is very sweet and since he is older, he does sleep a lot.  I imagine he is just catching up-- and getting used to a wonderful  new home.  He has limited sight, and raises his head to sniff around.   Dogs are amazing in how they compensate to the loss of one of their senses.  
He has a great appetite and enjoys being outside with the other dogs.   Pablo (formerly Chubs of the Bristol 18) lives there, too.   Pablo is in charge, but he's getting used to this little senior who has joined the family.   Sonny went to his mom's lake house and enjoyed his first kayak ride!  
He loves to be cuddled and I'm sure he knows the best part of his life has begun-- he has a forever family who won't give up on him and who will care for him and love him always.   It doesn't get better than that!!   Thank you to my friends for taking in this sweet Peke!

Monday, September 15, 2014


 Lexie came to us in the spring.    She was such a sick Peke.
 She weighed 9 pounds-- and was just skin and bones. I had a hard time getting her to eat.
 She was so dehydrated and full of worms that her body was ready to shut down.   Her white count was up, her red count was dangerouly low and she had to have blood transfusions.
 But, with your help, we were able to give her the medical care she needed.    We thought the worms had caused all her issues, but the vet believes she has hemolytic anemia.
It took months to stabilize her and she is on auto-immune medications.   But, we got her stable enough to have a MUCH needed dental.   Her teeth were so infected that it went up into her sinus and nose.   For days after the dental, she drained out of her nose.   Oh, my, was that rough.   But, she was a trooper, letting me clean her up.
She just didn't feel good at all and I did all I could to help her to feel better.   Thank goodness for Acredale Animal Hospital, my vet in Virginia Beach.
She began to perk up after a few days.   Her latest blood work showed her red blood count was normal!   She is still on auto-immune meds, and prednisone but she is acting like she feels wonderful.
She brought a toy upstairs with her.  
She loves the little toys.
She is more alert--even inquisitive.
She watches me and stays wherever I am.
She has found a hidey-hole that no one else uses.
If I can't find her, I get down on my hands and knees, and there she is!
Her toy, her hiding spot and all is fine with the world.
Thank you to all who have supported and encouraged Lexie to fight for her life, to get strong and healthy.   She is doing so well.   I'll keep you updated on her progress.   She is a gentle, sweet little girl!  

Sunday, September 14, 2014


 When I'm  in my study working at my desk...
 I usually have a few helpers.  
 But, yesterday, I had more than a few.  
 Starlight and Kai Kai had front row seats.
 Rammi supervised from the side.
 Lexie was vegging out behind me.
 Kai Kai was "really mom?"
 But, Max thought it was awesome that I was taking his picture.
 Koko was resting in the kitchen, but...
 then she joined the rest in the study.
 Kai Kai decided to grace me with a front view..
And Lexie just curled up to take a nap.  I want a nap!   I don't want to work at my desk that always looks like a bomb went off on it.    These Pekes give me encouragement, but what I need is help! :-)