Sunday, May 29, 2016


 Lisa wrote me about her heart dogs-- Chyna (her Peke-a-Pug) and Danny were soulmates.   Danny was adopted from PVPC when he was two years old.   Chyna lived to me 17 years old, but Danny only lived to be 8-9.   He was a little warrior who died of Granulomatous Meningoecephalitis.   He had a strong will to live, but he could not overcome this.
Click here: Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (Inflammatory Reticulosis) in Dogs 
 Lisa adopted Ba-Ge in 2006 from us.
Ba-Ge was my foster boy, and he was 6 years old.   He was always loved, turned in by an owner who could no longer care for him.   He loved being held and I remember how sweet he was.   He passed away last September and now all of Lisa's heart dogs are playing together again.   Heart dogs take part of our heart with them when they go-- but they usually leave some so that we can love another.   I think they would want that.    These three were so loved!

Saturday, May 28, 2016


I posted a blog on heart dogs -- Mark sent me a picture of his heart dog, Fly.   Here's what he wrote:
 "This is Fly.    Alisa would tell you he was one of her two heart dogs (Pudgie being the other one). He was also my heart dog. Fly was born the runt of the litter, and he was tiny for a Shih Tzu.    During the time I knew him, he went from having little vision to being completely blind. Outdoors, he was vulnerable and uncertain of himself.   Indoors, he was confident and ruled the house.   He frequently stole all of the toys and lay on top of them in his "nest" (dog bed).   Fly always wanted to know where we were.   He'd sometimes wander down the hallway, bumping into walls, just to find us.   Then he'd "magically" disappear again, like a Ninja, back to the living room.
When Fly died in 2011, I cried off and on for over a year. He'd burrowed into my heart, and then he broke it into tiny pieces."
 Pudgie was one of our PVPC foster dogs.   Mark and Alisa fostered him and they fell in love.   Mark said Pudgie wasn't the "smartest cookie in the jaw" (I know all about having dogs like that!).   Mark also said, "We love how excited you become when you think it's time to go outside. How, when we say, "Do you want to go outside?," you make a throaty sound that reminds me (unfortunately) of the Hamburglar.   We love how you race to us outside, and how, whether we're gone five hours or two minutes, you bark and leap on us as though we spent a year sailing around the Horn of Africa. And we love the look of complete, open trust in your eye."
I had to include Schmoo, too.   Mark and Alisa also fostered Schmoo.   Schmoo was a very special boy.  He came to us from a shelter and we were told he was missing his last vertebrae.  He didn't have a tail and we found out that he had no bowel control.   He needed a special place.   Mark wrote, "Schmoo, Schmoofus, McDoofus, you are a clueless nut, and we love it.   You lie on the back of the sofa and stare out at our street, keeping track of the comings and goings of the letter carrier, cars, birds, and anyone who might come to the door and give you belly rubs. Oh yes, belly rubs. That's your lingua franca. "Talk to the belly, 'cause the ears aren't listening," you say.   You would happily stay in place for hours if belly rubs were happening.   We love how blankets are your catnip.   In the evening, when we lie down on the couch and reach for the blanket, you zoom over and leap onto our sides.   The striped blanket is your favorite. We love your irrepressible happiness. You are full of bouncy springs, which send you boing boing boing down the stairs and across the floor. Nothing keeps you down."

I couldn't write as well as Mark in describing his heart  dogs-- I love it.   Pudgie and Schmoo are still there, still being loved, still living an amazing life!!

Friday, May 27, 2016


 Camden came into rescue almost 2 years ago.   These are pictures we had when he came to us..
 You can see how much he loves to run!!
 He is active and loving.  He would love to be an only dog, where he could get a lot of attention.
He adores his foster mom. but he is ready for his own home.  He is about 6 years old and a beautiful boy.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


 This sweet ten pound Peke came to us from a shelter near me.    Our rescue has a wonderful relationship with them and they asked if we could take this adorable boy.
 He has a terrible mouth-- we were able to do a dental and he kept five teeth.   WOW.  It's amazing how awful his teeth were, but he is fine now.  
 He came to visit yesterday, so I could take him to the Richmond area for his new foster home.    He made himself at home.
 Which way should I go?
 He wandered the porch-- which has been taken over by Sugar Bit toys.
 He "visited" Sugar Bit's playpen while I got ready-- one of the dogs was interested in him and I didn't want Jasper to stress.   He has a very bad heart, so we want to keep him comfortable.   He is on heart meds and will be with his new foster mom as long as he needs her.   The vet doesn't think he has a lot of time, but these little ones are amazing, so he may be with us for awhile.
His foster mom sent me this picture-- after he met everyone, and followed her around the house, he laid down beside her for a nap.  It was a long day, moving to a new house and he did great!  I love this little fluffy butt.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


 I received a shelter email in February 2013.   It was for Abner, a 6 month old puppy who had an eye problem.
 He needed surgery to close his eyes more-- they were literally ready to pop.   He had several other eye surgeries and then got ready to go to his new home.
 We even made a sign for his new sister and brother.  
 Abner has had more surgeries on his eyes-- including cataract surgery (which came very early!) and his surgery was very successful, unlike my Kai Kai.  I'm so glad!
 Abner loved all the dogs at my home, and he continued to be a super sweet boy with other dogs.
 He came to the picnic with his brother and sister, Brody and Lily.
 He checked out the food, the people, the dogs....
 Abner is a therapy dog.  He goes to nursing homes, hospital, airports.    He knows how to encourage and soothe.
 He was waiting for someone here.
 He decided to take a rest while he waited.   He can "work" for 2-3 hours and that can be exhausting, but he is full of love the entire time.
 Yes, a nap on the way home can be essential.
 He has become friends with his cat sibling, Mate.   They have become BEST friends!!  
 It's a wrestling, love fest at nighttime.
Abner, you are SO cute.   If I could have kept another Peke, I would have kept you-- but rescue means letting go.   I'm so glad your mom and dad keep letting me know how you are doing and how they share you with me!  Love you, sweet little man!  You could not have gone to a better home!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Bingo came into rescue in 2012.   
 He was terrified in the shelter and when they brought him out, the smile was one that showed he was SO happy!!
 He was in bad shape.  He was an older boy, with bad skin, fleas, and bad back legs.  
 Maria fostered him-- she was a foster mom before I came into rescue 14 years ago and she had a way with the needy ones.  
 Bingo made himself at home there.   He has bladder issues, walking issues, and trust issues, but he was in a  place where he could learn he was safe and loved.
 He came to one of the picnics and he reminded me so much of my Max (who is almost 13).   Bingo was about ten when we got him-- we always have to guess if there is no history for them.   He is going on 14 at least.
 His still managed to get around in his own way, but you could tell it would become more difficult.
 He was never adopted and as he has became older, his foster mom said she wanted to adopt him, so he wasn't an orphan anymore.   That made our hearts tear up-- what a kind thing to do.
Maria loves her boy and he loves her.   He may not have much time left, but he's been loved the entire time he has been with her.   That is the best way to live-- loved, safe, content.   You are a beautiful boy, Bingo.

Monday, May 23, 2016


 Allie came to us as Fufa and was a three year old.   Her family needed a new home for her and wanted us to help.   We were glad to!
 Allie is super sweet and loving.   At first, in her new home, she wasn't playing much.
 Bennett, adopted from us, was ready for a friend his size.   Now, they play all the time!   There are big dogs there, too, but Allie especially loves Bennett.
She also adores her toys-- um, that's not a bed haha.    Allie has gained some weight and now tops ten pounds-- woohoo!!  I love happy stories!