Sunday, November 18, 2018


 This week we will be having Thanksgiving-- Binks has been struggling, but I know he is so thankful for his home.
 He has a snuggly bed and lots of love.
Blossom is thankful for her home and loving mom.   There are so many things to be thankful for this week.  What are some of yours?

Saturday, November 17, 2018


 Ellie, new to rescue, is resting comfortably.   I know she would want you to know how important it is to use safe cleaning products in your home-- not only for your family, but for your Pekes and other pets.  (Birds are especially sensitive to things that are toxic.)
 Some of my Pekes are special needs, most are older or have health problems. 
 Nala is my most medical dog here.  She saw me throw her toy into the washing machine, and was horrified.  But, it's important to keep the toys clean.  I use a safe cleaning product for my washing machine.  And it's important to do extra rinses to get all of the detergent out. 
 Because of  Nala, I've done more research into what is safe.  Since she has IMHA, seizures and other health issues, it's critical that I keep the house a healthy place for her.   I use mostly vinegar to clean, because it's non-toxic.  Many of us love the smell of a "clean house" when you've used a product that is "scenty" but sometimes, those are just not safe.  A pine oil based cleaner can be extremely toxic for your dogs.   Here is a link:  Pine Oil Poisoning in Dogs - Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment, Recovery, Management, Cost
 You may think if your pet is on a table (like Granger) or a couch while you clean, they are safe.  But, some of the symptoms of pine oil poisoning are felt in the eyes, nose, ears, lungs and skin.   Symptoms like:  difficulty swallowing, hyperactivity, lethargy, nausea, breathing trouble, coma, confusion, depression, drooling, panting, respiratory distress, frequent urination, diarrhea, vomiting.   Even death.   Some of these can come on even though you think you have rinsed the floor safely.   Breathing in toxic smells can be dangerous, ingesting them (from licking paws) even more so.   
 Simon and Bella want us all to be safe and healthy.   I found another article on Pet Safe cleaners: 
10 Pet-Safe, Kid-Safe, Green Household Cleaners | ActiveBeat  Vinegar and baking soda are used a lot.   Lemon juice mixed with water is good, too. 
Harrison wants us to be clean and safe, so I hope these tips will help.
Our pets are so important to us-- we need to keep them safe. 

Friday, November 16, 2018


 Thurston aka Thursty (I love his nickname) lives in Massachusettes and has the best mom, Pati.
 He was part of the rescue we did in 2013, when his parents came into rescue.
 His sister, Thea, and three other siblings, were born into rescue.   After we got Cici and Harley, we realized we were going to have PUPPIES! 
 His brother, Bandit, was adopted by his mom's sibling-- all but one were adopted into her family. 
 Papa Harley and Cici were young when we got them and they are all so beautiful.
 His mom, Cici, was beautiful.
 Cici and Harley had the best temperament and all their puppies did, too.  We don't know where they came from, but they must have been loved.
 They were adopted together, so they were never separated.   We were so glad they could stay together.
 Thurston knows winter is coming-- he posed last year and was surveying the snowy scene around him.
I think we are all going to have an early winter.  There are SO many acorns on the ground here and that's a sign that the winter is going to be cold (at least that's what I was told).   They will all have lots of coats and sweaters to play with all their friends.   I'll be looking for winter pictures of your Pekes!! 


 We are beginning our annual Yankee Candle fund raiser for Potomac Valley Pekingese Club.  Do you love holidays items or scented candles?  What is your favorite scent?  (Mine is vanilla, or Christmas Cookie!- Delicious!)
 There are gift bags for pet lovers.
 Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE plaid.  It reminds me of Scotland.  Yankee Candle has more than candles-- this is a week-end bag.
 There are special candle toppers.
 And 40% of the money comes right to our rescue.  Just click on this link: Yankee Candle® Fundraising - Home    Then put in our number:   990103300
 It will help dogs like Puddle Bug (his name began with a 'p' so I kept the sound of his name.  The "Bug" part was in memory of my precious Scooterbug, who was my partner in rescue.)
 The money will help Nala, here with Kai Kai -- and her pink purse of course.
Nala says, "Thank you!"   I love Yankee Candle (we live near a Flagship store!), so I hope you have fun shopping!  Our fundraiser has begun and and it goes through January 10-- if you want Christmas gifts, start ordering.  🌝

Thursday, November 15, 2018


 Dolly was the beloved dog of our friends, Betsy and Robby. 
 Dolly had two homes-- and one was on a lake.  What a beautiful place to relax with her mom and dad.
 Dolly had a lot of health issues, but her dad is an incredible vet (and an amazing surgeon), so she had the best care any dog could ever have. 
 Her family are big Georgia Bulldog fans-- so Dolly was one, too.   I'm sure she had a lot of Georgia bull dogs things in her home. 
 She was loved so much by her mom, and during her health issues, she always had someone with her.  The staff at the vet loved her, too.   (Acredale Animal Hospital)
 Dolly was one of the sweetest dogs I've met.  She was loving and joyful.  She was great with everyone.
 She enjoyed all the seasons and ...
 she loved meeting Santa each year. 
 Dolly had multiple organ thrombosis, heart and kidney failure.   Her dad, Robby, tried to save her.  She was ten years old, dearly loved.    Run free now, sweet girl.  You will be so missed.


 Mandy came into rescue last month-- we were told she had sight problems, but we can deal with that.
 We didn't know she was also deaf-- but we could deal with that. 
 We found out she had a bad heart murmur, and kidney issues.  Then, she had severe eye issues and needed surgery.  It was a "catch-22" for her-- she needed surgery to remove her eyes, but her heart and kidneys were not strong enough to survive the surgery.  The chance of losing her was high. 
 Mandy did not wag her tail, she could not find her way around, she didn't seem to have quality in her life-- and the vet said she was in pain from her eyes.   Our choice was surgery or letting her go.   After four of us having a long day of figuring out ways to save her, we realized we couldn't. 
 If we could make her young again... if we could make her heart okay... if we could make her kidneys okay... and give her sight and hearing.... Those are things we wish for, but know we can't do. 
 So, she was held, and kissed as we let her go.  Barbara and Ty took care of  her for a month, and she was safe and warm, and fed.   And loved-- oh, she was loved.  Sometimes, that's all we can do.  But, we did what we could and then we set her free.  Run free now, sweet Mandy.   We wish we had had you so much sooner. 
We love you, Mandy.  


 Didi was one of Jeanne's beloved dogs.
 I love this old picture of her in the antlers.
 Lucy, Sassy and Didi went to live with Paige and Dani.   They love to be together.
 Dani came to visit and brought Sassy and Didi with her.
 They are doing so well and love their new family.
 We set up an area for them in my laundry room (where they can see into the family room) for when they were eating.  Otherwise, Nala might try to "share" their food LOL.
 Sassy is so sweet!  Loves cuddles and attention.
 I got Didi out of a shelter near me when she was 3-4 years old.  That was in 2009! 
 So, she is 13-14 years old now.
 Didi's family are BIG New Orleans Saints fans, so she has on a Drew Brees sweater.
 Sassy was content to wander around my house and settle wherever we were.
 Look at that sweet face.
 Didi followed us, too.  She is a Mama's girl with Paige. 
 She has arthritis now, so she can move a little slower.  It's okay. 
 They found a cushioned orthopedic dog bed and both climbed up on it. 
 Sassy had to try out a few more beds.
I'm so glad they came to visit-- it was wonderful to see them again!!   💜💛