Thursday, September 29, 2016


 A dear friend of mine does Dachshund rescue.  Like us, they still like to help others if they can.
 Little Mulan-- Mumu-- needed help.   Her mom went into a nursing home and a rescuer from Dachshund rescue took her in.  
 Mumu has some allergies, and needs medication sometimes to help.   This has been a rough year for allergies for dogs and people.   This is not an unusual situation.  (I have two allergy dogs here-- it's not hard to manage.)
 When Mumu came to her foster home, she acted like an old lady-- she had not been exposed to a normal life.  But, she soon became the four year old Peke she was meant to be.   She loves to play with other dogs-- she definitely wants a playmate.
 Playmates are the best!  Mumu loves car rides, sleeping on the bed with you, being brushed and loved on.
Mumu is in S.C., near the Asheville, NC area (about an hour south).   She is not with out rescue, but we want her to find her forever home.  If you are interested in her, email me directly at   I will direct your emails on to Mumu's foster mom.   Please include as much information in your email as possible.  This little girl needs a great home!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


 Daisy came into rescue a year ago last July.  
She was only 9 years old, but had not even been given minimal medical care-- her eyes were in such bad shape (even lubricating drops would have made a huge difference) and her teeth were awful.   
 Having bad "mouth" can lead to heart disease and so many avoid having dentals, which are so necessary.   We did all the medical that Daisy needed, but we couldn't fix some problems-- like heart issues.  
 She was a very sweet girl and we saw a long life in front of her.
 She was fostered by Sherry, along with her sister, Roxy (who was adopted by another person).
 At our picnic last year, one of our Peke friends wanted to adopt a senior and she adopted Daisy.   Daisy had acupuncture to help her mobility and meds to help her heart.
 Debbie, sitting with Daisy, and little Ming on the ground, had to say good-bye to Daisy yesterday.   Daisy had begun to have a massive number of seizures.   Medication was begun, but it had no effect.   The diagnosis was a brain tumor.    At only ten years old, Daisy has gone on to be with the others who have been loved and are now at the Rainbow Bridge.
Run free now, sweet girl.   Your mom will miss you so much.


 Tina lives with two of my friends in N.C.    Just look at how beautiful she is!
 When I visited her at the shelter, her hair was missing.
 Her skin was a mess and she just looked sore to me.
 But, the sweetness of her spirit drew me to her.  
 After a few months in foster care, her skin felt so much better and her hair began to come back.  
 HMMM, I guess she wasn't a full Peke!
 She loves the "toy bed" best of all!
 Look at how shiny her hair became.  And thick!  Her moms said she has two speeds--zooming or sleeping.
 She has Peke friends in her new home.  And a Doberman!
She even had to have a little facial to trim her hair back.   And the crooked grin.  I love it.   From unwanted, to greatly loved.  She is a sweetheart who has a forever home!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


 Leila belongs to my friend, Charlie.   We met years ago when he applied to adopt two of our "foster" dogs.   They weren't actually with us, but I was facilitating finding them a home.   He adopted them both and gave them an incredible life.    He also adopted a sweet Peke named Tigger, who had lost his eyes due to neglect.   Charlie gave him an incredible life, and Tigger, even with no sight, loved to lead the gang on his walks.   All three have gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but Leila is now 13 and doing fine.
 Charlie came to the picnic last year, and fell in love with our foster, LuluBea.  
 LuluBea had come to us after her dad lost his home and he could no longer take care of her.   She had been loved though and her only real problem was she'd had a few too many treats. :-)
 Leila welcomed LuluBea to her home.   They became buddies.
 Leila shared the winter with her and showed her what real snow was all about!  Nothing like our Virginia winters.
Charlie just sent me this sweet picture of them both-- still good friends and sitting close together.   I love happy adoption stories.  They make me smile and I'm so glad that rescue helped to bring them together.

Monday, September 26, 2016


 Bentley was at my vet's open house at their Great Bridge office.
 It's a small office that my vet has added as a satellite location.   It has been a veterinary office for many years and now it is one we can go to, connected to all that the  main office offers in vet care (except for some surgeries).  
 Dr. Tonka is the office cat and he is ready for patients!
 There was a bakery table-- just for dogs.   Blind Dog Bakery makes treats for dogs.  If you want more information, you can email Kerri Killion at  
 There were big and small dogs there-- this Bassett just made me laugh every time he barked.  WOOF!
 There was a kissing booth there!
 Floyd went.  I carried him or let him be in his stroller.   He had a seizure that morning so I didn't want him stressed.  
 Bentley, Bradley and PVPC alumni Lu were there.  
 Do you have anything?   I know there are treats somewhere.
 AWE-- James brought treats from the Blind Dog Bakery and shared them with all the Pekes.

We had a lot of fun!
Rescue friends Rainbow Rescue were there.   
 Lu was having a great time!.   That's Dr. Meador and Beach Bit in the background.   He had so much fun!!
 Bradley, there's a water bowl there.  
 And inside, there was food!  Sandwiches, snacks, cookies, and drinks.  
 Here's the waiting room.
 Bettina is one of our FAVORITE techs!!  My Starlight adores her!   Floyd likes her, too.
 The xray machine was in use!
 The kennel had visitors-- stuffed ones!
 And the operating room had a patient (Beach Bit loved this!).  (A stuffed animal with the game "Operation" on top.)
 If you want to friend our satellite branch, you can.   (I call it "mine" because I've been using Acredale Vets for a very long time.)
Bentley loved it, too.   We had a wonderful time there!