Saturday, November 28, 2015


 Cody is one of Desi's brothers.    He was all ready for Thanksgiving with his festive tie on.
 I love this picture-- Onslow had a stunning backdrop!   I don't think he's paying any attention to it though.
 He would rather be sleeping.
 He likes to go places with his family.   I saw him at the Peke meeting last week and he is so sweet.
 He is  photgenic and definitely partial to Desi.   She's his best friend.
 Rammi thought a nap was a good idea, too.   I think, after Thanksgiving, a lot of people think naps are a good idea!
 A walk in the woods -- just don't collect things in your beautiful coat!
 Sampson is doing so well.    His bloodwork is so much better and even though he's still small (8.5 pounds), he is alert and doing well.  (He is never going to be a big dog- he's just a tiny little man.)
Now that Thanksgiving is over, I think Sampson is already thinking about Christmas.   I'm sure it will be wonderful for this sweet one!

Friday, November 27, 2015


 Desi dressed up for Thanksgiving.
 She knows how much we all have to be thankful for.
She is thankful to our rescue-- after all, she was one of our foster Pekes.   She had some medical issues and was turned in so we could help her.
The best thing was that she was adopted by a vet!!   Desi gets all the care she needs.
Not only does she get great medical care, she has a huge wardrobe!
Her mom is her vet and her dad runs the clinic-- he loves all the Pekes, too (and helps with our "testy" ones).
Desi knows she is the princess even though she has to share her parents with other dogs who need them.
Her best friend is Onslow and he joined Desi's family when he needed neck surgery.   Then, he stayed-- like many others.    Desi knows she is special and that her mom loves her best.   She is thankful for that!

Thursday, November 26, 2015


 From my family to yours...
 From little Pilgrims...
 and fluffy dogs...
 To all of you who  have supported our rescue...
 and who have encouraged us...
 To those who help us continue to save these little ones...
 From all of the Pekes who are still out there who need rescue...
I am thankful for you.    Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


 Cosmo was joined by Penny (formerly Katrina of the Bristol 18).   She joined their family in 2010-- can it be 5 years already!  
 Cosmo likes to have his picture taken I think.
 JJ was a foster and I remember his foster mom saying he had been adopted when he was 3 and then the owner took him to a shelter at 6 years old.   It would be so nice if fosters could tell us what they have been through before we get them.    Phyllis fostered him 2 years ago--
 She told me then, "it would be wonderful for him to find a home where he stays forever."   Well, he got his forever home-- with his foster mom, Phyllis!    I'm so glad!   Look at that face.
 Penney adjusted so well to her new home when she was adopted -- and she loves her brothers.
 Yes, I think these dogs are comfortable in their home.   Relaxed, JJ? :-)
 And Cosmo looks very comfortable!
 They look like they sometimes just melt into the carpet.
 Penney is probably wondering what he is doing.
Cosmo obviously can relax anywhere.   This was last year and I think he'll do the same thing pretty soon when this year's tree goes up.    Are you all getting ready to send me Christmas Peke pictures?   I sure hope so!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


 Coco, in Australia, was wondering WHAT WAS HER MOM THINKING???  
 Her mom and dad went on vacation to Tazmania and did not take her!  
 They had wonderful food!   Coco had dog food.  (As she should!)
 They saw beautiful sights.   Coco was home with grandma and had the same sight.
 This is a sign we won't see here!   I love it!
 Coco would have loved to walk on the beach and the rocks.   She did not get to.   Poo!
 Her mom was enjoying a beverage.  Coco was home drinking water.   Blah!
 Her dad was relaxed and having fun.   Bummer!
 The roads were full of beauty.
 The trees were so pretty.
 Her mom and dad are home now and trying to get Coco to forgive them for not taking her.   They even got out her Christmas hat and toy bear, and she was still pouting.
Coco, really, you were fine.   But, like any Peke princess, going on vacation is just not acceptable without you!

Monday, November 23, 2015


 Starlight says last week was too stressful.  Sugar Bit had a health crises, and Starlight was so concerned about her.   (Sugar Bit is my 6 month old granddaughter.)
 Kai Kai was praying everything would turn out fine.
 My daughter who is several hours away, came down with two of her Bits to visit and see Sugar Bit.
 Beach Bit was so glad they came!  He loves to play with his cousins.
 They brought their Chocolate Lab puppy, Gigi.    She is staying with us over Thanksgiving, along with her Shepherd/Lab sister, Pi.
 Chumley was ready for the Bits-- he loves them.  More people to throw his ball!!
 Sugar Bit seems to be doing better--
 Nothing takes her smiles away.   She is the happiest, most joyful baby I've ever been around.
 Pi can help watch her while Pi is here.  Pi is almost 14, and the best dog ever-- and that is coming from a long time Pekingese lover.   Pi is like a big, protective, calm, loving Nanny.  We all adore this special girl.
 Starlight, as usual, found a place under the table where she can't be stepped on or bothered.   
  Bitty Bit ate the baked pancakes Poppy (my husband, Matt) made for everyone for breakfast.   These are a long time family favorite.   They are easy to make!  
 The boys loved theirs!   Of course, there were shenanigans going on, too.
 You can see the mischief in their faces!
Sugar Bit is too young for pancakes, so she just grinned while we ate.

 Playtime between cousins-- I love watching them. 
Max is just finding a quiet place to chill out.   He is 12 now and he's always like his calm spots-- The craziness of Camp Runamuck can make several want to run for the hills-- but for  the most part, it is just loads of fun.   And Sugar Bit is doing better, we are watching her carefully and loving on her.   Thank you to everyone who prayed for her!