Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Muggles came into rescue and stole our hearts.  Just look at this sweet picture.
 Muggles had a great, loving personality and we couldn't figure out why no one was adopting her.
 Well, she was just waiting for her perfect home!   Here she is with her new brother, Sushi.  
 She is so happy in her new home and she and Sushi have fun playing.
 Do you want to share your toy with her?
 Or just roll over and take a nap?  
 Or maybe they're both played so much that they are taking a rest!
We're so happy you have your forever home now!  I know you are, too!

Monday, July 21, 2014


 Cupcake-- formerly Tiffany-- came into rescue from a shelter in Virginia.   She was surrendered by her family and only 5 years old.   She just needed help.
 We took her in and she received all the medical care she needed.
 She went to her new home a few weeks ago and her mom sent me some pictures.    She loves Cupcake so much!
I'm so glad you have your forever home, Cupcake!

Sunday, July 20, 2014


We have several older dogs and I am going to feature them this week.   We are going to offer a discount on them for the rest of the month.   We would just like to see them find their forever home.    Is it with you?
 Piglet came into rescue after his owner died and the family put him on Craigslist.  
 He is so sweet!   Why would they do that?
 Piglet is about 8 years old and 11 pounds-- a little one.    
 He is very laid back and gets along great with other dogs.
 His foster mom said he is just a little angel.
Piglet is available for adoption and would be an easy one to add to your family.  His adoption fee is only $200 right now.  Everything he needs  medically has been done.  He is ready for his forever home!   

Saturday, July 19, 2014


 Ginnie (formerly Savannah) was adopted from us in 2007.    I picked her up from a shelter near me and she was a sweet girl.
 When I got her, she was a big girl, so we had to get her weight down a bit.   She was put on good food and was doing great.
 She was groomed and got a nifty bandana.  
 She went to a wonderful family not long after she came into rescue.
Ginnie passed away due to kidney issues.    We are so sorry for her family-- run free now, sweet Ginnie.   


 This is one of my new friend's Pekes.   I love rescue-- we meet so many wonderful people!   She looks a lot like my foster, Koko.  So pretty!
 Rosa Lee (here with Oliver) had a birthday!  She was nine years old this week.
Woola is headed down the stairs.   I think there must be presents and CAKE!!   Happy Birthday Rosa Lee!!!

Friday, July 18, 2014


We just took this little one into rescue.   She is four years old and her skin is in terrible condition.  A family turned her in and that meant her time could be up at any moment.    She is in a temporary foster home and I hope to move her to another one soon.   But, she is safe and will get medical help.   She is probably 10-12 pounds and seems sweet.    More information to come!


 I picked up Hollyberry from a local shelter in December of 2012.    She was turned in by someone who said her owner had died.
 Hollyberry had not had the best care, and she needed help-- we were ready to give her that.
 She was popular at the shelter and she spent a lot of time being carried around.     She was a dollbaby.
 She met her new mom after she had her surgeries and was ready to go to her forever home.   She had some masses removed when she was in rescue and we thought she was fine.
 Her cancer came back and spread to her bones and she only had 18 months with her new mom.    She left a lot of little sweetheart paw prints on her heart-- and she will be missed.  
Thank you, Jean, for adopting and loving this very precious little one.    You gave  her 18 months of love and her life ended with you and in your care.    We love you, Hollyberry-- run  free now, sweet one.