Saturday, April 19, 2014


Alastor is Desi's brother.    He was rescued a few years ago and is an incredible Peke.  He has a big heart murmur, and he can't see anymore, but he still gets around and enjoys his life.
Wow, he has a long tongue!    He is posing with Madge-- another senior that we honestly didn't think would be around this long.     She is a sweetheart, has heart issues, but has such amazing care from Lucinda and Roger that she is still with them.  
They were having their Easter photo shoot-- Desi's will be on the blog in a day or so.
Oh, I love your bunny ears-- do YOU like them?
Bear wore his Easter tie--he wasn't about to let them put on Easter ears!
I see that face-- whoa!    No Easter ears-- I hear you! I hear you!
Madge had her Easter outfit on, color coordinated ribbons and flowers around her.
You're a beautiful little girl-- I know this will be a fun week-end for you!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Hurricane and Seminole came into rescue this week.   They are 9 years old (they will be 10 in September) and 13-14 pounds, not big boys.    They are brothers, litter mates and have always been together.  
Seminole has a big underbite and it's so cute.  
Seminole and Hurricane are so sweet-- laid back, low key boys.   Beach Bit was with me and petted them and told everyone to "be gentle" with them.   Beach Bit has been doing rescue with me since he was 2 months old, so he talks like a pro.   He was even showing and telling someone how our car crate worked. :-)   Love it!
These two were updated on their shots and I thought "no problem" but when I saw their mouths, I knew we had to do more than just clean them up.   Their mouths are terrible and Hurricane also has an eye infection.    They desperately need to have their teeth cleaned and we're going to do that.   We're also treating Hurricane's eyes and will have their eyes further evaluated.
Hurricane is a little confused-- he doesn't know why he was given up.
But, we'll take care of them.  
Yes, we will.
Seminole, you can stay with your brother, like you've always been.    We hope someone will want to adopt both of you sweet boys.    We'll have a special to keep these two together.   They deserve that.
Are you ready to go to your foster home and meet your house mates?
Their foster mom said they are doing great.  They've met the two resident Pekingese, Festus and Bubbles and the house cat, Daisy.   All was peaceful and after dinner and time outside, Seminole and Hurricane settled right into their big bed and went to sleep.    If you can help with their medical costs, we would really appreciate it.   We are low on money right now and will have to limit taking in more Pekes-- something I don't like to have to do.   Thank you for any help you can give.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


 This little one came into rescue last fall.   She is special needs' because she has some back leg mobility issues, but she still gets around.    She is not in pain, her legs just work their own way.
 She is about 11 pounds, a little thing.    She is house trained and just wants to be loved.
 Her foster mom, Liza, dressed her up and Mulan seemed to love it.
 I guess she's a girly girl. :-)     Oh, we do have some of those!
Mulan is being fostered in the Richmond area.   If you would be interested in adopting her, just contact us.    She is a sweetheart!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


 Hadley is enjoying his time at Jeanne's.   He'll go to his foster home soon, but for now, he's having a blast!
 Look at his beautiful coloring.   Women would pay a lot to have those "low lights."
 Hadley, did you knock that over?    I don't think so-- you're under 11 pounds right now.   But, you can pretend you did!
 Marshall (before surgery), Gus and Jill were just hanging in the office.
 Lucy, are you trying to get your mom's tea.   That's not for puppies.
 You did get some-- I see you licking your lips!   What flavor was it?
 Hadley is surveying the yard.
 He was staying in the small area first.
 It's guarded by a sign-- I'm scared!   I have that sign, too, and had to get one for Jeanne.  
 You want to go out into the rest of the yard?
 I know Jeanne's garden is beautiful as things begin blooming.    We're going to have a Peke meeting there soon.   I can't wait!
We can stroll on the paths, visit with Pekes and just relax.   I know that's what Hadley is doing right now.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


 I took these pictures after the Peke meeting on Saturday.
 Desi was posing in the flowers in front of Fiona's home.   Aren't they beautiful!
 Alastor was happy to just wander in front of the flowers.
 I put Koko in the flowers and she just sprinted out!   She looks so much like Wanda and Desi.  They could be sisters.
 Oh, sweet Desi-- you are such a pro.
 You love having your picture taken.
 And Wanda comes....
 The girls kept coming out of the flowers.
 The flowers gave such a beautiful background.
 And Wanda fit right in with her colorful dress.
 Lucinda was giving them treats for posing well.
 Roger was getting some great shots.
 Pose pretty, Wanda.
 Hold that pose!
 Desi's turn.
 Alastor is such a sweet boy.   He wasn't sure what was going on.
 They loved the treats Mom was giving them.
 Are there any on the ground?
 Mom has more!
 Desi and Wanda are so beautiful!
We had such a great time at the meeting.  Hope more of you can come the next time!