Thursday, April 24, 2014


 I think Onslow is voicing his opinion-- or his tongue-- on how slow spring is arriving.  I agree-- I'm ready for it to warm up!
 Kipper is looking for spring-- can you see it?
 Onslow is deep in thought-- where is it?    I know spring was supposed to arrive.
 Maybe Dawson knows-- I'll ask him.
 That didn't help.  He's too busy posing.   I'll ask Wanda.
 She's too busy being cute.  
 "Did you ask me a question?  Where is spring?  Just look outside!"
 There are flowers blooming all over.  
 Alastor rested in a bed of purple phlox.
 Are there more?  YES!
 There are dark purple ones, too.
 Desi says, "You're right!  They were here all the time!"
 I was at the Peke meeting while all this was going on-- holding Koko.    "Hey, everyone, they say spring is outside!"
 Most of us were too busy eating!   The snacks at the meeting were awesome!
 No, Amelia, you can't have any.   They aren't good for your allergies.
 "Allergies?!   I have allergies?"
 Oh, so sad, I guess you'll just have to watch the rest of us eat.
 In the meantime, Wanda is back outside, checking out the beautiful flowers--
Spring IS here!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


 I had a few more pictures from our meeting in Richmond.    We were getting ready to leave and Roger snapped some pictures of Desi and Koko.
Are you tired of the picture taking-- sticking your tongue out at your daddy-- oh my.
Another outfit!  I tell you-- this girl has a lot of clothes!
Are you done yet?  What are you looking at?
Now, I see what she is looking at!     I didn't even notice this at Fiona's house.
Koko was there, too and I just LOVE LOVE this picture of her!   Koko is my foster dog.  She is 11.5 pounds, a little one.    We are working on getting her seizures under control.   She had one this week and one last week, so it's getting better.   She has long seizures though, so when she has them, it breaks my heart!   (I have special meds to give her when she does have one-- and it stops them quickly.)   Two of my own dogs are on seizure meds, so I'm not afraid of them.   I just don't want this little girl to suffer through it.
We are adding a med to, hopefully, get her stabilized.   She is a dollbaby and loves to be near by.    Someone will be lucky to have her.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


 Oh, Desi, more outfits?    You have more clothes than any dog or person I know.    I want your mom to take ME shopping!
 I know you act very "laid back" about your photo sessions, but we know you love them!
 Your mom told me, so you can't fool us.
 Oh, what is that?  A baby chick?   Did you hear that Jeanne has her own mini-flock-- or micro something.   What is it called?  Anyway, she has some chickens-- maybe this one got loose!
 Oh my, look at the hat?    Do you have a special shelf for your hats?
 And baskets and eggs..... I know you are wondering if there is something to eat in one of those eggs.
 Call for snacks!    You've worked hard, time to get a treat!
 Or you can just lay down on the job.
 No?    Are you bored with my chatter?
 You are so cute-- I want to know if you have loaned out your outfits to your sisters.
 I know Madge had on a fabulous hat the other day, but this one is adorable!  And the necklace!
 Madge is sure a good sport-- how much time does it take to get you all dressed in the morning?   I know your mom dresses you up every day to go to work.
Oh no-- was that a secret?    I think people have figured it out.    They love seeing all your outfits.   You are one beautiful girl!

Monday, April 21, 2014


 Cassidy is Desi's brother-- he's not a Peke.   I bet you figured that out.   The nose gives him away!
 He discovered the Easter basket yesterday!   Oh, my, is this a chocolate bunny?  
 I hate to disappoint you, Cassidy, but it's fake.  You know your mom and dad would NEVER give you chocolate-- it's very toxic for dogs.   It looks real enough to eat though.
 Oh, no-- are you disappointed?   I'm sure there is another treat in there that is dog friendly.
 Just look in your basket?
 Did you find something?  I hope so!
 Dollar must have watched his brother, Cassidy because he is not even trying to find something in the basket.
 Dollar has become a big "ham" -- he loves the photo shoots as much as Desi does!
 He is getting so good at posing.
 We see this Easter bunny-- but it's not even fake chocolate.   You can't fool him!
Oh, the bunny ears.   You are so cute.  Were those in the basket?   I bet you'll try to hide them before next year!    I hope you had a Happy Easter!