Thursday, July 2, 2020


Clara gave me a little scare yesterday. 
We went outside for our normal 20 minute sojourn in the yard.  She was not peeing.  She just wasn't.  WHY?? 
She had less energy, she was struggling to stand.    She gets sub q fluids, so I knew she shouldn't be dehydrated, but.... 
We know the brain issues (tumor) are progressing, and Clara has lost a lot of muscle mass.  She's old, too.  She has wanted to be held more lately, which is fine.   You can see the eyes-- the right is most effected.  It drops down, a sign of the tumor. 
I messaged her vet and she said to have a urinalysis done on her, in house at the main vet clinic (not sent out) so she could get quick results.  My vet is opening a third location, a small one for check ups, not surgeries.  It isn't open yet.   My vet was doing things there to get ready, so Clara was the first patient in the new clinic!  Her heart is good, she didn't have a bladder infection.   She has lost a lot of muscle mass, and is shakier, but she is still eating well (it takes her 45 minutes to eat her meals, so that's why she is in a playpen to keep the others from sampling her food).   
On the whole, she was doing okay.   We know her time is limited, but she wasn't ready to leave us.   So, we headed home.
It was almost 3:00 in the afternoon and I hadn't eaten much, so I stopped to get a burger.  Guess who perked up!
Yes, mam,  Clara smelled that burger.   And yes, I shared with her.  She loved it.   On to a new day and fluids and watching her.  And yes, she came home and peed in the yard.  Stinker.  You scared me!   Time to cuddle!

Wednesday, July 1, 2020


It's JULY!!  How did that happen.  Mattie is ready!
Gracie is glad there is air conditioning.
 Some of you live near the beach.  So, you can go when you want.  Augie, Zia and Lili are making sure the waves aren't close.
 Bandit, Thurston and Thea run for the waves!
 Butters is ready.  (Just make sure the sand isn't hot-- and the temperature is moderate.  Pekes can't handle the heat.)
 CJ says the pool will have to do.
 Cody, Augie and Dakota are having a fun day.
 Dakota likes his pool, too.
 Fia's Pekes and friends pose pool side. 
 Gigi went to the SC beach when it was cooler.
 Harley's family vacations at the beach-- hope they can go this year!
 If not, a pool will have to do.  Igor and Bo think that's fine.
 Lu joined his mom was a cool pool dip.   He has to share with mom's feet-- it's a great way for people to cool down, too. 
 Schmoo was trying to surf.   I don't think a few inches of water is going to work.
 Schmoo, Pudgie and Schmoo pose for us. 
 Sebastian lets the wind blow in his hair. 
 Shark is Gigi's brother-- he is getting older, but walking on the sand doesn't bother him.
 Simba, another PVPC alumni posed twice for us.  Look at the sunset!
 He's watching. 
Sneaky Wu said he's ready to head to the beach.  He has his board ready!  Are you going to the beach this summer?   (Remember my blog on flat faced dogs and the heat and be cautious.   If your dog does begin to have trouble breathing, put their feet in water to begin cooling them down, and head to the vet quickly.)

Tuesday, June 30, 2020


 Six years ago, I saw this picture.   I could NOT get it out of my mind. 
 The eyes looked right into me.   SO..... we took him into rescue. 
 And he did so well. 
 He went from this shelter picture...
 To this, once he was in his foster home.    He was transformed.
 He sniffed the grass.
 He ran and played and was a loved boy.   He needed to lose weight and he did.   He was roly-poly. 
And he was adopted and has had the best six years!   Can you see how much he loves his mom.  
 He and his mom and dad have gone on an adventure.
 Off to the country and having fun.  Social distancing at its best.
 And the views!
 We thought Tucker was about 8 when we got him.  If that's right (and we're not sure), he's about 14 now.   He doesn't look it though. 
His mom gives him rides so he won't get too tired.
Tucker went from unwanted to truly loved.  What a precious boy.  ❤️

Monday, June 29, 2020


We were asked to take Matilda into rescue two years ago in July. 
She was about 8-10 years old-- and she was blind.   But, oh, so cute!
She was absolutely a sweetheart though.   We had to see if we could help her. 
And we did!   She had cataracts, but the ophthalmologist thought she could be helped with surgery.  So many of you donated to her care and we were able to help her to see. 
Her foster parents couldn't let her go and they adopted her.  The first time she looked out and SAW was a miracle!   People, lakes, animals-- she let them know SHE WAS THERE now!
She has lots of adventures, so naps are essential.
She loves her parents kids and grandkids. 
She loves to go for walks...
And she visits with her mom's daughter's dog, Zeke! 
They enjoy just hanging out together.  Zeke was a rescue, too. 
Matilda still has eye drops and visits the ophthalmologist occasionally.  But, surgery changed her life.  Thank you to all of you who help our rescue perform these miracles of love.  💜

Sunday, June 28, 2020


 Some days, you need to step back and reflect and not do much and count blessings. 
 I lost a friend-- suddenly.   (It wasnt COVID). It hit me hard, so I have had to allow myself to look at life, see the blessings.   I've remembered funny stories and had memory time of decades ago.
 There is always hope, and love, even in loss.
 Maybe I'll take a trip on my computer.  I need to see beauty.  The dogs can even come along if it's a virtual trip.
 I can visit my daughter.   (This is one of her horses.)   I can be quiet.
 I can see Granger and take Clara and relax. 
I can even go to the beach on the bay-- the one I go to isn't public, so it's safer, not as many people, quieter.   Thank you for letting me take a day/blog to just reflect and be quiet.  We all need to do that sometimes.