Sunday, January 22, 2017


This is Starlight here.  My mom said to tell you all that she is tired and taking a day off.   So, I got on the computer, posted my picture and I am letting you know she'll be back tomorrow.  I would loan her my bouncy seat, but she won't fit!  

Saturday, January 21, 2017


 I've had Max since he came to me as a foster in 2008.  Wow, can it be that long ago!  Here he is with sweet Chumley.
 Max is almost 14, and he just likes to lay around.   He used to chase the squirrels, but as he has gotten older, he doesn't see as well with his one eye, and well..... he's just getting to be an old man.
 But, he LOVES to watch TV!!  If there is a dog-- a real one or a cartoon one-- he knows it!   The TV can be on mute and Max can be across the room, but he knows when a dog is on the TV.
 I was in the playroom/office, and there was a dog show on.   Max leaped onto the couch.
 He saw Pekingese on there!
 "I'm so excited, Mom!"
 He sat there until I turned it off.
Then, he was back on his ottoman (this picture shows Bentley on it, too, when he was visiting).   (The crib is a time-out space, eating space, or recovery spot for Pekes.)    Max loves it up here-- he can view his domain-- that is, until another dog comes on the TV!

Friday, January 20, 2017


This is Sugar.   She now lives with Joyful Grace's foster mom.  
Sherry felt the loss of Joyful so much that she wanted to help another little girl who needed her.   Her name is Sugar.  Sugar was in an animal control near us and she needed a home.     
She had been turned into animal control because she had a large mass on her belly and she needed surgery.  The mass was malignant and it does not appear that all the cancer was removed.   Her cancer is not agressive and Sherry is working with her vet to do all she can to extend Sugar's life.    
Sugar tolerates the cat. :-)
She checked out Festus and Rudy, the dogs, and they all do well together.   She is eating well.  She loves the good food she is receiving.
She loves the beds and has many to choose from.
She loves to get on Sherry's lap and her signal is to come up to the chair, and turn sideways-- that means it's time to be picked up.
She has fit right in and is being given a wonderful life.
It took ten days for Sherry to be able to get out some of Joyful Grace's outfits, but we know Joyful would want her wardrobe to be used to comfort another dog.   Sugar is small, and she is 11 years old, so hopefully, she will be well dressed for many years.
Sherry would still like to foster another, but for now, she is giving a lot of love to Sugar, and I know Joyful Grace would be happy that love has continued on.  

Thursday, January 19, 2017


 Bink lives with his mom, Anna, and the rest of his doggy siblings in New York.  
 He must wonder why all the dogs don't have as good a life as he does.  And a toy to cuddle up with.
 He has a friend named Trixie.  It's much better to have a buddy to sleep with.  
 Willie is the old man in the bunch.   He's a pro as welcoming new family members!  He has had many walks in New York City-- and even had his mom chasing him in her pajamas one time.  I bet that was fun for him!  (Not so much for his mom and dad!)
 Bink and Trixie like naps together, too.   There's something about snuggling up to another to make the nap so much better.
 Anna has a heart for the downtrodden in the dog world.   Oliver Bo-Bo is part Peke and a lot of Chin.   He was a foster failure who has been living wild in a park in NJ.   He had so many issues from being on his own that he could not be adopted, so Anna adopted him.   She loves him to the moon and back.  He is so lucky to have her!
There is just something about having more than one dog-- and I can't imagine having "just one."  Anna can't either!

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


 Many of the Pekes who have come into our rescue have been given a special blanket.  Jackie, one of our foster moms, makes them and sends them on to the foster home.   Albert loved his blanket when he was at Jeanne's house.
 Allie Marie the Bebe loves to be covered up with hers, especially after a long day.
 Her family loved her the moment she came into rescue and they have given her such incredible care for her medical issues.
 .   Triple, above, had one when he first came into rescue.  He lives near Jeanne, his foster mom, and has a Pug sister now!
 Jill, one of Jeanne's Pekes, is resting on one.  She wasn't a foster dog, but she received a blanket when she was going through IMA, an autoimmune disease and Jackie wanted her to have her own special blanket.
 Prince loves his blanket!   He spends a lot of time on it.
 Tucker adores his!   He was so thrilled when it arrived that he curled right up on it.
Tucker also likes toys, his siblings and having all the loves he can imagine.
 Jackie is fostering Ginger Kent and Oreo.   These two have become SO attached to each other that they are being adopted together.
 They don't know what they would do without each other!
Every blanket that Jackie makes is full of love and joy.  And that is sent along to the foster Peke who can be wrapped up in that love.  Thank you, Jackie!  You are such a blessing!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

PVPC 2017 CALENDAR-- some left

We still have calendars left if you want to have one-- or two to give as a gift.   Order now and you will get  them in time for Christmas!!  (Abner, my foster foster, is on the cover!)
Starlight is so excited that she will be on it this year!!!

To order this calendar, send an email to Fiona at and let her know how many you want to order.   Please include your address and she will let you know what your total is (calendar plus postage, which changes depending on how many you are ordering).   The calendars are $20.00 each.   It will be a wonderful addition to your desk or as a gift.   Let us know, so we can get them out to you quickly.   First come, first serve.  :-)  (We can reorder, but that takes time if you want them soon.)   


I went to see Ty-Ty, my foster who was adopted in 2010.   I love catching up with them!
He has been grieving the loss of his Peke brother, and his parents have been giving him special care.
It's amazing and sad how dogs can suffer when a beloved friend dies.
So, it was so critical to find him a friend.
Enter, MOWGLI!!   Mo-Mo!
Ty-Ty was playing with his toys while I was there.
And he was watching what was going on as we talked-- and had coffee and "right out of the oven" cranberry/pecan bread. Oh, my, it was so good!
Mo-Mo is so funny-- it you push on him a little, he falls over.  :-)
Ty-Ty watched from his corner--
He has a lot of toys!
Mo-Mo had a mohawk when he came into rescue-- but it's growing out, or should I say, the rest is growing in.   He has a dark patch across the middle of his head.
I usually sit on the floor when I am meeting dogs-- they are less threatened by this.  (All those who have come to meet my Starlight, know how true this is.)
We were having a great time, and Mo-Mo just kept letting me pet him.  
I think Ty-Ty is going to be so much better now that a new friend is there.
Playing is  good sign.
Mo-Mo is so laid back that he gets along with everyone, so he will be a good comforter for Ty-Ty.
Time for a nap--having company is exhausting!