Thursday, September 20, 2018


Sheena, now Sydnie, was in a local shelter.  Her owner had died.
In the shelter, she was known as "fractious."  😟
Pekingese don't do well in shelters.  They are used to being in control, being loved, not being in a cage.   She was really scared!
It took weeks to get her out of the shelter because of the law.   So, we waited and hoped we would get her.  We felt like we won the lottery!!   I immediately took her to my wonderful vet and they kept her there for tests and a good clean. 
I tried to take a lot of pictures of her-- because that's what I do LOL-- and she kept licking my phone.  No selfies for her!
She had a bad bladder infection-- poor girl!   She had an upper respiratory infection and needed nebulizing treatments.  So, we had to leave her there.  She stayed about 5 days and then...
We were able to get her to her foster home.   She was so excited!
She met her foster mom's "Drill Bit."  She loved everyone.
She needs to be spayed and have a dental.  We can do that.
She feels safe now.  She has comfy beds, and good food, and a happy place.
Did I say happy?
We think Sydnie is about 8, but we're not sure.  She is a loving, sweet girl.  She has always been around other dogs, but is more interested in people.  (More info to come on if she likes to play with other dogs.)  If you are interested in adopting her after her medical is done, please go to this link:
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Steve and I contacted the breeder of Moi and Coco and asked if she had another Peke.  I know I have said I would not go back but …… we looked at the RSCPA and they just had all big dogs that looked like pit bulls or huskies – these must be “trendy” sadly .
So she said she had two older female pekes…. X breeding (of course) and one male puppy.
As you know I love those black pekes but the girls were beautiful too … one blonde and one red like my Coco.
If the puppy was another colour I would have adopted one of the girls but ….. it was just too much and when you see a puppy………. Hell, you know!
We got the puppy. Yes – WE must be Mad! LOL
Any Pekingese you get from her is what we consider a “rescue” …. When I picked the puppy up I felt  he had a hernia and she told us he was taken to a $$$” After Hours Vet Surgery” as he developed pneumonia after glugging down his mother’s milk and it went down to the lungs. So …. I know he will be sensitive in that area and I will always remember that.
When we got him home he was rubbing his genitals and in distress ….. we rang her and she said she has not seen this happen ---- Of Course!
OK …. We knew what we are taking on and so we took him to our Vet …. Not sure what that rubbing is but it could be urinary infection so my Vet has put him on antibiotics.
We have booked him into puppy classes for socialization  and that is at our Vets too.
I have named him Yum Yum …… you know I love a double name for Pekingese ! …. I do not know why Linda but I do.
He is yummy J
Very clever … learnt “come” and “sit”  and  how to do the doggie door in one try! This may go back when the hormones kick in! LOL
I will get him de-sexed about 6 months – plus the hernia fixed ….. oh he is nearly 5 months…. Born April the 30th.
I still miss Coco so much  ….. the places she sits…..  but as Steve said to me  “Coco would want us to rescue another one” and I think she would.
Of course he is “full on” but … so much fun too.
So Yum Yum wants to join the “Must Love Pekes” family .
I hope all is well your end of the world,
Morning Linda ,

Is not worrying … well  he is saying it’s not life threatening but ….. trees do come down and fall on people!
We had a hurricane in New Zealand a number of years ago when on holidays …. These are the photos from our apartment overlooking the beach. We had to put the outside furniture inside and the wind and sea spray was something else…. The next day we had to drive 3 hours to Auckland for the flight back to Oz and there was branches and leaves all over the place … luckily we left at noon so the trees etc. where all picked up off the roads .
I do hope you are spared and you do not have trees down etc.!!!!
 My sweet friend, Melinda-- Lady Jicky to all of you-- lost her precious Coco.  I posted a farewell for Coco.  
 After seeing our hurricane news, Melinda sent me pictures of a hurricane she was part of when she visited New Zealand several years ago.  
 It was quite an experience, as many in North and South Carolina know all too well.  
 After the hurricane, it was all calm, but during...
 It was frightening.  
 I wanted to share what Melinda told me though.   She and her husband felt that Coco would want her to have another Pekingese.  They went to the shelters there, but there were no small dogs, let alone a Pekingese. There aren't rescues there like we have here, but she wanted to rescue one.  So, she thought she would adopt a retired breeding dog-- and give it a loving home like it never had.   
 However, she got there, and there was a black puppy.   It had some medical problems, and Melinda knew they could help this puppy and get him the surgery he needed.   So, he went home with them.  Look at that face!  (Yes, he is as full of mischief as he looks like.)
Yum Yum has joined the family and has already been to the vet several times, having tests done and getting medicine.   He is getting the care he didn't have before and will have the surgery he needs.  .  Now Yum Yum has a home and Melinda has another Pekingese.  He is beautiful!!!   Thank you for helping this sweet boy!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


 In June of 2017, we received a plea from a North Carolina shelter. 
 A blind, mostly deaf Albino Pekingese had been turned in to the shelter. 
 Would we help her?  Could we give her a place to live out her life, with love and comfort?
 Yes we could.   Barbara and her husband offered to foster her.   We love these seniors and we feel they need our help as much as the younger ones.
 Barbara felt that Rosie was a little star.  ⭐
 Her little eyes would shine and she would look up at you trustingly.   She would never strike out.  Barbara realized she could see some, and she would squint her eyes outside.
 She never snapped, she just looked at you with a sweetness that made Barbara so glad they could give her a loving final home until it was time to go to the Rainbow Bridge. 
 Rosie had over 15 months of love. 
 Rosie loved her little area.  The door was open, so she could come and go, but it was her special space. 
She didn't really show interest in toys-- but they did make a good place to put her head.   She would find soft places to snuggle.  
 Rosie loves to be brushed and she would sit still for her daddy to brush her.  Maybe it was for the treat he gave her when he was done.   She would chomp on those treats with gusto! 
 Recently, Rosie began to show discomfort and she would cry and whine.  She was getting disoriented and would get stuck in places. 
 She had been able to show her strength and determination to overcome many obstacles, but she wasn't able to overcome this. 
 Barbara remembers her walking across the yard, with her little white tail wagging back and forth like a rudder.  Maybe it helped her keep her balance.   🌝  But, she couldn't really walk anymore.
 Rosie was over 16 years old and she had so much love in the last year of her life.   In rescue, we don't always have them that long, but the love is great, and the decision to let them go is very difficult.   Rosie let them know she was ready.   It was time. 
Barbara and her husband wouldn't give up the time with Rosie for anything, even though they knew at the beginning it would be short.  They loved her.   She loved them.  She was met at the Rainbow Bridge by so many who have left us recently.   Barbara's Paws and Charley met her there.  And BeeBee and Floyd and Starlight.  Run free with your friends, sweet Rosie.  You will be missed.  💜


(In doing "hurricane blogs" I do not mean to in any way diminish how hard this was for some of our friends and adopters.   Our hearts are with you if this hurricane effected you, if you lost your home, your car, a friend....)
 Doolin and Gizzy heard about the hurricane.
 So, like most Pekes, he had to sleep on it.  It helped him think. 
 He played while he was thinking. 
 Then, he slept some more.
 He decided he needed to tell his dad about his plan.
 First, more sleeping.
 He was ready...  They put all the yard things away and THEN..
 They bought sustenance.  Lots of it.  Most of it chocolate.   But, dogs can't eat chocolate. :-(
Bummer, I guess they'll just make dad go to the store again for more snacks-- dog appropriate ones, of course!

Monday, September 17, 2018


Chewy came to us during the summer.   His owner no long had time for him. 
They didn't tell us he was blind-- for us it would not have made a difference. 
We tried to do cataract surgery for him, but he was not a candidate.  He had been blind a long time, and it does not get in his way. 
He is easy going and loves to go for walks-- and he can set a brisk pace.  He loves meeting people he "sees" on walks.
He can navigate steps and loves adventures in the yard.   
Chewy has a stunning red coat and he is truly adorable.    He is about 9 years old and an affectionate  boy who will snuggle up with you and give love.   If you would like to adopt him, please use this link.  He would be a wonderful addition to your family.   Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt