Sunday, June 25, 2017


 Lily and Ted, who belong to Beth and David, are PVPC alumni.
 Ted has found a comfy spot to spend Sunday.
I think they all have the right idea!  Lily, Ted, Cos and Missy (white one) are just hanging out.  It's a Sunday thing!

Saturday, June 24, 2017


 Dhigbi was in a Maryland shelter when friends of mine went to pick him up for rescue.  He was a beautiful sable and white Pekingese-- and he was so sweet!   Ann was going to transport him, but he wound himself around her heart and she could not bear to let him go.  Some dogs do that to us.  They choose us and we have to listen.
Dhigbi had a wonderful life with his mom and dad and Peke friends.  They did all they could, but he could no longer get up or even drink water.  It was time to say good-bye.  It was heartbreaking, as all farewells are.  I know his brother, Benny, will miss his best friend.  Run free now, sweet Dhigbi.  You were greatly loved.


 Smushie was at a local shelter in 2014--
 He was there after being moved from a SC shelter.   The owner had turned him in.  He was heartworm positive and needed help.
 He was so sweet and grateful to be loved on.   He was medically treated for heartworms and given all he needed.
 We were told he was 7 at the time, which would make him about ten now, but we really are not sure what his age is.  
 He is on a lot of medication to help his heart, but he is just fine with that.  He is a sweet boy, loves rolling around on his bed and enjoying life.   I don't know why this one was never adopted, but some aren't.  I can never figure it out.
I love the older ones, and most are so grateful for being saved.  I know Smushie is one of them!

Friday, June 23, 2017


 Elwood came into rescue in January of 2014.  I thought a snow picture this time of year would cool us all off.   Does it make you want to get a sweater?
 Elwood was a young Peke (with maybe a little Chin in there) and he was so sweet!  
 He was adopted very quickly and went to live with Moe.   I did the home check and took Elwood with me-- and the two dogs became INSTANT best friends.  They ran all over the yard, like they had known each other forever!
 It takes a lot to tire out Elwood (who got his name from my husband-- he always wanted a dog named Elwood!).    His nickname is Mr. Personality-- because he has a huge one!
 Elwood and Moe are usually together, sitting on a chair, cuddling with their dad.  He calls them his boyz.
Elwood is one of those perfect dogs that are so happy, loving and wonderful.   We hope that all our fosters can become like Elwood!  HAPPY!!

Thursday, June 22, 2017


 Maggie was adopted by Kay and Claretta and they really do birthdays!!
 They cranked up the air conditioning and off they went.  Maggie loves car washes, so they went there.   Water, water, swish swish....
 Next they went to McDonald's where she got a burger.  Don't worry, no onions!
 Then, she took a walk in one of her favorite parks where she sniffed the flowers.
 Then, it was off to Maxie B's for a doggie cupcake!  
Maggie is Baby Girl's (BG) foster sister and I'll do an update on her soon.  But, today I just wanted to show how much Maggie enjoyed her birthday a few weeks ago.  She turned 13 and still looks so beautiful!   I know her birthday was wonderful!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


 If you have followed the blog, you will know that Charlie saw a dental specialist last week.  Charlie came into rescue last month and was in terrible shape.   We do all we can for our fosters, and Charlie was no exception.
 We took him to the specialist because he had fistulas in his mouth-- holes from his mouth to his nasal passage and this is not good.  He had  a dental from our regular vet in his foster area, and he did all he could-- so off Charlie went to see if he could be helped by the specialist.
 The specialist said the rest of Charlie's teeth would need to be removed.  There is a lot of diseased and infected gum in his mouth-- not a lot of healthy tissue to work with.  This makes repairs difficult, and the after care is critical.   Charlie is also heartworm positive, has a heart murmur and his general health is not the best.   Charlie was not a good candidate for the surgery.   We do not like to hear that we are limited in what we can do.  Charlie has had a really tough life, but he is a sweet boy in spite of it all.
He is being loved on, and cared for.  We will do all we can to keep him comfortable for as long as we can.   We just wish we could do more.   He deserves it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


We made one last trip to the Farm to say good-bye.
Gigi loves the Farm.  She is almost 3 years old and loves to roam.  She is very well trained, and most of the time is inside the fenced area.  (Unlike Granger, who is not allowed outside the fenced area because he will not behave!)
He seems to be constantly looking for ways to get out.
Benjamin is not looking for ways to get out haha.  (Sorry, I have to have a little humor with my vision impaired dogs.)
Or is he?
The swing set we bought them years ago will stay-- hopefully, a new set of children will enjoy it
The grove of pine trees used to be where they got their Christmas trees. Now they are all huge.
Gigi will miss it.
Apollo will be going with them, and he will be at the farm where the horses will be-- a short distance from their new home.
They tried to help him become an inside cat, but he did not want any part of that!
Benjamin explored the fence line.
He is so much like Kai Kai-- and also like my Scooterbug.
The chickens have all moved to another farm already.  The movers come this week, so they are all in their new home.
Mattie has been checking everything out.  She has done really well since her big dental.  She is still on soft food.  I want to make sure her mouth is totally healed.  She is a little champ!
Apollo is enjoying hanging out!   Chumley did not know WHY he would not come down!
Farewell to the Farm.  We have loved it.  But, we will really love having the family so much closer!!