Monday, July 24, 2017


 The Pekes adopted from us are really amazing!
 They know what it's like to be a foster dog.
 Maddy was one and was adopted into a wonderful home where he lacks for nothing.
 Maddy gets an allowance!  Wow, I never thought of giving my dogs an allowance-- would they have to actually do something to earn it?   Does Maddy earn it?
 Maddy thought he should share it with the Pekes who were like he used to be-- a foster dog.
He began storing his allowance in his pockets!  His dad wrote me this, "The problem is that God gave Pekingese very small pockets and change started to drop everywhere.   Whatever we pick up on the floor from his allowance goes in the Peke support fund."  So, what was dropped went to help Charlie's dental surgery.   Thank you, Maddy!!  
p.s.  Do any of you give YOUR Pekes allowance?? :-)

Sunday, July 23, 2017


 Lola just came into rescue.   She was with me a few days and then off she went to her foster home.
It did not take them long to realize she was a perfect addition to their home.   They decided to adopt her so she could stay forever.   Lola has a big reason for saying, HAPPY SUNDAY!!

Saturday, July 22, 2017


 We have some senior foster dogs that are living their lives out in a safe place.   I asked for some new pictures of them, and am going to do some blogs on them.  
 This precious boy is Jasper!!
 Jasper came to us last year from a shelter near me.  We thought he was about ten at the time, but he is probably older.
 Jasper had a microchip, but the owner did not update it when she/he moved, so there was no current number.   There was no way to get him back to his home.  
We found out that Jasper (like Floyd) had a very bad heart-- a heart murmur and enlarged also.  He had some applicants, but they decided not to go forward with adopting.  Jasper was a lucky one, though.  He went to a forever foster home with Jannie and she said he makes her smile every day.   He is slow and he wheezes, but he is happy and that's what matters.  His foster mom loves him so much-- it doesn't get better than that!  

Friday, July 21, 2017


 Floyd has the right idea when it's in the 90s.  Stay on the air conditioning vent.
 Gaby (formerly Gabriel) lives in South Dakota now.  He was adopted by a friend of mine who loves her pets!!  She has a horse, chickens, dogs, and a pig!  I don't know how hot it gets in South Dakota, but the cool floor probably feels great.
 Benjamin and Kai Kai think the tile feels great.  
 In the summer, when temperatures are rising, it can be almost too hot to breathe!   And if you're a Pekingese, with a flat face, it is even more difficult.  They should be outside only for a short time.  They can over heat quickly.  And the asphalt-- that can get so hot that it can burn their feet.  
 Jasper is catered to and so loved.  He is one of our forever fosters.   He stays inside when it's hot.  (And only goes out with his mom.)
Mr. Waddles only goes out for short times.  As dogs get older, it's even harder to regulate their breathing and temperature when it's hot outside.   So, be cautious with your pets during the summer's hot days.  

Thursday, July 20, 2017


 Moose was a special boy who belonged to sweet friends of ours.   He was adopted by his dad from a local shelter.
 Time moved on, and Moose had kids and other dog friends.  He was very patient.  
 His mom adored him.
 Moose loved his babies!
Moose passed away today after having a stroke.  He was an old boy, but we are never ready to have them leave us.   My heart breaks for their loss of their beautiful boy.  Run free now, sweet Moose.  


 Do you remember that Mattie was found by my daughter?   Molly (my daughter) has an amazing ability or gift to find pets in need.  Mattie was in the right place for Molly to find her that day and we are SO GLAD that she did!  
 Animals seem to find Molly.  And this crow is no exception.   We were out in her yard (and that's my house across the street-- we are close!), and saw this bird.  We walked close and he didn't move.  
 He could not fly and we didn't want to just leave him there.  So, she called animal control and they contacted wildlife rescue, who came out within 20 minutes to get the bird.   I told her I did Pekingese rescue-- and she said, "Oh, aren't they kind of mean?"   LOL  She then reached out and just grabbed the bird, with skill and knowledge.  I would not have done that!   She feels the same way about Pekingese!   So funny!
 I came back home after the bird rescue was done and there was Floyd, waiting for me by the door.  He is so loyal.
 Floyd can't hear, but Mattie was watching for me and when she came over, Floyd knew I was coming and he got up.   I love this picture!
Unlike crows, Pekingese are loving and loyal.   I'll take them over crows any day!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Rocky is very timid, but he adjusted to his foster home so well.  He loves to play!
He and Furby knew something was going on.  They had a long ride to their new home.
Furby offered to help drive, but Jackie told him to just be a passenger.
They arrived at their new home.     Guiness and Opus were there to welcome them.
Jackie made special blankets for each of the dogs in their new home.  I love her blankets!
Guiness loved his!
Rocky was not too sure about the change, but he will be fine.
He inched in a little bit.  Who is this?  Rocky, your new mom  is going to adore you and you will feel the same!
Opus is the same age at Furby-- both 12.   Furby has a lot of energy and loves to play play play.  Are you up for it, Opus?  (Oh my gosh, that face-- I just want to kiss him!)
They check out the yard.
And then, there's a group shot of the new family.   
I think Guiness is very happy that he has new friends to play with!!  

NOTE:   (The foster parents have a hard time, too.   We get very attached to the Pekes in our care, and love them like our own.  We often nurse them back to health from serious conditions, having them for a long time.  Some people don't know how we can let them go-- or how hard it is to do that.   But, if we don't let them go, we cannot continue to foster.  So, we love and let go, over and over.   Our hearts can ache, and we worry about them for at least the first few weeks.   And then we hear they are adjusting and we feel better.   Fostering is not for everyone, but for those who do foster, THANK YOU!   You are the heart of rescue.)