Monday, February 8, 2016


 This week-end was a Camp Runamuck week-end.   Starlight made a face-- "AGAIN?" she said.
 Chumley just wanted to see his girl, Bitty Bit.
 Sugar Bit wore the baby Christening outfit my mom made 38 years ago for my oldest.   She would be so pleased that her youngest great-grandchild wore it.   I believe she must be smiling in heaven.
 Sugar Bit was not too sure about all these pictures.    Bitty Bit is trying to comfort her.
 They were all having fun later though!   This is a family that laughs a lot.  
 Daddy's little girl-- yes, she is loved.
 Back home, Gigi almost made it on the bed.   Yes, her head-- that's it!
 Starlight curled up on Lil Bit's lap again.
 Then, the "middle Bits" decided to do dinosaur exploration in the yard.  You think that sign says, "Never mind the Dog, Beware of Owner"-- but it REALLY says, Beware of Dinosaurs!
 And there they are....
 Hidden in the wagon, in the bamboo...
 It's a scary place in my back yard.
 Dinosaur hunters!
 Ready for the hunt!
 Take that, you dinosaurs!
 Lil Bit would rather be on the computer in the playroom.  She is almost 13-- I can't believe it!
 Floyd would rather find a nice soft bed.
 And so would Kai Kai!
 Pi was fine on her big bed in the corner.
 And Chumley retreated to the laundry room.   Quiet there!
 Max was in his spot in front of the window on the ottoman.
 And Gigi was outside-- where are those dinosaurs-- and kids??
It's a crazy day at Camp Runamuck!

Sunday, February 7, 2016


 Gizzy hasn't been in rescue long-- but he has had enough time to settle right in!    We realized that he had actually been adopted from us four year ago and returned.   The owner did not mention he was one of our alumni, so it took a bit of research to figure it out (thank you Tim!).    Now, Gizzy is safe and you can tell he loves where he is.
 In looking over his paperwork, his foster dad, Tim, saw that he and Gizzy shared a birthday!   WOW-- and I think they celebrated.   Colleen made a cake and I think I see a tie on Gizzy.  Did you get steak?  I think that was for Tim.
 I think Tim and Gizzy both got presents!   Doolin is wondering where his is.  (I bet he was not left out.)
There is nothing like a content Peke-- Gizzy has had quite a journey and he is enjoying being safe and loved!   And having toys to sleep on.   That's pretty good, too!

Saturday, February 6, 2016


 Allie Marie was in a Virginia shelter and had been found wandering alone.
 We took her into rescue right after Bowie, who came from the same shelter.
 Allie is about 5-6 years old and so sweet.   She isn't very big.
 She was  looking to be rescued, for sure.  
 She is a lucky one-- she already had someone who wanted to adopt her!
 Her mom fell in love with her before we actually had her.
 Now, she has a home-- and weeks ago, she had nothing.   She has beds, sweaters, good food, doggy siblings....
 Allie Marie now has a family!!    That's Jasper, Taz and Allie Marie with their dad.
 Tax and Allie Marie are guarding together.   They have also been running around like best friends already!
It's so good to have a forever home.   We are just thrilled for her!

Friday, February 5, 2016


 We were contacted and asked to take in this mother/daughter pair.  
 We found out the owner lives in a nice, new house and did not want the dogs on the carpet, so they were kept outside or in a pen all the time.  (The garage was also their "home.")   The owner didn't feel she had time to walk or care for them anymore.  
 This is Evie.   She is little-- only 10 pounds.  She is 2 years old.   Her mom is Sadie, who is 6 and about 13 pounds.    
 Evie and Sadie are doing great on housetraining.    They are both incredibly sweet.
 I guess Evie wants all the toys!  
 Sadie is also a beauty.   Look at those eyes.
 Sharon, their foster mom, said this pair is attached to one another, so we will only adopt them together.    They could not be funnier or sweeter.  
 They are learning how nice it is to be inside, where it is warm and dry and they are cared for.  
If you are interested in a pair of sweet girls, just let us know.  

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Tucker was one of our rescues years ago and he came back into rescue due to his owner's health.    Here are some of his friends.
Beau, Tina (black one) and Domino at the front are some of his buddies.
Beau came from a shelter near me-- and he has the sweetest face!   (I remember one time when he was afraid of a storm, and he managed to go to the bathroom, jump on the toilet and sit in the sink. haha)  He can be a character!
Domino and his Dobie friend, Tori are color coordinated.   Tori has been there longer, so she is in charge-- she also thinks she is a Pekingese!   Do the Pekes think they are Dobies?   Probably!
Maggie and Tina are playing tug of war-- where's Tucker?  Maggie has been there longer than any of her current family.   Does that mean she is the queen?
Pop (formerly Lolli-Pop) is Beau's "sister"-- they came from the shelter at the same time.   They were found wandering together almost four years ago and found their forever home with Kay and Claretta.
Teddy was his moms' first rescue from PVPC-- he's a beauty!  He was about 2 when they adopted him.   Can that be almost 7 years ago already?    (I still remember getting their application and how wonderful they were!)
Tina has on a fancy coat!   A little Scottish flair there.   Remember her?   She was saved from a shelter near me with almost no hair and no chances of adoption.   Kay and Claretta fostered her and then adopted.   Her sweet personality brought life to the whole group.  
Tucker has joined their family since his adopter could no longer care for him.   He had been fed a vegetarian diet.   Even though people may choose for this type of diet, there can be serious problems when giving it to a dog.   (I'm not trying to offend my vegetarian friends.)   In the article I included here, the author said that a vegetarian diet can be "grossly deficient where dogs and cats are concerned."   Make sure your vet knows you are doing this to determine that all your dog needs he/she is getting.
When Tucker came back to rescue to live out his life,  he was at one point, on death's door.  His bloodwork was horrible, he was in serious condition.   Kay and Claretta did all they could, and he rallied and now his bloodwork is so much better.    Look at him now!     We thought he was 5-6 when he came to us in 2006, so he must be 15 to 16 years old now.   With the care he now has, he is thriving!.    He came to a forever home now that is filled with rescued dogs-- what better place could he be!  Their moms said, "This group has rescued each other and care for each other and we're just the lucky ones who get to enjoy it all.