Wednesday, July 24, 2019


 Paddington is Piper's brother.  Yes, Paddington is a Peke, but Piper is a Malti-Poo. 
 Piper is the best dog-- Paddington, sweet as he looks, can be a pistol sometimes.  😲
 Granger has been visiting, and he wears a belly band.  He's a big boy and so sweet.   He goes home today. 
 Piper gets along with Mizmo.  Max gets along with Mizmo.  Minnie gets along with Mizmo.   Kai Kai gets along with Mizmo.  Chumley gets along with Mizmo.  Paddington-- not so much.
 Max doesn't understand all that nonsense of not getting along.  At his age, he knows some things aren't worth fussing about.
 Paddington and Piper are usually at the door, guarding the house, making sure we are safe.
 Piper is really the best one here.  And he decided to hide the other day.
 He must have been trying to get away from the crowd.  LOL
 We can see you.
 He got under my daughter's dress and seemed perfectly content there.  Like I said, he's so good!
 He came out of hiding, but didn't move far.   He wanted to stay close to where we all were.  He is such a loyal boy.    I have NOT had anything but Pekingese for over 30 years-- and then Piper came with Paddington.  I'm so glad he did.  We love this boy.
Yes, we do!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Layla had a home but her owner became very sick and Layla spent many months at the vet, hoping her owner would get better.  It didn't happen.   Her owner passed away and Layla had no one who was interested in her.  (The vet loves these old ones, but she has 13 special needs dogs, so she really wanted to find a home for Layla.)
You see, she was an old girl and she had a lot of medical issues.   Well, two people did want her.
Raymond passed away last week and his owners found out about this old, sweet girl.  Yes, they would give her a home and love her for as long as she had.   There's a lot of tail wagging going on!
When Layla walked in the house, she began to wag her tail--she knew she was home.  And she was.   I love those who will offer a senior dog a place to end their life, whether it is weeks, months or years.  Senior dogs need us.  They deserve to be loved and feel safe and be cared for.  So. THANK YOU to Raymond's parents who said YES to Layla.  She is such a lucky girl.  And so are her new mom and dad!

Monday, July 22, 2019


 Annabelle came into a shelter as a stray in 2012.  She was a tiny 8 pounder whose owner never claimed her. 
 Jojo was found outside a convenience store in a crate in 2011.  After he had been there for hours, they figured the owner wasn't inside, he wasn't there at all.   Both of these dogs were brought into our rescue and they were both adopted to the same wonderful home.   
 Annabelle and her tiny self is the boss there.  She definitely has an opinion and wants it heard.  But, when there is a thunderstorm, she knows it is coming.   Some dogs can sense a storm coming before we ever hear it.  I know my Piper will start trying to get close to me and get into my lap, putting his head under my arm.
 Both Annabelle and Jojo get anxious and their dad uses something recommended by their vet to help them stay calmer as the storm comes.   I've also used Thundershirts and white noise to block the sound. 
Jojo alerts his dad to coming storms.  Some dogs pace, or hide, or come to you for comfort.  They can try to find a safe place.   How does your dog react to storms?
Can Dogs Hear Thunder Miles Away? - Wag!

Sunday, July 21, 2019


 Max is almost 16 and he cannot be outside long.  It is SO HOT!
 How hot is it on the east coast?  REALLY HOT!   The heat index is well over 100.  And the humidity makes it hard to breathe out there.
 So my dogs go out and we see how fast they can go to the bathroom before I'm heading them all back inside.   Paddington says, "I'm not going out there!"  (So, I carry him.)
 Mixmo and Kai Kai like lounging INSIDE much better.   I can't let Mizmo in the sun because of his skin.  And where does he go-- the one area in my back yard that has sun.  AAAHHH.
Granger's family comes back today to get him, but he's calling his mom to report me for this hot weather. Honest, Granger.  I didn't do it!   But, cooler weather is coming.  It's supposed to drop 10-15 degrees this week and storms are coming.  We will take the cooler weather!

Saturday, July 20, 2019


 Berry came to us last August.  His owner had him for two years and was moving out of the country. 
 We quickly looked for a foster home and Lisa volunteered. 
 He was about 13, and had a mild heart murmur, and no vision-- but we could give him a safe place. 
 Little did we know that a young girl would absolutely fall in love with him.
 Her mom applied for him, and I did the home check.  I loved the home!! 
 Berry went there and we hope it would be for a long time. 
 His girl took such good care of him.
 He slept in her bed.
 She cuddled him often.
 He had lots of kisses.
 He did so much with his girl.  ❤️
 She even held him when she was on her phone.
 She dressed him up for Christmas.
 The love that was there was incredible.
 How close could a Peke and a girl be?  Incredibly close.
 He was absolutely cherished.  Today, Berry decided to leave on his own.  He just chose his own time, and left, taking months of love with him.
Berry didn't have enough time with his girl and her family.  She spent the day holding his blanket, missing him.   The time he had with them was so special, so amazing, and so full.  Run free
now, sweet little man.  Your girl will miss you so much.   💙


 Raymond came into rescue in January of 2015. 
 Jeanne fostered him, and he found a forever home with Terry and Peggy. 
Raymond loved tummy rubs from his dad.   Raymond had been in kidney failure for awhile and had been receiving IV fluids for hydration and kidney help.  He had been losing weight and had lost his appetite for any food.   He had regular bloodwork which showed he was losing ground quickly.  
 Raymond had come to the Peke picnic.  His mom told me it's the highlight of their year and I loved seeing them each year.   They have had many of our Pekes and loved each one so much. 
 His mom said losing Raymond was especially hard because he made every day a joy.
 Run free now, Sweet Raymond.   Thank you for the love you gave all who met you.  ❤️


 King Wyatt is beginning to relax. 
 He had a little set back and was given some pain meds, but he's doing better.
 The daily baths (his foster home and I can commiserate on every single day sink time!) are helping. 
 He is settling in with people...
 He even crawled into bed with BG!!!   😓  Everyone held their breath!  BG (Bad Girl, Baby Girl, ___ Girl) can be a pistol and a pill, but she did fine. 
His foster moms said, "He’s learning new routines and meeting new family friends."
 He’s relaxing, he's eating well and becoming a happy and calm boy.  He is old, so we don't know how long he has, but it will be the best days, months or years of his life.  💙