Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Have you ever added pumpkin to your dog's food?    Here's some information on why it might be good.
I add pumpkin to most of my dogs' food.    There are good reasons to add it.  (Sunny's above with his mom.)
 (Biscuit and Marshall above guarding their yard.)   Pumpkin can aid the immune system with all the good things that are in it.  
 Max is my oldest Peke now-- I want my dogs healthy, so a small spoon of pumpkin is good on their food.   Max loves it!
 Pandy above is an older girl.  She was one of my fosters and  now lives across the street with my daughter.    Pumpkin can help older dogs with weight control.    It is high in fiber and low in fat.   (I wonder if it would help us humans to eat it on our diet!)
(This is Pepper Anne.     She is an active senior in our rescue.)   Pumpkin can support urinary health.   The vitamins in it are supposed to aid the bladder.   I know Pekes can be prone to bladder infections, so it's worth trying pumpkin.
 This is Simon, adopted last year from us.     Most dog think pumpkin is yummy-- so that's another reason to add it to their diet.   (Some dogs will lick it right off the spoon!)
 My Starlight is a picky food eater.   She will push her food around and "bury" pieces of it around the bathroom (her private dining room).   I add a little pumpkin to her food to entice her.   Pumpkin has a little texture to it and most dogs like that.   With Starlight, though, you never know on any given day, if she will eat all her food. :-)
 Lexie has pumpkin on her food every day to help her stomach.   She is on a lot of medications, and pumpkin helps her.
Starlight and Lexie above share a hidey hole by my desk.   If I'm working, there is usually a dog or two there.    Pumpkin is a food that most dogs are not allergic to.   So, it is a safe food to add on their kibble.      I use it and keep it right with the canned foods I add on top of their dry food.    They love it and I'm always for good, healthy things to add to their diet.    You can read this article for more information:   Click here: 8 Reasons to Feed Pumpkin to Your Dog

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Piglet came to our rescue group almost a year ago.
 His owner had died and the family did not want him.   We thought he was about 8 years old, but it's hard to really know.
 He was such a sweet boy and he was very briefly adopted, but it wasn't a good fit, so he went back to his foster mom.
 He made a brief visit to my house and he was wonderful.    He was such a nice boy.
He died suddenly Saturday night, in his sleep.    The vet said it was his heart.   This can happen and be so unexpected.   We are so very sorry for his loss.    Run free now, sweet Piglet!   I know your mom misses you so much.


 Bandit heard there was snow coming!  
 I am going to sit with my foster mom, Jeanne, and watch the weather.
 Raymond finds a spot where an afghan is close by if he gets cold.
 Carter and Hannah are on the alert-- they'll let us know when the snow begins.
 Toni's dogs, Macaroon (above) and Chester (below) are going to snuggle in to stay warm.   Toys help Macaroon stay cozy.     They are also good for pillows!
 Chester has that look of being ready-- his ears are always up, though.   I know he can sniff out the snow when it begins.
 My dogs are not concerned.   Kai Kai will just sleep through it all.
 Max will stay near the window to stand guard.
 You all know Starlight.   She could care less.  As long as she continues to be a princess, she is just fine.
 And Chumley just wants a belly rub.    Who cares if it snows.    I have my people trained properly!

Monday, January 26, 2015


Whoever said you can't buy love has  never paid an adoption fee.  Just look at these adopted dogs!
 Tucker found his loving family in our rescue and his mom can't believe how much she loves him.    He is one sweet boy!
 Cassie was an older girl who was saved from being put down by a caring person.   She now lives near me.   She loves cuddles with her new dad.  
 Buffy was adopted from us and is one of the sweetest Pekes.   Here she was keeping her mom company as her mom recovered from surgery.
 Phoebe (formerly Baby Girl) was adopted from us and now lives with Ming.   Phoebe is their buddy, too, and they all love their walks together.    Our adoption fees for our seniors are VERY reasonable-- and they are so worth it!
 Bennett was a puppy we had and his mom will tell you his adoption fee was so worth it!
 Magnolia and Amelia-- loving friends.    Both adopted from us -- I love it!
 Sweet Wylie was adopted when I took him on a home visit just to see how he would do.  He won their hearts!!   He wasn't ready to be adopted, but he wasn't leaving once he met his new family!
 His brother, Cosme, grabbed his new mom's heart and didn't let go.  He is such a sweet boy.
Connor is adored by his mom!     
Here's Ollie.   He was one of my foster dogs.   He is Buffy's brother and he wants to make sure no one takes his chair.   Can't Buy Love??   All these people paid an adoption fee for their pets-- I agree that anyone who has ever paid an adoption fee knows you CAN buy love!  

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Benny came into rescue in 2009-- he was 2 1/2 years old.
He was already missing an eye-- an immediate member of the Pirate's Club.
Pixie Dust came into rescue in 2012-- and since Benny wanted a friend, they met.  
Benny was so comfortable in his big bed, (love that bed!) but you can't sleep all the time.
Could Pixie Dust be his friend?   He thought about it.
And she came, and they became buddies.  They even shared a bed and snuggled together.
"Want to play, Pixie?"   I love when our adopters come back and adopt another!   We already know they are great homes, and are so excited they want to add to their family.   It's great to see Pekes like Benny and Pixie become life time friends.  

Saturday, January 24, 2015


 MacNaghton's Lotus Moon was a big name for a little girl.  She looked like an artificial dog that was going to jump at you when she was little.    We called her Lottie.
 She was so tiny, she could fit in her daddy's boot.  I love this picture.
 She grew into a beautiful girl.
 She was loving and enjoyed being held.  
 My Scooterbug (who died in September) was one of her puppies.
He was the only one who looked like his daddy.    He had four beautiful sisters.   (One of them was SweetPea, who died young.   She was one of mine with Scooter. She had a heart on her forehead.)
 Lottie was a very smart Peke-- she was checking out her picture on line.
 I think she approved.
 After my trip to Scotland, she wore a tam just to make me happy.
 She lived on the Farm-- and loved wandering.  
 Her mate was Wicket, who in September of 2012.  
 Lottie put up with a lot-- baths, kids,... :-)
 Wicket did the same.   They were both so good.
 When she came to live with Wicket, he was thrilled to have a friend.
 Lottie came to  my house often.   She was as comfortable here as at her own house.
 Pi, Lottie and Wicket hung out on my deck (which is now a big covered porch).   I know Pi will miss his little friend.
 Look at her beautiful eyes-- bright and alert.
 Here she was snuggled in an electric afghan.  After a bath, that's the best place to be.
 Today, though, it was time to say goodbye.    Lottie was telling her mom and dad that it was enough.
 She couldn't really see of hear anymore and her legs were giving out.    She stopped eating.  Age had caught up.
 Bitty Bit gave her a kis to say goodbye.
 Lottie rested her head on Lil Bit's "boot" (Lil Bit has a broken foot).    
She was ready.  Meghann wrote this last fall:  "Grief leaves a mark on our souls. We are forever altered by loss, by the empty space that is left when someone is no longer there.   Grief is not something that we ever "get over"; The people we are after a loss are different than the people who existed before. I only pray that as we continue to move forward, we are more compassionate, more loving, more attentive to those around us, stronger, and deeper."    I thought it was appropriate for now, when Lottie left this world to go be with her Wicket, her Scooter, her other puppies who had already gone.    Grief does leave a mark on us-- whether it is a person or one of our beloved pets.   Lottie was part of their home for almost 15 years and her presence will be missed so much.   Meghann told me it was the first time in over 30 years that she hasn't had a Peke in her life. (She was raised with them and then had her own two.) 
One last kiss to say goodbye-- it is never easy.   Run free now, without pain, sweet Lottie girl.  We love you.