Saturday, September 23, 2017


 Our 2018 calendar is going to print soon!!   Here are some of our forever fosters who will be in it!   This is Baby Girl-- now known as BG!
 I wanted to give you a sneak 'Peke' at who will be on it-- I'm not posting them all, because I want you to be surprised!  Charlie, above, will be on it.
 My sweet Floyd will be one of the special ones.
 And Jasper, another forever foster, is gracing part of one of the pages.
 JJ, is also another forever foster.
Mr. Waddles is so sweet.   These are some of the forever fosters who have posed for our calendar.   I'll let you know as soon as you can order!!

Friday, September 22, 2017


 Sweet Albert came into rescue almost two years ago, in October 2015.
 We were told he was found wandering on a street and a lady saved him and contacted a shelter.
 He needed rescue, and we were glad to help.  
 Albert had a huge tomato sized tumor near his neck, but the vet was able to remove it and he was fine.   We were thrilled!  Regardless of the life he may have had before, he was so sweet and loving and we wanted to give him a chance at a long life.
 He was in foster care a short time and we had an application for him.   Albert was a senior-- we really did not know his age, but he was older.   My heroes are those who adopt the older ones.   They need and deserve love the same, maybe even more, than the rest.  
 He went to live with Claire and it was the best, most loving time.   He even wrote me an email once.  Here it is:
"Hello everyone, it's me, Albert. This time last year I was found wandering by the side of a highway somewhere near Baltimore. I was cold, hungry, tired and very scared. I had a large tumor on my neck and I was in a lot of pain. Just as I thought the whole world had abandoned me, a very nice lady stopped to pick me up. She took me to the shelter and from there the wonderful people at Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue took me in. I was in a foster home for a little while until mommy and daddy saw my picture on Facebark and came to get me and bring me home. Tonight I'm on candy duty with mommy. I can't believe that all my dreams have come true! Please spread the word, adopt don't shop, and please consider adopting a senior doggy like me. Much love, Albert P."
 He was cherished and cared for.  
 His mom messaged me and let me know he was not doing well.  
 He had lost mobility and could barely get around.  Life was just hard.
His mom was with him as he took his last breath, holding him close.   I'm so sorry he had such a short time with her-- but at least he knew that kind of love.   Run free, now, sweet Albert.   You were loved by many.


This is Meghann--Linda's oldest daughter.  I hijacked the blog today to give my mom a little rest.  (And also just because I could.)
My baby sister, Molly, broke her arm in a rather spectacular way so I came down to help wrangle toddlers and also do a little housework.  The toddler was more fun (and more exhausting).

As my son used to say "I very love her."

We got a little exercise on the trampoline. Simon didn't know why his napping spot had an earthquake.  

We read stories about Peter Cottontail...

 Chumley just wanted someone to throw his toy.  Over and over and over (he's still going--several hours later). 

 Then Simon and Bella took over story time.   Bella read the left pages and Simon read the right pages.  They make such a great team! (And they have the sweetest little mannerisms--even their barks are sweet!)

Floyd couldn't hear the story anyway (he's deaf) and decided to just take a nap.  

Starlight found a comfortable spot to supervise everyone.  

When Sugar Bit took a nap, I went over to my sister's house to help her and do a little cleaning.  I broke my wrist a year and a half ago and I remember how hard that was!

Her rescue hound, Callie, was exhausted by all the vacuuming I did.  

Leo, her 12-year-old rescue dog won't leave her side.  He is so faithful.

Then, it was time for Beach Bit to come home from school so back over to Moppy's I went. 

 He's definitely my favorite nephew (also, my only nephew--but he hasn't figured that out yet and loves being my "favorite.")  
We had a great time building airports out of his magnet blocks...
 ...Complete with hangers and runways.  

 Then we went outside to play in the sprinkler--just like I remember doing when I was a kid.  

 YAY!!!! Daddy's home! 

My sister still has a lot of healing to do, but hopefully I gave her and my mom a little help today. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


 I so did not want to write this blog.   Oreo became special to me after his mom, Michelle, and I became friends.   We both had blind dogs, and so we had a bond.   Here is a blog I did on him in March:  Click here: Must Love Pekes: OREO THE BLIND PEKE
 Last week, Oreo began to have some issues.   The vet thought he hurt his back.
 Michelle took him back for a recheck because he was getting worse.  
 Even though Oreo was blind, he had done well.  But, now he was crying softly and walking in circles.   The vet suspected a brain tumor.   Michelle was at the vet three times in five days.  She was doing all she could for him.    Oreo was only seven years old.
Michelle has been battling cancer and going through treatments.  Oreo was a bright part of her life and gave her so much joy.  But, today, she had to let him go.  There was nothing else that could be done for him.  Pray for Michelle-- she will miss her precious boy.  


 Mo came into rescue last November and was adopted in January.
 He goes everywhere with his dad!  The truck starts and Mo knows they are going on an adventure.
 His mom and dad bought a puppy-- A Puppy??  For goodness sake, Mo was not excited at all.  In fact, he was a little insulted.   The puppy was all over him and wanting to be friends, and Mo was just above all that!
 But, Mo learned that the puppy could be his friend!  And that's what they have become.  Friends!
That doesn't mean that Mo doesn't still want adventures with his dad. He does-- but he has decided that Lily-Poo can stay in the family. :-)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


 Gizzy had some hot spots and we have to get creative to protect these smart little dogs.
 So, his mom went out and bought some baby onesies.  These are like t-shirts with snaps on them.  
 I guess Duke decided that if Gizzy had one on, he should to.
 They put one on him, too.
 Aren't you cute?!
Doggy parents-- and foster parents-- come up with all kinds of things to help our dogs to heal.   If you have any, share them with us.

Monday, September 18, 2017


 Merit came into rescue in November of 2009.   He was one of the ten puppy mill dogs we took in.
 We gave them names of encouragement-- Noble, Lily Faith, Hope, Joy, Chance, Amazing and Grace..... to name a few.  Lily Faith and Nobel are still alive and are 16 years old now.   Even though this group had been so mistreated, they were amazingly sweet.
 Paige fostered Merit and ended up adopting him.
 He fit right into their home.  He helped with laundry.
 He helped clean the dishes.  He was so talented.
 I called him "the polka dog Peke."
He was about five years old when we got him, so he was 14 years old.
 He lived a long and happy life after the puppy mill.  
 He lived a wonderful life with Paige and Dani.    He was loved.  
Run free now, sweet little man!