Friday, May 26, 2017


 Baby Girl came into rescue with Furby and Rocky.   I have not posted much on Baby Girl-- also known now as BG.  The reason is because we thought her condition was pretty serious-- maybe cancer.  She also has a grade 4 heart murmur, so surgery could be "iffy."
 She has been getting amazing care in her foster home. and she saw a cardiologist to see if she could handle the surgeries she needed.  We got the go-ahead!   Her surgical procedures were yesterday.
Here she is with her friend, Domino (before the surgeries).  Baby Girl is now done with all the surgeries she needed.  She has cysts removed, mammory tumors taken out, and a large growth on her neck removed.  They were also able to repair a large hernia that her bladder was moving into/through.  Biopsies have been sent out, and we pray this little girl can heal and have a wonderful life ahead of her.   I know she will have the best foster moms to care for every need she has.   Get well soon, sweet girl!

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Do you wear sunglasses when it rains?  It does not seem to make sense.
 We have had so many rainy days. It is good sleeping weather, says Lexie.
 She put on her sunglasses, because sometimes, there is still a glare from the bright skies, even though they are pouring water on us!
 "Is it going to stop?"
Paddy hopes so.   He is white and does not want to go out and get his coat dirty in the wet grass.
 Sugar Bit put her sunglasses on.  I think she just wants to look mysterious.
Lexie said she is just hoping for sunshine-- me, too!

Wednesday, May 24, 2017


 Timothy/Mugsy came into rescue in March and has been adopted!
 He was in a shelter near me and seemed like such a nice boy.
 Summer is coming, so he got a summer cut.  I bet he is much cooler!
 He is enjoying his new home.  He was timid at first, but it always take a little while to get used to a new place.
 He is checking things out.
 Small Fry, one of their other dogs, has decided he wants to be Mugsy's best friend.
I love his smile!   He is a happy boy!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 In case you wondered why I did not do blogs every day last week, here is why.  I was busy!   My daughter and her husband went to Cape Town, South Africa.  She did send me a picture of this adorable Peke!
 My daughter had a work trip there, and so the Bits were with me for ten days.  
 We watched the plane's journey-- it was fascinating!
 I stayed busy watching the Bits.  Sugar Bit just turned two, so she really has to be watched!
 Beach Bit kept looking for fish and Godzillas in the creek.
 Sugar Bit had to be watched-- did I mention that? :-)
 She likes to take jump starts on the slide. :-(
My oldest daughter surprised me on Mother's Day and came down with her kids. We had so much fun!!
 I had Leo the Lab here. He is one of the Bits' dogs and he's a sweet old Lab.
 Sugar Bit climbed houses.
 She stood on desks, looked out windows, "helped" me on the computer..... she was all over the place.
 We went to the beach- it was really windy that day.
 Sugar Bit played "nite nite" in our bed.
 And then proceeded to take hers apart.
 She helped me with dog food...
 and lined up dog bowls-- but the dogs could not figure out where the food was!
 Sugar Bit found herself in a mirror.  She is so funny.  The floor mirror fascinates her-- she jumps up and down in front of it.
 She wore an e-collar on her head.
 The dogs loved at the attention-- but it was a little chaotic, too.  Benjamin took it in stride.
 He got hugs from Sugar Bit when he was in the playpen (he eats in there).
 Floyd was ready for a good nap.  So much activity!
 Furby hung out.
 And he was tired.  It was a lot for him, but he was good.
 I was amazed how well the Bits and dogs did.   The Bits are here a lot, so my house is "their house" but it was a long time without mom and dad.  They did not seem to miss a beat.
 We were all ready to just hang out.  Sugar Bit showed us how.
 Benjamin and the rest of us are taking a day off today.  Who am I kidding! lol

Monday, May 22, 2017


Kai Kai and Benjamin are both beautiful red Pekes.  And both are blind.
Sugar Bit introduced herself to Benjamin when he arrived.  He was so good!
Why am I in a playpen?  Floyd was photo-bombing the picture.
Benjamin stays in the playpen at night and for meals.
He has done very well on housetraining, but sometimes, he still wears a belly band.
I love these two.   Kai Kai came to me as a foster six years ago.   No one adopted him-- to my good fortune, so he stayed.
Sometimes, they hang out together.
Or pass in the yard.
They both have stunning black tips on their hair.
My Kai Kai has no eyes.
He lost his eyes last year, but he is still my heart.  Here he is with Furby (available for adoption).
Benjamin arrived with severe dry eye, which had taken his vision.  
We are seeing an ophthalmologist and hope the drops will restore some of his vision.  
He maneuvers around the yard as if he can see, so he may have some shadow vision.
Benjamin is SO sweet!  He can use the porch doggy door, go up and down the porch steps, and is very good with other animals.   He is about five years old and already has someone who is interested in him-- I'm so excited!   Blind dogs may be considered handicapped but they hear their way around-- and the love they can give is unlimited.   Don't hesitate to adopt a "handicapped" dog.   They can love just as well as the rest of them.