Tuesday, July 26, 2016


(If anyone sees a photo they like of their Peke better than what they already bought at the picnic, we would be happy to send them one for a donation to PVPC.   This only applies to picnic pictures taken at Desi's Photo Booth.)
Roger and Lucinda)
Marco Polo/Marco is a beautiful boy.   He came into rescue in 2009.  
He was in horrific shape with collar embedded in his neck.   He had to be sedated for it to be removed.  He was fairly young and went right to an adoptive home that wanted to cherish him the rest of his life.
He was a perfect angel when he joined his family and he has continued to shower them with love.   
He was another abused, "second hand dog" who made a first class pet!!   I love rescue!   

Monday, July 25, 2016


Monk (love his underbite!) came into rescue with Nippy (the red one), his litter mate.   They were three years old when we got them in 2011.   It's hard to remember that it's been five years!!  
Nippy, Polly, and Monk posed for pictures.   Polly came into rescue in 2013.
Nippy wore a jaunty hat.   They all look so great!   The boys were eating Beneful when they came into rescue.   (Don't get me started on how bad that food is!   All those "wonderful colors" are artificial and they is really nothing good I can say about this food except they have a great selling campaign.)  
Monk and Nippy are 8 years old now-- and their foster mom adopted them both.   She fostered another that was adopted and then Miss Polly came to her as a foster.
It was LOVE!  So, she stayed, too.
They all had a post-bath picture.   Yes, I recognize this wet look.   In the summer, sometimes, they can air dry a bit before brushing.   It tires them out-- and their mom!
So, they all took a nap!    It's Pekingese bunk beds!    I bet Georgia had a nap, too!  

Sunday, July 24, 2016


 My husband was at work and someone asked what I did.  He told them I rescued dogs and found them new homes.  His friend said, "You mean she's a dog flipper?"   (Sweet Sophie above)
 I laughed and thought about it.   What is a dog flipper?    (Domino, Franklin, Teddy, and Tucker at the front)
Like a house flipper buys house that are in bad shape,  we take Pekes that are in dire need of help.   We sometimes take them into rescue without knowing what is wrong.  We just know help is needed.  (Koala above)
 House flippers want to find out what is wrong with a house (honest ones) and then they fix the problems.   We do bloodwork, xrays, evaluations to find out what each rescue needs.   Some don't have a lot wrong, but some really need a lot of help.
 House flipping can take a lot of time.  Healing a rescue can take a lot of time, too.  (Norton above)
 House flippers buy a house and then put money into it, hoping to make a big profit.   "Dog flippers"/rescuers are not looking into making a profit.   In fact, we just don't make a profit-- we are called non-profit for a reason.  (Buffy above)  (We are a 501c3 IRS group-- this status had to be applied for and we report every year.   We are a very honest group, accountable for our money intake and output.)
 House flippers may concentrate in one area.   We do that to a degree, taking in Pekes mostly from Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina area.   We don't care if the shelter is big or small, city or rural.   (Ollie above)
I'm sure house flippers occasionally buy a house that they don't make a profit on-- or that just doesn't sell easily.   In the rescue side, we sometimes take in dogs that we find are hard to adopt, or that just need to remain in our care.   We have several who need "hospice" care-- Floyd, Shelby, Joyful Grace are a few.    They have on going care needs that need a lot of monitoring and medication.    They are not "cases" that most people will adopt.   They also may be more fragile because of their health and moving them is just not a good idea.   We have some people who help support our permanent fosters-- thank you!
In house flipping, there is happiness when a project ends and a profit is made-- the bigger the better.    Our profits are in love, kisses and tail wags. Our profits are in happy adoptions, like Franklin's above.   So, maybe I am a dog flipper.   Maybe PVPC is in the "dog flipping" business.   If that means helping a dog that needs us to find a forever home in the best condition we can make him/her, then dog flipping is a good thing to be!

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Second hand dogs make first class pets!
 All of my dogs are second hand dogs-- you know, the ones someone else had first.   Abner, above, was one of my fosters.   He was a second hand dog, too.    Now, Abner is giving first class care to many in hospitals, nursing homes and airports.
 Annabelle, a tiny Peke, is a second hand dog too-- but she runs a tight ship in her home, ruling everyone.
 Digger/now Granger aka Granger Danger was a second hand dog.   He came from a horrible situation, but he has a first class life now.
 Pi, my senior grand dog was living at a farm with her siblings.  Many dogs were dumped there-- "it's a farm, they can take care of my dog" was the mentality.   My daughter went to the farm to see her horse and met Pi many years ago.   Pi endeared herself to my daughter and she because a first class member of their family.   We all love her.
 My Max-- he was dumped in a field and sent to animal control.    He was so glad when he was rescued-- the smile on his face was priceless.   He's almost 13, and has been with me a long time now.
 Rudy was dumped at a shelter.   He "was old and didn't do anything" but you won't find a more devoted fellow!   He adores his foster mom.  He is about 15 now, he has fought and won many health battles.  He's a first class love-bug.
 Pandy belongs to my daughter.   She is about 16 or 17 now.   She was dumped in a shelter and came into our rescue.   She is determined to hang on to be with her family.   It's harder for her  to get around and she doesn't really hear much, but she is not ready to go anywhere!  
And then there is Starlight-- everyone knows Starlight.   This was taken a few years ago, and this fits her perfectly.   A little princess!!   She came into rescue when she was three and she did not want to leave us-- so she was her bad self when anyone visited.  She is now almost 12, and has been here about 9 years.  Second hand dogs DO  make first class pets!!

Friday, July 22, 2016


 Rocky and Daytona are Lisa's Pekes.
 Rocky is a member of the Pirate Club since he has only one eye.  That club is getting way too big-- but Pekes are prone to eye injury, and this happens.
 His brother, Daytona, has both eyes.   But, I'm sure he doesn't harass his brother.
 He looks so cute in his hat!
 They were both so good at the picnic, posing for pictures.  But, I've read their mom's comments about them on facebook, so I know these two can be trouble sometimes haha.  
 I think they rule their house, not their mom.   I also think this is pretty typical for Pekingese-- they are royal, after all.
Daytona and Rocky are so adored by their mom.   And I'll keep watching for facebook adventures of these two!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016


 Harley and Cici came into rescue three years ago.   They had been found wandering the street together.
 They were both stunning and Harley and Cici were so sweet-- and pregnant!
 They had five puppies!   Theadora/Thea was one of them.
 Thurston has his windblown look here.   It's tough being cute ALL the time!
 All the puppies are now three years old and so beautiful.
It's fun with mom and dad and the puppies have reunions!   I love seeing those!  
 Thurston was very worried about his sister because she hurt her back and had to have spine surgery.
She is doing fine, and healing.   Soon, she'll be able to play with her brother again-- I know he is anxiously waiting for that!!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


 Millie needed our help.   She had been used as a breeder dog for her entire life and now she was free from that.   But, a shelter is not the place to be for a special girl.
 She was about 13 and had no vision.   We took her in, anticipating she would be with us the rest of her life.
 We had amazing people help to get her to her foster home.
 Then, a very special person, one who loves seniors, applied to adopt her.  WOW!!   Millie climbed into this open crate at her new home-- you don't have to be there, sweetheart.
 Millie is doing so well and she has filled the empty spot left when her new owner's other dog passed away.
I love people who will adopt seniors, give them love.   We may not have them as long, but the love is just as deep.   We love you, Millie Lee!