Thursday, December 18, 2014


 Ginny Lee was found as a stray in the DC area and needed help over two years ago.
 They asked for our help and we brought her into rescue.   W found out that she would do best as an only dog-- she didn't want to share attention. haha
 She now has a loving family all to herself!    I'm not too sure what she thinks about being all dressed up for Christmas.
 But, I love it!   They even have presents wrapped already.   I bet some of them are for Ginny!
Her dad said it's a good thing she likes to be an  only dog or they would have a houseful of Pekingese.    Have a Merry Christmas, Ginny Lee.  Click here: Santa Ginny - YouTube

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


 Abigail came into rescue in 2009-- her name was Amy then.   She had been owned by a back yard breeder who has no more use for her and took her to a shelter.   The shelter contacted us and we were glad to help.  
 Jeanne fostered her and has her about a year.   Sometimes, it takes a long time to find that perfect home.     Jeanne had her all pretty with a red bow when her new mom got her.  
 Abigail was about six years old when we got her, seven when she was adopted in 2010.  
 She has a best buddy named Bridget.   I love when they have a friend.   We occasionally get a dog who would love to be the only dog, but most of them love having a friend or two.
 Abigail has thrived in her home and carefully watches her mom when she is cooking.   Something might fall to the floor!
 Bridget is taking a rest, but I'm sure she'll find her sister soon.
I love updates on our adopted dogs-- it encourages us to keep going!    Merry Christmas, Abigail and Bridget!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


 Melinda is my friend in Australia.    Her grandkids are all ready for Christmas with MoiMoi and Coco.
 I love the reindeer hats. Coco is wondering where her hat is.
 MoiMoi looks sad-- don't let her fool you.  
 Melinda has decorated for Christmas.    I love to see other people's decorations!  
 This little one has a hat and his own tree.
 There are a lot of special ornaments on here-- memories on a tree.
 If you click on the photos, you can see a closer view of the ornaments.
 Coco isn't impressed with all the Christmas decorations.
 She and MoiMoi are just glad to have their summer haircuts-- in Australia, it's hot!
 Melinda made some Gingerbread-- I think it was for her, not the dogs.  I'd like some!
 Sorry, guys-- not for you.
 Her tree has a lot of dogs on it.
 What else can you see?
 Coco is with her Christmas bear.    Is it a Koala?
This isn't a Christmas Peke, but I wanted to share it.  Melinda painted this-- she is SO talented!!   It is of her first Pekingese, Lulu.
 MoiMoi has her Christmas dog.
This is her Peke that her husband gave her one Christmas.  He is French and from the early 1900s.   Melinda decorated him for Christmas.     Melinda, MoiMoi and Coco wish us all a Happy Christmas from Australia!

Monday, December 15, 2014


 Nicky and Paddy are all ready for Santa!    Paddy was adopted from us almost 2 years ago.
 He joined his brother, Nicky, and is so loved.    I wish we had homes like this for all our foster dogs!
 The fireplace is so pretty and all ready for Christmas.
 Paddy is such a good sport-- and so sweet!    We were told he was a Pekingese when we agreed to take him into rescue-- he wasn't, but I'm so glad we helped him find his forever home!
 He loves his toys and is getting ready for a cold winter's night.  
Yes, sweet thing, you sure have a great home!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


 I know you think this post is about wine or beer-- nope, it's about regular rubbing alcohol--isoprophy alcohol.   Bandit is ready to listen!
 You might think it's okay to use rubbing alcohol if your dog has a sore or scratch.   It's not.    Alcohol on the skin can have many side effects for dogs.   It's not safe.  (You all know my Starlight-- who loves to help with the dishes.)
 It can cause skin irritation and excessive dryness.   It can also delay healing of skin tissue and it can remove the moisture barrier.    Smelling it can also cause respiratory tract irritation and  it is a neurotoxin and can effect the nervous system.
 Use of alcohol can also effect the liver, kidneys and other organs.   Some pet products are beginning to contain alcohol, not a good thing!   Be sure to check labels on everything.    It can be in ear washes, "pet safe" home cleaners, Bitter Apple and urine cleaners.  (I have used Bitter Apple, but no more!)  This is my friend's sweet girl, Clover, above.
Please read this article and keep your pets safe:     Click here: Why You Should Never Use Isopropyl Alcohol On Your Dog | Dogs Naturally Magazine
Jelly wants all his friends to be safe-- and have a Merry Christmas of health and joy!

Saturday, December 13, 2014


 Kay and Claretta have the greatest group of dogs!    Six Pekes and a Dobie.  Their Pekes collected change for change several months ago.    Pekes with Purpose!
 Teddy had a birthday last month and he turned 9.   It was when they adopted Teddy that we became friends and now they have adopted four from us-- I think that's right.  We love them!
 Oh my, Teddy is sure enjoying his treat!  
 They lined up all their dogs for a Christmas pictures.   They are:  Tori, Teddy, Pop, Beau, Domino, Maggie and Pumpkin.  
 Domino has on a beautiful red bow-- most of them do.    Domino was adopted from us when they asked for a "tough one" and we chose him.    He has come so far!  
 Pop and Beau were my fosters originally and they went to Kay and Claretta for fostering-- they are so sweet!    And Domino is right beside Beau. (Oh, Beau-- I just want to kiss your face!)
 Pumpkin has a great Christmas hat on-- she looks adorable in it.  She DID have a bow,but  Miss Maggie ate it off!    My goodness, she must have been hungry. :-)
Teddy was done-- "are you finished yet?"  
If you take group Christmas pictures, send them on to me!    

Friday, December 12, 2014


 Gracie Lu is happy that Christmas is coming!  Look at that smile.   Gracie sent me an email!  
"Hi Linda, it's me Gracie Lu and I wanted to share my Christmas pictures.  
  I went to Brentwood for my Spa day and you know what?   Santa was there and they wanted to take pictures.
  I had fun and they put a bow in my hair and said I was a gift for Santa. But I told them I was a gift for my Mom.
 Look at my pictures and see how much fun I had.  Sure was a surprise for Mom.  Merry Christmas to all your Pekes, the Bits and you and Matt.
Gracie Lu"
Gracie Lu, I hope you and your mom have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!!
Love, Linda