Friday, October 21, 2016


 Shelby is one of Jeanne's fosters, but while Jeanne is getting treatment, Shelby is with Jeanne's vet and friends.   Shelby was SO proud of herself!  She climbed these stairs all by herself!
 I used this picture a few weeks ago, but just had to use it again.   Shelby is taking over the house and is Rich's lap dog.   They have King Charles Cavaliers, so Shelby is a bit different and definitely smaller.
 She has been wearing little shirts to keep her from itching, but having a vet as your daddy is a big plus!   He could watch every reaction to new things and has gotten her skin condition under control.   Yahoo!!  Skin issues can be SO difficult to deal with, not know if it's environmental or food related, or both.   (I have two allergy dogs here and it's a constant battle.)
He began using PhytoVetSil antiseptic shampoo and an anti microbial condition spray after her whey protein rinse.  (She is bathed every third day.)   Wow, can I go there!  Sounds like a spa treatment!  She also get Genta Spray Topical on stray itchy spots, but she almost never scratches now.   A little pred every other day has done the trick and is really helping her.   She has environmental allergies, and feels a lot better.    I know she misses Jeanne, but she can visit any time!    Thank you Charee and Rich for caring for these sweet girl!!  

Thursday, October 20, 2016


 Sophie has donned her sparkly Halloween dress and bow to show she is ready for the holiday.
 She was my foster girl and was blind, so I didn't know who would adopt her.   But, my friend, Tricia fell in love with her and Sophie has a great life now!    You would never know she can't see.   She probably never had vision, so this is her norm.  Blind dogs can live full lives.
 Sophie went to Yankee Candle in Williamsburg, VA-- to one of their flagship stores.   It's a GREAT place and one area is Christmas all year round.   Santa is often there, and in the warmer months, he wears a Hawaiian shirt to keep cool.   Sophie wanted to let him know that our group is having a fundraiser to help our foster dogs.   He was so excited!!  (I'm sure he asked Sophie if she was naughty or nice-- and she put her paw print in the nice book!)
There are many delightful items for sale in the Fall/Holiday catalog! The best part is that 40% of all sales will go directly to the Rescue so we can continue the hard work of saving lives and providing new beginnings.
The web site is located at, enter group number 990103300 under start shopping and click enter! Shop away and shop often! The campaign ends Dec 31, 2016! All orders will be mailed directly to your home. If you spend more than $100, shipping is free! If you have any further questions please email me at or message me on Facebook Ida Dailey! Please share on your Facebook and ask all your friends & family to participate!Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue.

Help Sophie raise money for Potomac Valley Pekingese Club!!   

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


 Starlight came to me as a 3 year old who had not had a good life.  
 She was afraid of people, but loved us right away-- a shocker!   And she loved the grandkids.   Beach Bit was looking on at her.
 She adored the Bits-- and gave lots of kisses.
 She had ear issues (ruptured ear drums), eye and nose issues, a bladder infection, and was used to be neglected.   No more!  Starlight was here for awhile, and was awful when anyone wanted to meet her to adopt her.  She became baby cujo!   She absolutely refused to leave us.  SO, she stayed.
 She demanded her own bouncey seats when the babies were around.
 She trusted these little ones-- and gave lots of kisses.
 She has her daddy wrapped around her paws-- she loves when he gets home.
 Starlight has begun letting some people touch her.  
 She even gave Paula a kiss!
 Starlight is the most photogenic Peke I've had here.   And I've had a lot go through.    This is one of my favorite pictures of her.
 She likes hidey holes-- under the coffee table on the shelf is her spot.
 She loves to be wherever we are-- and the fan give her a glamour look here.
 She is a good sport if she has to be in the stroller-- hers or Sugar Bit's.
 Her little button eyes are so cute.
 She is celebrating her 12th birthday this month!  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Bradley and Bentley came into rescue in August.  They are brothers (maybe not the same litter), but did not need to remain together.
 Bentley is a mellow boy.
 He adores his toys!
 He is a little shy at first... such soulful eyes.
 He had an application, so he came to me on his way to his new home.
 He was  a little unsure the first day.
 But, he settled in quickly.
 He liked hanging out on the porch and watching outside with Callie.
 He found squeaky balls and LOVED them!
 Any color would do.
 Bentley can jump tall buildings in a single bound.   He got on the breakfast table.  He jumped on the washing machine!
 He went with me to the Peke meeting in Richmond-- he thought riding in Sugar Bit's car seat was wonderful.
 He was a good boy at the meeting-- Magnolia and Amelia shared their toy basket with him.
 He thought it also made a good bed.
 And it was a good hiding place.
 He got "wise" to all my picture taking!
 Laura took him part way to his new home.  
 We thought he was doing well, but sadly, it was just not the right fit.  It happens.
 So, on Sunday, some of us were furiously messaging to try to get him back to my area to his foster mom, Sherry.   Ida, above, had a busy schedule, but she fit in helping.   Robin, bless her heart!!, went to get him Sunday evening and he spent the night with her and then met Ida in the morning.
 Bentley met Ida's crew before setting off for Richmond.
 Toni met her above Richmond and the next part of the journey began.
 He came back to my house and waited for his foster mom to come pick him up.   Look at that happy face!!   Bentley does have a loud "wail" and it just didn't work in the apartment setting he had gone to.  He just likes to talk!
He is in his foster home now-- and acts like he never left.   He is available for adoption and is a very sweet boy!   Thank you to our incredible volunteers, who all have busy lives, but who stepped up to make sure he got back to his foster home!   Robin, Ida, Toni-- you are just the best!   Laura, thank you for helping on his transport initially-- I really appreciate all the time you give!

Monday, October 17, 2016


 I went to visit Joyful Grace on Thursday.   She was in an adorable, soft outfit-- perfect for our cooler weather.
 Festus keeps an eye on her to make sure she is fine.
 We took her outside and she has her own way of moving around.   Her spine will never be perfectly straight, but she gets around fine.  
 Bentley wanted to know where we went!
 Joyful was checking out the yard-- anything good smelling there?
Joyful has had some syncope (fainting) episodes, and also some seizures.   She is on medicine to make sure she is not in pain and to help her arthritis and her heart.   She seems determined to stay with us, and her foster mom is giving her all the care she needs.   I can't wait to see how Sherry dresses her up for Halloween!