Wednesday, July 29, 2015


 This is Peanut.  Oh, my, the hair!
 He came into rescue after his owner took him to a shelter.    She said "someone else is moving into the house."   So, the dog had to go??  
 His skin was in terrible condition, missing hair all over.
 What you could not see in pictures was the smell-- it was awful.
 He went to Roger and Lucinda's for care until he could go to a foster home.
 He settled right in at Roger/Lucinda's.  
 He got treatment for his skin-- and he began to heal.  
 Lots of baths and medication have helped him.
 Peanut is 8 years old and has blended right in.  
 His hair is starting to come in and his sweet personality is blossoming.
 Oh, I love this!  Look at that    He has been neutered and had a dental.
 He just went to his foster home, so I know I'll get a lot of updates.  
 In fact, he may be visiting me for a week while his family is on vacation.   So, you know I'll take a lot of pictures.  
 He needs drops for dry eye, but that is not unusual for Pekes-- with their eyes, they often need some help with lubrication.   He's very good about it.
 He is only 13 pounds and loves people and other dogs.    As he continues to heal, he will be even more beautiful!
If you want more information on him, just email us at  

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Gizmo is a 5 year old Peke who was an owner turn in this month.   Look at that face!  
He was a little unsure-- he had been in his home since he was a puppy.  The owner said she no longer had enough time to give him.  
I think he likes his foster daddy!   He has time for Gizmo.
Gizmo has settled right in-- and he does fine with the other dogs there.  
He brought his bed and toys, and he is fine with sharing them.  
He found an available lap and climbed right up!
He met Timothy and Hazel, the two donkeys at his foster home.  They sure don't look like Pekingese, do they Gizmo.
He also met the cat who lives there and was not impressed-- but he wasn't bothered either. :-)
At the end of the day, he curled up in his bed and fell fast asleep.   When you have a busy life, that's what you do!    If you are interested in adopting Gizmo, just let us know!    Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club

Monday, July 27, 2015


 Roxy and Daisy have been in rescue a week now.   They are both so sweet.
 They were matted some and the easiest (and coolest) thing to do was to give them summer cuts.
 I could not tell them apart (in pictures) once they were trimmed down, but there is a 6 pound difference in them, so in person, I could tell them apart.  
 Even their bandanas matched!
 After their grooming, it was time for rolling around.  Oh, that was so much fun!
 Are you done?
 Daisy finally decided it was time for a nap.   She is feeling better this week-end.   She had her teeth cleaned last week and lost 19 teeth!   She has 7 left.  Her mouth was in awful condition (the worst I've seen), but she is doing great and finally able to enjoy her food now.  
Daisy has decided to share a bed with Hurricane.   Seminole and Hurricane slept together, but since Seminole died, Hurricane has slept by himself.  Now, he just might have a new buddy!    I'm so glad!   Roxy and Daisy will be available for adoption soon!

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Sophie is doing so well in her new home and every time her mom emails or texts me, I know I'm going to be smiling.
Lexie has discovered the dishwasher and the soft sound of it just amazes her.   She is wondering, "what is that noise??"
Her mom takes Sophie on a lot of walks and when it's raining, Sophie wears her raincoat.  
It helps, but she still needs a towel when she gets back.  She loves her walks, though, rain or shine.
She met her groomer and her babysitter, and they adore her.   They could not believe how sweet and loving she is.   Her life now is so full of joy!   Sophie and her mom love each other so much!  I love rescue!!   And to make you smile even more, here is Sophie listening to a show on TV.   Her hearing is amazing!   There were dogs on the show and she could hear them.   The head tilts are so cute!   Click here: sophiemoviejuly - YouTube 

Saturday, July 25, 2015


 This has been a rough week-- too many farewells.    But, I did not expect  to write this one.
 Gracie Lu, like so many of our Pekes, was very special.  
 She came to me as a foster in 2008.  She was six years old.
 She had had two previous owners who both had passed away, and she needed a forever home.
 Here she was with her favorite-- and only-- vet, Dr. Carpenter.   Gracie thought the vet was a place she could be loved and pampered.  
 Gracie went to visit Jane and we decided that this was a perfect foster home for Gracie.
 It very quickly became apparent that it was Gracie's forever home.
 Gracie went everywhere with Jane and had all she could possibly need.
 Look at her car seat-- it's magnificent!
 Gracie Lu loved her mom so much-- Gracie even sent me an email telling me how she had saved her mom-- a human who needed rescuing.    Here's what she wrote:   "My name is Gracie Lu and I am a Rescue Dog. My story is how I rescued my Mom.  I have a human friend, Linda, who helps pekingese find their perfect people. One day she told me that she knew a lady who had lost her two little Pekes and that she needed to be rescued. So I suggested that we make a visit to her so that I could see what I could do.  Linda and I drove over to Jane's house and I checked everything out and told Linda that I would just stay with Jane for a bit and see how I could help. Jane was so sad and needed to laugh and have good company (me). I took her places , rode in the car with her and we walked all over the neighborhood and talked to people. I loved on her, wagged my tail a lot and gave her sloppy kisses and she began to smile.  So I told Linda that I would just adopt Jane and she could be my Mom. I'm really good, I make her smile and she walks with me and we are both happy and healthy.
And that's how I rescued my MOM.  Now isn't that a nice story for a little girl like me.
Love, Gracie Lu"
 Gracie Lu had a wonderful life with Jane-- she loved Christmas and hoped all the other rescued dogs had as great a life as she had.  
 She was a happy girl-- she had so much love surrounding her.
We will all miss you, Gracie Lu.  My heart is with Jane -- Gracie was her love and best friend.    Run free, now sweet sweet girl.