Sunday, August 30, 2015


 Starlight heard that Camp Runamuck would be going on for the week-end.  So, she tried to hide.  (I know I've used these two pictures before, but they just fit the story. haha)
 Are they here yet?
 That annoying Chocolate Lab puppy they have is so annoying.   Gigi "G" can just stay home, Starlight thinks.
 Gigi always wants to be Starlight's friend.
 But, Starlight wants nothing to do with it.
 She was giving little snarls to let Gigi know what she was thinking.
 Can she go away??   (And yes, that is Starlight's personal bouncy seat.)
 Gigi is trying to sneak around for a side attack.
 I'm over it, Mom.  I'm telling you!
Gigi gives up and goes to grab a pink dog pillow.
 Gigi says, "I didn't do anything.  I'm just trying to be her friend."     I fully suspect that Starlight will have more "attention" from Gigi later.    Camp Runamuck ends today-- so Starlight can sleep and relax.

Saturday, August 29, 2015


August 26 was National Dog Day-- and a lot of people posted pictures of their wonderful dogs.  So, I am just going to share the pictures with little commentary.   Enjoy!!  Benny and Pixie are both adopted from us.
Everyone knows my Starlight.
My Chumley-- just hanging out.
My heart dog-- Kai Kai.
Peanut came for a visit!  
 Whoops!   That's not a Peke! ;-)
My Max is an old boy now.  He can be a bit grumpy, but he is so loyal.
Schmoo is so cute-- he's one of our PVPC alumni.
Margie's gang-- hanging out at the door, guarding the neighborhood.
My incredible vet tech's Barach-- she rescued him and has done amazing things!  
Sophie-- PVPC alumni!    So loved now!
Nicky, Lexie and Paddy--happy crew!
My first foster, Cosmo, with his brother Winston.  They get to the beach more than I do!
Fia's crew celebrating the day.
Freddie-- so many of us adore him!
Barbara's sleepy one-- looks so comfortable!
Irish's sweet duo.   Love the eyes!
Moe and Elwood-- Elwood was one of my foster dogs-- so cute!
Camden and Elwood.   Both PVPC alumni.
Sugar-- have you been shopping?
Jules and Pearl-- more PVPC alumni!!
Princeton and Clarence-- PVPC alumni.   We have so many that have been helped and found their forever homes because of so many in our rescue group-- what would we do without all the volunteers, foster homes, loving adopters!
Max, one of my adopted Pekes- and his buddy Ug-Lee.
Hope you had a wonderful National Dog Day!  

Friday, August 28, 2015


 I know you all thought I would keep Madeline-- I was tempted.   But, she needed a playmate-- and all my dogs are 10-12 years old, seniors.   They didn't want to play.
 Micky was adopted and lives near me-- he was young and needed a friend.  Could this be a match?
 They met and did fine together.  And then...
 the play began!!
 Madeline took breaks to play with her special tennis ball.
 And then they played some more.
 Are you going to share your ball?
 Or just play some more?
 I think she will share, but the tennis ball will always be close by.
These two are adorable-- and becoming better and better friends.  It's what I wanted for sweet Madeline!   I'm so glad she has a friend!  (And Micky is SO cute-- I just want to kiss his face!)

Thursday, August 27, 2015


 Grace came into rescue in 2011.   She was about 6 years old and a beautiful little girl.  Her mom calls her and Ted  "Mr. and Mrs. Roundhead."   She wrote this blog for me-- here it is!
 Grace has been with us almost 4 years now, and she & Ted are like a little old married couple.  She is 11 and he will be 10 in December.  They have their routines and things they like & dislike, they have their quirks and they get on each other's nerves occasionally.
 Here they are "taking the sun" (getting some vitamin D?), which they do daily.
 Their biggest task each day is to stand (or rather lay down!) and guard the property from the front window.
 You never know when someone will walk by with their dog!!  Then they go into action!  You can see the dirty windowsill and the opaqueness of the windows, from them barking!  LOL
 Even the cats occasionally check things out, but mostly the cat tree is commandeered by the Roundheads.  (Huey the Maine Coon)
 Grace hates having her picture taken.
 Ted loves it!!
 Uncle Dale came to visit and brought cousin Jake, a few weeks back.  Jake hasn't had a lot of experience with little dogs or cats, so he mostly kept his distance and watched.  LOL
 Ted's most favorite "job" is keeping the backyard free of squirrels.  A NEVER-ending task, as we have lots of big trees and fertile squirrels!  LOL  If he can't be outside to patrol the backyard, he tries to watch from inside.  Here he is with Caleb, who is used to Ted "being in touch with his feline side".  LOL
 Ted's nemesis!!!  They beg outside the window on the deck railing, hoping for sunflower seeds.
 Ted also likes to occasionally do some excavating in the backyard.  Doesn't he look so pleased with himself?!
Grace doesn't care about squirrels or digging holes.  She just likes her home & her routines.  And we love her for it.