Saturday, October 25, 2014


 Chumley came into rescue 3 weeks ago.    His coat was matted, filthy and his skin infected.
 He was shaved down, and then he had eye fold surgery and a dental.
 And the dreaded e-collar went on-- which he didn't mind a bit.
 He's now healed and has discovered a love for toys.
 His skin is so much better, but he is still getting baths every 3-4 days.   Do you think he was trying to hide his towel, so I would not give him a bath? :-)
 He discovered a new place to rest-- on the end table by the Pekingese jars.
I see you there-- and you can't stay.   You are just fine on the couch.   Okay, Okay, you can lay on my heating pad. :-)
 Chumley is the happiest, easiest foster dog.   He loves every one, every thing.   He has so much enthusiasm for life.   Love you, Chumley-Chum!

Friday, October 24, 2014


 At the Peke meeting last Saturday, Amelia--Meme- came with her mom Fiona.  She has the cutest wide-eyed look as she sits on Claretta's lap.
 I think she was looking at Jeanne's chicken-- "the girls"-- four of them.  
 Amelia couldn't get over them!   It must have been exhausting to watch because....
 She soon fell asleep in her mom's arms.
They sure do love each other!!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014


 We received an email requesting our help with this little Peke.  
 His owner turned him into a shelter-- with horrible skin.    Could we help him?  
 He looks so much like Gus!   Raw eyes, bad skins, sores all over-- Jeanne stepped up and said she would help. (Her fosters, Gus and Marshall, were both adopted! Yahoo!)
 Our contact, Jennifer, got him out and took him to her vet so he would be safe and we'll get him this week-end.    Her vet checked him out-- no mange, no heartworms.   Good news!    We can fix his skin and help him to get better.
Oh, that underbite!    Jennifer said he is super sweet and loving.   He just needs help.   We'll decide on a name for him-- if you have suggestions, send them on!   Welcome to rescue, Little One!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


 Hurricane and Seminole came into rescue last spring.   They are a bonded pair of ten year olds.  
 They love to wander in the yard and check things out with each other or with their foster siblings, Bubbles and Festus.  
 Hurricane -- Huri-- is very sweet.  
 So is Semi!!    (He had his e-collar on for awhile, but it's off now.)    He has the cutest underbite!
Both these dogs are easy going and sweet--super sweet.    They need to stay together, so they are a 2 for 1 "deal."   :-)   If you'd like a sweet pair, these are your guys!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


 I give Chumley a lot of names-- Chumley, Lord Chumley, Chum-Chum, Chummy...
 He has the best personality-- such an easy foster and sweet.
 He went to the Peke meeting to meet a possible adopter-- but it just wasn't the right fit.  It happens and they adopted another foster dog.  I was thrilled for Marshall who has his new mom.   Don't worry-- Chumley has more applications....
 But, for now, he's here.   Having a blast, shaking toys, following me around.
Here he is, ears flying, toy flying, having fun.    Love this dog!   Click here: Chumley - YouTube

Monday, October 20, 2014


Please pray for little Lexie.  Her latest labs are showing some things we aren't happy about.    She is being cared for with all we can do for her.  She is the sweetest thing!  I just love her.  


 Marshall came into rescue in February.     We thought he had been hit by a car (and some of his problems could have been from that).  
 Marshall is the most laid-back, sweet dog.    Nothing phases him.
 He was content to sit on laps, and just hang out.
 Kay loved having him on her lap!
 But, Marshall got really relaxed on Susan's lap-- he's just melted in there.
 He even had his leg curled around her knee.   He was so relaxed!
Marshall is now in his forever home.  We are so excited for him!
I'm sure his new brother, Biscuit (adopted from us last year) will be glad, too!