Monday, July 6, 2015


 I am so glad our Pekes had fun on the Fourth of July.   Willie and SuzyQ had a picnic to celebrate!  
 Tucker, who was adopted last year in November is doing great!  (Here he was helping his mom grade papers before school got out.)
 He went on a trip with them for the Fourth.   He made sure he took his ball, too.
 Sophie loves her new home-- I LOVE it when they go to a home and get so much more attention than I could give them here.   Sophie was throwing me a kiss in this picture.   It just made my day.   She used to give me a lot of kisses while she was here.
She also wanted to make sure I knew she was celebrating in style!   I love your hat, sweet girl.
I hope you all have a wonderful week-end!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


 Bella came to visit me for the day.   She ate some breakfast in the playpen-- I didn't want the rest to try to share her food.
 She is such a sweet little girl.  I don't think her tongue fits in her mouth.
 She is about ten pounds-- and just wants to be a lap dog.
 She needs a minor dental and then she will be ready to go!
 I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!   A dental won't hurt a bit.
 She found a toy she likes at my house.
 She loved it so much, that I sent it back to her foster home with her.
Starlight walked by-- to get away from all the chaos.    She did not care about the toy at all.   That's my Starlight!   Bella is 5 1/2 years old and wants a loving home where she can be the center of attention.   She is fine with other dogs-- let us know if you're interested in her!

Saturday, July 4, 2015


 Desi and Onslow dressed up so they could wish everyone a wonderful Independence Day!   Most of us know the history of Independence Day, but if you want to read about it again, here's a link:
 I think they will have a very happy Fourth of July.   Onslow is ready for good food!   He's licking his lips already.
 Desi is a beauty-- I have to have her on my special holiday blogs.
 Rammi, I love your hat and patriotic tie!  Blue is your color!
 Wanda is beautiful!
 Your hat is magnificent.
 Cassidy-- your hat is great-- I love the stars on it.   I know there will be a lot of fireworks tonight, so be careful.
 Dawson, you are adorable!
 Dollar, your hat is slipping....
 That's better!

Monkey is one of our foster dogs.  Yes, he is a mix, but he's shy and cute.   He just wants a forever home.   He is dressed up for Independence Day, and ready to go!    Enjoy your day, keep your pets safe and away from the fireworks and noise and celebrate our nation's blessings.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Beth sent me pictures of her beautiful group of Pekes!   Teddy, Missy, Cosme and Lily are all set for the holiday!  
I want to also put in some warnings about the Fourth.   It is loud, scary, and a time where so many dogs get lost because they are terrified of the noise.    Here are some things you can do to help:

1. Make sure you pet has a name tag on. ALL THE TIME. Some people remove collars when the dogs are inside. I don't understand this. Dogs can get out unexpectedly-- and with no name tag, no one knows how to help get them home. Keep a collar and name tag on your pet all the time. (I take them off when they get a bath, but they go right back on.)

2. All my pets are microchipped-- this is in addition to the collar, it's not a replacement for a collar/name tag. There are pets whose owners get them back because of microchipping. Sometimes, a collar can come off, and a microchip helps. But, it only helps if someone will have the dog checked for one. Some people put up signs in their neighborhood and if no one claims the dog, it might never go home.  You want your precious pet back if it's lost.

3. When the fireworks begin, make sure your pets are INSIDE. Do not leave them unattended in the yard, because they can just be so afraid that they somehow get out of your fence. Dogs that are afraid of fireworks (thunder,too) are not "thinking" and just want to get away from the sound.
4. Some of my dogs have to be sedated before a thunderstorm. That means they will be sedated before the fireworks begin. I get medication from my vet.

5. Use "white noise" to block the sound of fireworks. I have a mega-fan and it makes some big white noise. This helps keep them calm. You can also have a TV or radio on louder than normal to block outside noises.


Thursday, July 2, 2015


 Oliver and his friends have done some traveling this summer.   They have visited New York.   They have a nice house up there.
 Woola Jane just goes with the flow.   New York is cooler than the middle east coast.
 Rosa Lee is just her beautiful self...
 No matter where she is.
 Oliver is wondering where they will go next.   He's comfortable on his porch.
 Woola Jane is just comfortable in her dad's arms.    They all have a grandbit, too!    Pekes and grandbits are pretty common here-- so it's nice to know they are common in other homes, too.
They are email friends of Lexie's.   One day, Lexie hopes to meet them all!   I'm sure they will get to Virginia soon.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


 This isn't a Peke-- I bet you know that.  I met her today.
 Mama and four puppies (and 3 other dogs) were found a few days ago.   In the summer, in the heat.....  
 My friend is fostering them (no they are not part of our rescue) and asked me to help with some trim work.   Of course, I would!   Come on over!    They named this 6.7 pounds Maltese Sophie.   (I thought, she is going to get a great home just like my foster, Sophie, who was just adopted.)
 We don't know who the daddy is for the puppies, but they sure are cute!    They weigh 15 ounces to 17 ounces.   OH MY!
 Mama Sophie didn't mind us holding them or petting her.   She is thin and loved the attention.   I had some A.D. food here, so I opened it and let her lick it off my fingers.   I think I will go get some more.   We were able to get some huge, matted hair balls off her, but she needs more work.   We'll do more tomorrow and trim a few more nails.  Don't want to stress her too much.  Anyone who knows me, knows I'm not good at hair trimming-- but this little girl doesn't care.  
 I am just glad to help where I can.    I even went to get my neighbor who has two Maltese and LOVES them.   We had a little party in the garage (with a fan on the dogs) holding, trimming, feeding, loving...
Pekingese are my favorite breed, but I was happy to love on this little mama and her pups.   What a treat!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


 Little Marnie is doing great in her foster home.   They have renamed her Martini and call her Tina.
 Little Tina is improving daily-- this was last Monday, over a week ago and her skin is even better now.
 She went to meet her foster parents and Susan, who was temporarily fostering her, felt so sad.
 We get attached SO quickly to these little ones in need.
 They know we are there to help them, and get attached right back.  Just look at this face!
 Oh, the look breaks my heart. It's part of fostering, and getting them to the foster home that they need to be in.   My friend, Susan, helps with temporary fostering until a permanent foster home can be found-- what would I do with out her help!?
 Tina's hair is already growing in.   And I love her pink harness!
 She had a little trouble adjusting to her foster home, but now she is with the gang.   She has realized they are all there to be her friends.
 She has baths every few days for her skin-- oh my.
 But, I see a smile after!!
They had a big rain storm (look at it coming off the shed roof) and most of the dogs were scared.   Beau, Tori and Pop were putting on dramatics to be sure their parents understood the world was coming to an end.   Tina was totally relaxed and calm.  
They had company and Tina hid behind the couch.  But, she was way too interested in what was going on, and out she came to meet their visitors.   She has also decided she needs to learn how to use the IPAD.  Maybe she can do a few blogs for me!   I need a helper. :-)
Tina has settle right in and now is new friends with Tori, and Beau.   Life is good!