Sunday, June 26, 2016


 Maizy came into rescue about four years ago-- and now she is celebrating her tenth birthday.   She was a little "scrawny" when she came to our rescue, but her foster mom, Dee, knew she could get her healthy.    
 Her foster mom adopted her and said Maizy gets a little more ornery every day, but they love her anyway.   (Pekes are ornery by nature haha.)    I love this smile!
 Maizy is smart-- she even sent me an email to tell me about her birthday!  Here it is:
 "Hi, everybody, it's me, Maizy, and guess what?   Today, the 26th, is my birthday.    I'm on a special diet so I can't eat a lot of things ,but mommy made me this birthday sandwich with peanut butter, my favorite food.
 I am now 10 years old. I may be getting up there but I still have a lot of life left.
 I remember when mommy first got me,  I was so scared.   My other owners had been mean to me. But my mommy and daddy only show me love. It's not always easy to trust, but I do my best.
 I think my best birthday gift was when PVPC found me and rescued me.    Happy birthday to me and thank you everybody at PVPC.

Love Maizy"

Saturday, June 25, 2016


 Kai Kai came to the annual picnic with us.  Since he needed eye drops throughout the day, he came with us.  It was a little stressful for him, but better than not getting his meds.  
 His right eye, due to the glaucoma, had no more vision.   His left eye began to get some vision back.  But, then, Kai Kai had a retina detachment.   Kai Kai's reactions-- all of them-- are not that common in eye surgery.   Why he had every rare reaction is a mystery.   But, he did, and we dealt with each one as it came.    
 We had the retina reattachment surgery done, hoping to give him some vision in his left eye.   He did really well, but then, his eye pressure began to go up.   Glaucoma.   We began the rounds of more meds, daily visits to the specialists being monitored, and hoping, hoping, hoping.  
 One evening, as I gave him his last drops of the day, I noticed redness behind the eye surface.  Oh, no.    They had said to have his pressure checked on Saturday, so in we went.   His eye had begun to hemorrhage.  
 There was nothing left to do but remove both eyes.  He was in pain, we could not stop it and it was enough.   We had done all we could.
 Once he was home, Chumley and Max watched over him, especially Max.   Max would get so excited every time Kai Kai came home.    Max has always been very independent, but he is obviously attached to Kai Kai.
 Kai Kai rested, had pain meds and began to relax.   His eye pain was leaving.
 Max guided Kai Kai around the yard, watched over him.
 We are working on helping him to use his hearing more than sight.  It takes time and I carry him up and down stairs.  He needs to be near me all the time-- that's normal.  He's always been like that.  
 We were at the ophthalmologist yesterday-- and everyone had to come see Kai Kai.  Dr. Leber and Barbara said he looked so much better-- as if his body had relaxed.   They said he could come visit again-- they became very fond of him during his 3 1/2 month season with them.   I would highly recommend them.  They went so far trying to save his sight.   Animal Eye Care Associates, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.   People come from all over this side of the country to them.  Dr. Nadelstein is the only one who can do the retina reattachment surgery.  
Kai Kai will adjust, I will adjust.  I still sleep with a baby rail on my side of the bed so he won't fall out.  That's okay.   Kai Kai and I will walk this new journey together-- he's my boy!

Friday, June 24, 2016


 Kai Kai and Chumley hanging out together.    Kai Kai's vision was diminishing late last year.     The rest of my dogs still have "good" eyes even though they are all 11-13 now.
 I watched him, and in February, we went to the vet.   Most of his vision was gone in his right eye and 50% was gone in his right eye.  He had cataracts.     Cataracts are where the eye lens begins to cloud up over time.   It is often an inherited condition.  (Kai Kai came from a puppy mill in Missouri-- and I got him when he was almost 6.)   Cataracts can also come because of diabetes.   Kai Kai does not have diabetes (thank goodness!).  
 We decided to have cataract surgery done on him-- it was his best option to see again.   So, in March, he had his surgery.   We use Animal Eye Care in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach.   We are SO fortunate to have so many specialists within miles of our home.   (While I was there, a dog had flown in with his owner's from Puerto Rico to see the specialist.)
 After the surgery, he spent at least three days a week at the ophthalmologist, being monitored with "pressure curves"-- this is when the pressure in his eyes was checked every hour or so throughout the day.  
 Glaucoma can be a side effect (rare) of cataract surgery, and our ophthalmologist goes above and beyond to monitor the dogs they do surgery on.    
 Unfortunately, Kai Kai developed glaucoma in his right eye.  Normal eye pressure is under 25, and his was over 50-60.   It's like having a migraine in the eye.   He had needles in his eyes to relieve the pressure-- I know you are all cringing.   But, Kai Kai was SO Good, never snapped, let them do whatever was needed.    To help, Kai Kai ended up having laser surgery on the right eye in hopes of controlling the glaucoma.   His second surgery.
Kai Kai did well for awhile-- but the right eye lost all vision.   He continued to be monitored, have many eye drops throughout the day.   His left eye began to get some of the vision back and he quit running into things.    But, then......  See tomorrow's blog for the rest of his story.  

Thursday, June 23, 2016


 Kai Kai came to me in April of 2011.  
 He was posted on craigslist for free-- his family didn't want him anymore.   He might not be good with their toddler they said.  Kai Kai has been with all our grandbits and has done just fine.
 He loves to go to the farm.   He loves the chickens there!!
 Riding in the car has always been fun-- lots to see.  (He has a new world now, but more on that another day.)
 He is my loyal companion and stays with me when I don't feel well.   He stays close to me all the time.  I soon knew I could not give this boy up.   He needed me and I loved him.
 He was wonderful with our dogs, grandkids and all the chaos.
 I noticed that he was having trouble seeing about 4-6 months ago, and it was changing fast.    We were referred to the ophthalmologist.   Kai Kai had cataracts.
 Kai Kai did not seem to be adjusting to losing his sight, so we did cataract surgery.    I'll be doing more blogs on that and his subsequent surgeries.  
 For now, I just want to say Happy Birthday to my special boy.  
 He puts up with a lot.
And we love him so much!    He is now 11 years old-- and I had to share his birthday with you.   Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


 Maggie and Max came into rescue in 2006.   Can it be that long ago??
 Someone was supposed to adopt Maggie from the shelter, but when I arrived to pick up Max, Maggie was still there, so I got her, too.  
 They were both SO happy to be out of there.   They had been dumped in a field near by and animal control had been called about them.   I suspect it was their owner-- we tracked their microchips and found the owner, but no response ever came to our contact attempts.  
 Matt, my husband, told me she was one of his favorite foster dogs.
 Somehow she knew how to jump on the chair and up on the table.   I'm not sure why she wanted to be up there.   Maybe so she could be queen better.
 She has a huge underbite-- and it is SO cute.
 She was adopted to a wonderful home in Maryland and now she really is a princess/queen!  (Max is mine now and he never left.)
 After she was there awhile, Bobby joined the family!
 Maggie modeled one of the outfits from the picnic auction.    Maggie just turned 13, but she is doing great!    It's hard to believe she is 13 already.  Seems that she was here, but it's almost ten years ago.
You are a beauty!!    Just love this sweet girl.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


 Waddles came into rescue from a DC shelter in March.   He is a senior, maybe  11-12 years old. (I have a house full of seniors-- I love them!)
 He was a little fluff ball with almost no teeth, but a sweet personality.
 He can't see, but I am learning more and more that blind dogs are just fine.  
 They may bump into things, but they just back up and keep going.  
 Waddles is exploring his foster's yard.   Run, Waddles, Run!  Go, go, go!
 He is speeding along-- as fast as a turtle!  Yippee.
 Look at that sweet face.
He looks like a little Pekingese model!   If you are interested in a special one, Waddles may be for you.   He just needs a place to live out his life.  Click here: Home - Potomac Valley Pekingese Club
by Linda M.