Monday, July 13, 2020


I had two of our foster dogs visit last week.   One was Little Bit "Bitty."
Dickson was the second one. 
He is one of our older gentlemen, and he's a sweetheart. 
If you want a dog who moves fast, it's not Dickson.   If you want a dog who just wants you near, who is laid back, and easy going, Dickson just might be your Peke.  He would love to not share his owner, because he thinks, at 21 pounds (and he's not fat), he's enough dog for anyone.   He was abandoned by his owner, who took him to a relative, and she never came back for him.  Dickson ended up in a shelter and then he came to us.   He was a mess, but just look at him now.  He just wants a mom/dad who will love him the rest of his life. 
He's just a sweet, slow going senior who is waiting for his forever home.   I'm so glad he came to visit!  💙

Sunday, July 12, 2020


 Oh Crosby, I love your moms picture of you having a bath.
I did baths, too. Chumley has allergies so he has more baths than the rest. 
Paddington was still wet. Do I really have to brush him? 😩
 I trimmed Paddington, Piper, Chumley, and Minnie.   I have been trying to do it. I cannot get the hang of it with the comb blades on them. So I finger trim him.  Hold hair between my fingers and trim.  And trim.  And trim.  
It takes time. Minnie has ptsd. So she is like trimming a moving object.   None if them look professional.  But, that’s okay. They aren’t show dogs.  What a way to spend a Saturday.  I don’t think I’m the only one.  🤣

Saturday, July 11, 2020


Little Bit "Bitty" came to visit yesterday. 
His foster dad was clapping in the air to get Bitty to look my way.
Bitty is blind, but you wouldn't know it. 
Paddington and Piper said, "Let us in!"   I didn't.  We didn't need chaos.  LOL  Oh, they were suffering-- NOT!
Look at me-- but he wanted to show me his fluffy butt.  haha
There he is.   He is a happy boy, and can even jump up and down from a chair. WOW.   He loves to be with his people.  He is a love bug! 

Friday, July 10, 2020


I received an email that said, "It's now been 6 years since those two nice ladies brought Cupcake to me from Harrisonburg, VA. She is healthy, happy, and loves Remington (my rescued Lhasa Apso)."   I love updates!  (Her name in rescue was Tiffany, but I love the name Cupcake!!)
Here she was when we were asked to take her into rescue six years ago. 
She was in a shelter in the western part of Virginia and was only five years old.   
She had eye care and all her vetting was done.   Look at that face! 
She had a wonderful application and went to live in Maryland.
She is such a happy girl.  
She loves Remmington, who was adopted shortly after she arrived.  They became the best friends.   I see those happy faces!
Cupcake is here with her dog family.  She is on the left with a poodle, a Shih Tzu, a Llasa (Remmington) and a Heinz 57 (their mom's description).  :-)   This is a happy crew!  I love hearing from our adopters.  It makes my day!  

Thursday, July 9, 2020


Granger and his family came to visit.  His belly band matches his blue tail.  There's still a little blue tinge left.
Chumley, Paddington and Piper were so excited to have more kids here.
Granger tried to get on the step stool to the couch. 
He hung off the back and put his head in the coffee table.   Comfortable??
Oh, my. 
Paddington was so good-- he likes all the granddogs.
And they all got along.  Callie, Piper and Paddington were excited when Gigi arrived.
We had a day and a half of FUN!!   Grilling, eating, swimming, talking. 
Granger wasn't impressed.
Camp Runamuck was in full swing and we had so much fun!   Even though Granger doesn't look like it.  😃

Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Applesauce has such a nice home now.
His mom said he is adjusting so well and is a happy boy.
He's outside some, but it's hot so when his mom is working in the yard, he can watch her  through the glass door. 
He says he'd be an excellent garden guard dog.  LOL
He likes to carry his toys around.  He cries because he can't decide where to hide it!   It usually ends up in one of his beds, but he's hidden it under his mom's bed, too.   Of course, that means his mom has to get it.   We moms are known to get down on our knees to find things. Yep, we do.
If his mom has to run an errand, he excitedly barks and lets her know how happy he is to see her.  It makes coming home so much fun! 
He does have her trained though.   He likes to be hand fed at first.  After a few bites, he will eat it himself.  He knows when it's meal time, too.  He will STARE at his mom to let her know she's late.  He will will also stare to be picked up to sit on the couch with her.   He has fit right into his new home.  He is so loved and such a special boy.  💚❤️

Monday, July 6, 2020


Gayle's pups are ALWAYS dressed so well!  I'm lucky to get mine fed and held and outside.... and well, I have no outfits like Gayle does.  Hers are all magnificent.  
Donna's pups are always matched up.  Donna SEWS!   Me, nothing.   You notice one is different-- Roxy just joined the family.  What a lucky girl!
Stewart wasn't bothered at all by the fireworks or noise.   He was sleeping.   
Wolf  Wolferanian (his mom does Pom Rescue) was showing off all the decorating his mom did.   WOW!   
 Sarah's pups were not happy with the noise.  Fireworks are really scary for most dogs.   Thundershirts, white noise, melatonin and CBD helped to ward off the stress.  Poor pups.
Lil Cali Gurl did okay.   She hopes everyone had a wonderful day!   🎆

Sunday, July 5, 2020


 I begin my day holding Clara.  I know she is declining. She sleeps a lot.  But her favorite place is in my lap.
 I did take a few hours off yesterday and we drove to the bay.
 We needed to get out of the house.
Matt and I do take moments to relax.   We are busy but there are times we need to relax  
 We needed to step back a bit   So we watched the sunset.
 The beach on the base is closed and we’re not going near public beaches.
 The view of the bay is peaceful and quiet.
 It was a good evening.  This morning, Clara and I begin by snuggling.
It’s a good way to begin the day 💖