Friday, February 23, 2018


 Have you ever been just tired?
 When you've just run out of energy?
 And you don't want to do anything?
 When you want to say, "No, I can't do any more today."
 You want to curl up by yourself-- or with a best friend. 
 And you just want to be quiet.
 It's okay to pull the covers over your head and say, "I'm done for the day!"
And sleep.   

Thursday, February 22, 2018


 Oliver came into rescue in November with his sister Khloe (now Lolo).  They were both so sweet.  Their foster mom did not feel they needed to stay together-- they just both wanted a person they could love, who loved them back.
 Khloe/Lolo was adopted, so we set out to find a home for Oliver/Ollie.  It didn't take long.
 He now lives with a friend of mine who lives in NC.   I have the privilege of becoming friends with a lot of people through rescue.  I meet the nicest people!
 Ollie's mom got him a new toy and he isn't letting it out of his sight!  He loves it!
 He is doing great and his new mom said he is the best, sweetest, greatest dog ever!
Bossy, did I mention bossy?   He is taking his new dad for a walk.  I mean, his new dad it taking Ollie for a walk haha.   I think Ollie is doing just fine.  What a life he has now!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


 My dear friends lost their Tori today.  They have been Pekingese and Doberman lovers and the two breeds have loved living together.
 Tori was ten years old and had many health issues.   She had Wobbler's disease and allergies. Wobbler Syndrome in Dogs | petMD  She had trouble standing without falling but she just kept on trying.
 Tori was rescued by her moms in 2009 when she was a year old.   She knew so much love for the last nine years. 
 She celebrated holidays with her family.
 She had toys and a big yard and everything she needed.
 Tori thought she was a Pekingese and the Pekingese thought they were Dobermans.
 Tori was so beautiful.   She put up with the little dogs in the house with such grace.  And we all know Pekingese can be a handful!
 Tori's sister, Trena, passed away in November of 2014, so she was waiting for her beloved sister.
 Tori had a wonderful life-- chasing squirrels...
 running in the snow...
 guarding the yard..
She will be missed so much by her entire family.  Run free now sweet girl. 💗


Granger belongs to my daughter (she fostered/adopted him from us).  He loves to get into things.
Boxes are his favorite.
If a new box arrives, he doesn't care what is in it.   He just wants to GET in it.
Christmas was especially fun since so many boxes arrive then.
He even has his family joining him in the boxes.
Fun Fun Fun!
He has so much fun that he has to take a nap.
He has explored paper bags, too.   If you look closely, you can see some of his tail.  Yes, he's in there.
He wants to eat on the table, but they said no way.   They offered him a box and he ate in it.  They thought he'd never come out. 
He now has the whole family involved.  I think Granger shared this one because it was too small for him.  So, if you have extra boxes, just send them to Granger!! 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


 This is the happy face of a beautiful child who has a very best friend now. 
 Buttons was a one year old who was coming into rescue and I had been looking for a dog for a previous adopter who had lost one of her Pekes.   When he arrived, they changed his name to Biscuit.   (They had another dog before named Toast and this new name just fit.)
 Biscuit was a great dog, not a small one, big enough for rough and tumble.   He loves other dogs. 
 And he loves kids.    He follows his new sister everywhere!
 He joined Trio, who is now about 11.  She had been on her own for awhile.  She loved having another dog in the house and had missed that.
 Biscuit went to his "cousins" home and met Bella and Simon.  They were adopted last fall.  This is a Peke loving family!
 Simon loved Biscuit.
 Bella was her bossy self and had to go in the fenced area.  lol
 Simon is watching him check out the house. 
 Biscuit acts like he's been with his new family for a long time.   They say it is like a magical relationship.   I just love when this happens. 
Biscuit, you found the best home you could find!!  💗

Monday, February 19, 2018


 Cassie was not adopted from us, but two of her brothers were.  First there was Bear, and later it was Cami.   They both loved their sister, Cassie.
 Cassie was 19 years old and had a wonderful life-- one full of love.
Her little body fought to stay with her mom, but it was too hard.   She left early this morning on her own to join her brother, Bear, who waited for her at the Rainbow Bridge.   Cami is home with his mom, and they both will miss Cassie so much.  Run free now, sweet girl.