Thursday, February 1, 2018


Chi Chi came into rescue last week and guess what?!  I got to meet her!
 There was a board meeting over the week-end and Chi Chi was there.  We work hard at board meetings, but we have fun, too. 
 And one of us usually brings a Peke with us-- I know, what a shock haha.
 Chi Chi is 15 (we have her birthday) but I would never guess that to be her age.   She's being silly here.
 She loves her foster mom, Robin. 
 She was posing for me here with the help of Robin.
 She found the toy basket. 
 Toy attack!
 Who?  Me?
 Magnolia was sharing all her toys and Chi Chi loved it.  (We were at Magnolia's house-- she let her mom having our meeting there.)
 She really liked the stuffed dog.
 And she decided to have a conversation with him.
 And it was two-sided-- really!
 She listened intently.
And then she almost fell asleep--  Playing takes a lot of energy!!


LadyJicky said...

Chi Chi is a "mature" lady but I see she still loves to play :) How cute is that!

Teresa Jura said...

what happy little girl

Lost Earring said...

What a heart warming and lovely story. Amazing that ChiChi is 15 years old and going strong.