Monday, February 5, 2018


Harley Marie was my foster in the summer of 2013.  She was four years old when she was with me.
She is the cherished girl of my friend.   She loves to send me emails-- and I love to get them.
"Hello Mrs. Linda,
It’s me Harley Marie. I wanted you to know that I had a very relaxing Christmas and got a few new beds from Santa. Mommy asked what I wanted to do with my gently used beds that were replaced. I decided to donate them to PVPC or for any of the fosters that come through your house.
I made mommy wash them and send the package today :).
Love,  Harley Marie"
That bear is huge-- but looks really soft and snuggly!
Harley Marie has lots of soft places to be-- blankets and beds. 
Thank you for sharing your gently used things with us!!  We love them-- and we love you, too!


LadyJicky said...

That is lovely of you Harley Marie to share your old beds :)

Lost Earring said...

Harley Marie you are a champ and so cute.

Unknown said...

What a sweetheart Miss Harley Marie 😍