Saturday, October 21, 2017


 We received an email asking for help.
 Poof was found as a stray months ago and they kept her, after having no luck finding her owner.
 I picked her up-- they were not far from me so I could get right there.
 I called the vet to let them know I was coming and one of my favorite vets was the "walk in" vet.
 Dr. Meador of Acredale Animal Hospital (Virginia Beach) checked her out.  We did bloodwork, urinalysis, and general check up.  We also did xrays since she walked funny.   We found out she has an old fracture in her pelvis and another old double fracture in her hip.  That one was not repaired, so the xrays have been sent to a specialist to see if there is anything we can do for her.   She seems to have adapted to the break, but if we can fix her leg, we will.
 Her skin was very itchy and scabby, so I left her while they did a special bath, and gave her an allergy shot.  She had a pedicure, too! 
 And then off to my house.  I'll keep her while we determine her health and then hopefully, move her to another foster home.  I'm trying to take a break after over 14 years of almost non-stop fostering.
 My gang was very excited when I walked in with her.  Max wanted to meet her.
 Where are you going?  I want to be your friend. :-)  Chumley was very interested.
 Kai Kai knows someone knew is here.  He can smell her.
 Poof found the water bowl....
 and then climbed onto Kai Kai's bed. 
 She is on eye drops, and had an antibiotic shot and an "ear pack" so I don't have to give ear meds twice a day.   This will last a week and then she can be rechecked.
She found Starlight's special blanket and made herself comfortable.   We will be taking donations to help with her care and I will let you know how she does.   Welcome to rescue, sweet Poof!

Friday, October 20, 2017


Gizzy and Doolin went on a road trip recently.  They are securely seat belted in, which I love to see.  They were anxious to see as much as they could! 

But, after a while, they decided a nap was in order.  I feel the same way on a trip.   Naps are important.   As long as I'm not the driver!

Thursday, October 19, 2017


 We are selling cards to help raise money for our rescues' vet bills.   I'll post more later.   The one above is named Crystabelle.  it's 5x7, and blank inside.   It is $12 for 12 cards, shipping included 
 This is #1 Crystabelle, 5x7, and blank inside.   $12 for twelve cards.
 This is #17, Cherubina-Angelina-Bambina.   They are 5x7, and blank inside.   They are $12 for twelve cards. 
 Here's beautiful Suzy Wong, #3, 4x6, blank inside, $10 for ten cards.
Here's Pekes in a Basket.  #7-- blank inside, 4x6.   $10 for ten, includes the shipping.   See below for ordering information.  More card styles to come!

If you are interested in any cards, please email us at our new email address:  

U S A shipping costs are included in the price of the cards
All funds raised will go to our foster dogs' care

Once your order is received you will receive an email advising you of the total amount due.

Thank you for your Support!


 A friend in rescue was trying to find a home for Alvin. 
 He had been found on the streets originally, and then his new owner brought him to the shelter because Alvin had health issues. 
 He was terrified in the shelter, but he was rescued and went into a home.   His owner loved him, but Alvin needed more.   So, I was contacted.   Even if a dog doesn't come into our rescue, we still love to help find them a home if we can.
 A friend who had adopted before loves a challenge and wanted to meet him.   She went to meet him, and had a fast turn around-- she was taking Alvin home!
 Alvin met Genghis-- so many of us know Genghis! lol   They are both pretty young-- Alvin was thought to be about 4. 
 He had some social issues, so Genghis decided he would mentor him.   Alvin has been a very good student.   He is learning that people are safe, and he loves to be brushed.   "Hello, neighbor!"
 He has been getting in his new owner's lap when she sits on the floor.  He wags his tail at every kindness he is given.  He was starved for affection, and he is enjoying all the love he is receiving.  He didn't seem to know what grass was, but he is being taught by his new brother how to walk on a leash and meet new friends.  He is doing great! 
I'm so glad we could be part of finding Alvin a home.  He certainly deserved it. 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


 As you saw in the last blog, Simon feels right at home-- and Bella has made herself comfortable on the couch.
 They snuggle on the couch with their mom or just hang out and watch the other dogs.
 They explored the yard, and met their new siblings.
 Simon rested his paw on the table.  He usually paws at his person to get attention-- it's so cute.
They loved sleeping on the bed here and they have continued that in their new home.
 I should have sent this shirt with her-- I forgot!   But, she sure does love her new mom!
 And now here at my house, it's quiet.   My dogs are all 12 and up, several have hearing loss, and they sleep a lot.   Chumley and Floyd picked out two beds they like.
 Max is on Starlight's pink blanket.
 Kai Kai tilts his head as I talk to him.   He has lost some of his hearing, but I speak a little louder to him.  He is my heart.   So, I carry him in and out, click the water bowl with my ring to help him find it, put him on the bed to sleep next to me. 
 Starlight is our princess, and she still loves the baby seat-- no babies here, so the dogs have taken it over.    Yes, it's quiet here with Benny/Benjamin and Mattie adopted.  With Bella and Simon in their new home.  But, it's okay.   We are taking a little foster break after having so many for so long.  But, IT SURE IS QUIET!!      Here's Bella and Simon, playing at their new home:    

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Bella and Simon came into rescue in August.  
They were litter mates, six years old and they needed some help.   Bella's left eye was huge and had to be removed.
 It was so swollen, and it had to hurt.  I tried eye drops and she flinched.  My vet put her on the schedule quickly to remove it.
 Simon was already missing an eye.  They are now missing opposite eyes (so when they look at each other, they can see "eye to eye").    We have to have a sense of humor in rescue.
 Bella is a tiny one, at only 9.4 pounds, but she is fast.
 Simon is just mellow and loves his people.  He is also dependent on his sister, Bella, so they needed to be adopted together.
 There are always together-- playing and chasing each other.
 I had a previous adopter and I knew she was a great owner.   So, we went to visit.
 Of course, we took their blankets.
 Bella rode like a baby in my lap.
 It is Jasper's permanent foster home, so he was there to greet us.
 Bella and Simon explored the yard.
 "Who are they?" said Jasper.
 Jan took to them immediately-- of course!  They are so loving.
 Simon looked at her as if to say, "Are you my new mom?"
 Jasper kept barking at them-- why were they in his house?
 Bella began to wander around to check out her new home.
 Simon took advantage of a new lap.
 "Do you want to share my toy?"   He didn't really say that! haha
 Simon and Bella got on the couch-- they were allowed of course.  (They also sleep on the bed there just like they did at our home-- they love it.)
 Bella climbed on the arm of the sofa.
 And found a nice spot on the top.  She loved being up there.  
 I took a bed they were familiar with, and of course, the blankets Jackie made went with them to their new home.
 Simon curled up on it, it was familiar.  (I always worry about them the first week, so familiar things are so important to leave with them.)
 Trio was adopted from us and is now their "cousin."  She loved Simon!
 They are doing great in their new home.  I took them last week and wanted to make sure it was a good fit for the other dogs there-- and it was!
I think they feel right at home!