Monday, December 18, 2017


 Poof-- now Blossom-- began her Christmas wishing while still at my house.  She wore her peppermint jacket and wished for a forever home.  She had no idea she was going to get her Christmas wish.
 She was adopted in November and moved to North Carolina.
 She is so loved there! 
 She even has a stocking already.   Lucy is her cat friend and Michelle is her mom.
 Blossom has a lot of friends, including these four who wanted pictures with her mom.
 I love the procession of pictures when you're trying to get one good picture.
 With dogs, it's always an adventure.
 I think the dogs were winning!!
 Yes they are.
Later, Blossom gazed at her tree.
I sent a small ornament with her and it's there on the table.  I want her to always know she holds a place in my heart.
I'm so glad I could be part of her Christmas journey-- and her mom is a friend, too.  That's the best!
Merry Christmas sweet Blossom and Michelle!


LadyJicky said...

Merry Christmas to Blossom and Michelle !

Hey...... I think I saw an Australian Blue Heeler dog there? G'day Mate!!! :)

Unknown said...

You did!! His name is Rex- one of 2 rescues belonging to my friends the Elmers. He is funny and very smart!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for such a beautiful blog about my precious Poof/Blossom. She has stolen my heart and brought joy back into my life!!
Merry Christmas to all from Blossom, Lucy and Mama Michelle!!

Lost Earring said...

Poof-Blossom had a lock on my heart immediately after seeing photos of her in rescue. The fact that she got such a wonderful Mom, a great home and scads of things to wear is so cheering these days.

It makes me happy to know that through the efforts of rescue and adoption we ended up with three of the best little Fur Children in the world.