Thursday, December 21, 2017


I love all the Christmas dogs I am seeing on facebook.   I'm sharing some with you.   Maxx is showing off his Christmas stocking!  Are you being a good boy-- are you naughty or nice? LOL
Christmas sweaters?  Freddie Leaf has one and doesn't mind showing it off.
Lexie Belle is a friend's dog-- she was named after my Lexie.  What a special thing.
Lexie Belle's sibling, Paddy, is her best friend.
Maddy wanted to show off his tree.  He loves it!
Max, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year, loved to rest under the tree.  What better place to watch for Santa!
Miss Pearl is beautiful as usual.   She is a stunning little girl.
 Lil Cali Gurl is checking out the letters she is sending to Santa.  I'm sure she has sent several-- or maybe she's sending Christmas cards.  A card from her would be spectacular!
 There's that word, JOY!.   Doolin is resting on a special Christmas bed. 
His sweet brother, Gizzy, is under the tree waiting for Santa to arrive.   I think a lot of Pekes will be doing that in a few days!   


LadyJicky said...

I do not know if I can get a photo of Coco in Christmas gear as its been so busy ... you know I have my sick Mum over.
If I can I will Linda ..... this Saturday Coco is off to have her summer groom!

I love that Peke posting her Santa letter!!!

Lost Earring said...

I love seeing all of the Pekes wearing Christmas attire. Our three do not want clothes on except a tee-shirt if it's extra cold. They will tolerate that but anything that requires something on their head they will not move around until it is removed.

Our two previous Pekes loved clothes of any kind including hats, jewelry, coats or extra frilly dresses. In fact Cupcake had a designated drawer in my husband's chest of drawers where we stored her little dresses and other clothing and she loved picking out her outfit when he would open her drawer and she would grab what she wanted to wear.

Unknown said...

What a bunch of beautiful babies 🤗