Saturday, December 16, 2017


 When you foster, and your fosters are adopted, it is SO GREAT to stay in touch.   Benny is the sweetest boy and his sister.....
 Mattie were both my fosters.  Oh, the ears! 
 They have been visiting Florida with their mom, but it's time to come home to Maryland.  So, they have their coats ready!
 Why the coat?   Mattie, it's cold up here!  Are you listening?  I know you are.
 They both modeled their coats so we could all see them.   I think red is your color!
 And Benny knows that I love plaids.  Oh, I do!   They remind me of Scotland.
 They have loved meeting new friends in Florida. 
 Mattie thought all the children were there just for her.
 Benny loved them, too, but he let Mattie take the lead.
 She is protective of him because he is blind, and such a good sister!
 At home, they all relax and Benny is in his favorite position-- feet up, out like a light.
I love "pair" adoptions because their best friend goes with them.  I am so glad I can still be part of their lives and get so many updates.  Love these two!

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LadyJicky said...

How did they get back from Florida to Maryland Linda ??? That is a long way!

I hope they did not hitch a ride!!! LOL