Tuesday, September 18, 2018


(In doing "hurricane blogs" I do not mean to in any way diminish how hard this was for some of our friends and adopters.   Our hearts are with you if this hurricane effected you, if you lost your home, your car, a friend....)
 Doolin and Gizzy heard about the hurricane.
 So, like most Pekes, he had to sleep on it.  It helped him think. 
 He played while he was thinking. 
 Then, he slept some more.
 He decided he needed to tell his dad about his plan.
 First, more sleeping.
 He was ready...  They put all the yard things away and THEN..
 They bought sustenance.  Lots of it.  Most of it chocolate.   But, dogs can't eat chocolate. :-(
Bummer, I guess they'll just make dad go to the store again for more snacks-- dog appropriate ones, of course!

Monday, September 17, 2018


Chewy came to us during the summer.   His owner no long had time for him. 
They didn't tell us he was blind-- for us it would not have made a difference. 
We tried to do cataract surgery for him, but he was not a candidate.  He had been blind a long time, and it does not get in his way. 
He is easy going and loves to go for walks-- and he can set a brisk pace.  He loves meeting people he "sees" on walks.
He can navigate steps and loves adventures in the yard.   
Chewy has a stunning red coat and he is truly adorable.    He is about 9 years old and an affectionate  boy who will snuggle up with you and give love.   If you would like to adopt him, please use this link.  He would be a wonderful addition to your family.   Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

Sunday, September 16, 2018

THE HURRICANE — Sugar, Yodi and Lola

 Sugar is moving to a new house-- but in the meantime, she is hanging out in a not-so-hurricane-safe house, so...
 She and her buddies, Lola, and Yogi..
Moved to a hotel.   Yodi immediately found a hidey hole as his safe spot.   The hurricane has done far less than we anticipated.  I'm not in the Carolinas, and hope they are all safe, too.  But, for now, Yodi, Lola and sweet Sugar are doing just fine.  And they say Happy Sunday.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


Granger heard a hurricane was coming.   So, he decided he must nap and think about it.
He thought... and thought... and thought. 
He is a great helper, so while he was thinking, he folded some towels, too.  (Pekes are so helpful!)
He felt a little prickly, when he thought in this location.   Yikes.  (Don't worry, it's just an aloe plant.)
It just wore him out.  Thankfully, all was fine.   Now he is resting from all that thinking!  Oh my, it's tough being a Pekingese.  😏
(And today is his Dad's birthday, so he'd better think up a good gift!  Happy Birthday, Chris!)

Friday, September 14, 2018


Koko's foster mom was out of town last week, so he came for a short visit. 
He can't really hear much, and he has one eye, and he's 14 years old-- my kind of dog! 
Like every dog who comes here, he got a spa treatment.  He was wiggly, but not bad.  I let the vet help with his feet, to trim the hair and nails. 
He loves his foster yard, and it was the same here.   Let's explore!
He doesn't have dry eye, but he does need his eye wiped down. He's very good about it.
He and Chumley sniffed...
And he walked down paths with Minnie.
Oh, let's go that way!
Minnie is Koko's daughter, but they are not bonded.  So, she stayed at my house.
I love this picture-- they look so cute together and if you'd like to adopt them both, that would be awesome!
We would just like them to have forever homes.  Homes that would love them and give them a safe place to live the rest of their lives.
Koko is 14, easy going, and healthy.   He gets Dasuquin for his old bones, but he can hop up the five steps to the porch.   Wow.
Look at that face--
They are both so sweet-- if you are interested in adopting them, here's the link:
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

Thursday, September 13, 2018


 I loved all the pictures and lessons sent in, and there were so many, I had to do ANOTHER blog to share them!   This is Belina, who taught her mom to cherish each day.   She stole her heart.
 Oh, Gigi, my granddog.   My daughter/granddaughter said, "Be Magical, or at least be very patient with small humans."  -- and Gigi is!
 Joshua was one of my favorite fosters because he and my Scooterbug were great friends.  Oh, how they played.  They have both gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but Joshua would say, "Happiness is the Pekingese Picnic!"  (We hold this each year.)  He also said, "You have to wear a sweater when your mom is cold."  🌝
 Jimmy told his mom, "Even a tough guy needs a toy... every once in a while."
 Oh, it's Joshua again-- Happiness!!
 His sister, Ginger Snap said, "The grass is not always greener on the other side."  (at the PVPC picnic)
 Nunzio belongs to a friend of mine, Kam, and he is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.   He said, "Always take your bowl to the kitchen when you are done eating."  (How do I teach mine to do that!?"
 Nunzio's sister, Panda said, "Watching out the window for daddy will make him come home sooner."
 Oh Pandy.   My daughter's Peke mix.  Pandy could be cantankerous, oh yes she could.  But, she was greatly loved and she knew it.   "My mama loves me."
 Smokie Lu passed away in 2018 and Kiki Dee, the Pom, say, "Life renews itself constantly."
 Suzie says to "enjoy the day even if it's not what you wished for.   Be happy with whatever is going on."
Vanessa's dog said, "No adventure is too big-- no matter how small you are!"  I love this one-- I'm only 5 feet tall LOL.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Beautiful Maya taught her mom that a rescue can love you just as much as if you raised them their entire life.
Murphy says, "Show them your grumpy face and weird, annoying people will leave you alone."  LOL 
Winston says, "Smile and the world will smile with you." 
Peke has been with his mom for over ten years.  He taught her that a dog can really be a girl's best friend.
Pikachu taught his mom that no matter how hard life was after the stroke/seizure/brain tumor discover, he loved unconditionally and was at her side giving comfort and support.  He was 12 1/2 when he was adopted, and is now almost 15.   He saved her more than she saved him.  💜
Sweet, sweet Mattie. She was my foster girl and the most loving dog.   She says that kisses make just about everything better! 
Her brother, Benjamin, is blind and Mattie is his best friend.  Lucky boy!
Rusty, said, "You may not always be able to see things clearly, but you will always see love if you just look."
Peanut Doodle says, "Get wet!  Cuz it's fun!!"
He also says, "Get dirty and play hard!"
And he also says, "Make new friends-- it's fun!"
Peanut Doodle had a lot to say-- he also added, "Play hard, love hard."

Sarah's boy (?) says, "Never miss a chance to sit on your loved one's lap and take a nap."
Shark says to relax wherever you can and enjoy the moment!
Triple, Crosby and Maggie says, "No matter what obstacles are thrown at you, you can always overcome them when you have someone that loves you."
Tia's pup says, "There is such a thing as unconditional love."
True Love!
Vanessa's pup says, "No adventure is too big..no matter how small you are."
Beautiful Newman says, "Don't worry, be happy!"
Winston says, "Smile and the world smiles with you."   Good advice.  Stay tuned for one more blog on this tomorrow!