Monday, December 3, 2018


 Gizmo came into rescue in August.  He was in a shelter in the western part of Virginia and needed help. 
 He settled into Jackie and Bill's foster home, and was a sweetheart.  He was afraid of the vet.  Some of them are and we don't know why.   But, at home, he loved his foster parents, his doggy siblings.
 We had several applications for him, and there was one that stood out to us.   Sometimes, that happens.  Maybe it's from doing rescue for so long, or just getting older LOL.    He went to his new home and met his new best friend, Stella.   
 Stella needed a playmate and Gizmo fit the bill.
 He is a bit of a goat-- climbing things that he shouldn't.  HMM, who else does that.  (It wouldn't be Nala, would it.)
 Stella and Gizmo are a great pair and it makes me smile every time I see his picture.  I enjoy becoming facebook friends with our adopters and seeing updates on our adopted dogs. 
I think Gizmo loves his new home! 


LadyJicky said...

That Gizmo is so beautiful and I really do thing he has hit the jackpot with his new home Linda !!!!

Lost Earring said...

Sweet Gizmo, I knew he would end up in a great home. He's adorable and he appears to smile a lot, with good cause of course.

I do love the climbers. Nothing stops them from getting to the top if they think there's a good reason for making that journey.