Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Ellie came into foster care last month and had been in a shelter twice.   Enough!  Rescue was going to give her a new beginning. 
We found out she had been in a shelter in 2011, but we couldn't get the records.  They were lost in a transfer somehow, but we are good at tracking things, so we kept trying.   She was in one shelter and then another shelter hours away.  How did that happen?  We won't ever know, but we did know she was now safe with us. 
She is going to her new forever home today, so she came to my house yesterday to be ready for transport.  Nala met her and Nala was a good girl! 
Nala can be a bit bossy-- not Nala! haha-- but Ellie is so laid back, she just let Nala sniff around. 
She walked around and explored all of my house downstairs. 
Then, we went out to the yard.  All of the dogs were out there, and little Ellie checked everything out.
Nala checked to see if our neighbor dogs were out, but she was more interested in Ellie.
Minnie and Ellie met-- it's hard to tell them apart until they face you.  Minnie has one eye, and Ellie has two. 
Nala had to join them-- was there a party going on?  Or were the girls just going to have a chat.  💜
The leaves are winning in my yard haha.  We have a LOT of trees, so I'll have to get Sugar Bit to help me out there.  I'm sure the Pekes aren't going to volunteer.
Minnie stopped for a picture...
but Ellie was ready to go inside.   
She even went through the doggy door!   She is a smart girl.   (The doggy door only goes to the porch, no dogs have access to the yard if I'm not home).  (And you can see some painting that Sugar Bit did on the stair post.)
Ellie will go to her new home today-- previous adopters whose little Peke passed away.  Ellie will be sleeping in the middle of the bed, given everything she needs and she won't have a care in the world.   Her mom is so excited that she is going to send out announcements!  I love this.   I'll post more pictures after my road trip today.  It's going to be a happy day!

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LadyJicky said...

I am so excited that Ellie is going to a forever home where she will be super spoilt!
Been in two shelters.... poor girl but this is a happy ending for this beautiful girl !!

Wow Linda .... thats a lot of autumn leaves you have to sweep up! Is it real cold yet ?