Friday, June 22, 2018


I received such a response after asking for table dog pics.  Here's Yodi on his coffee table.
 Here's BeeBee IN the table.
 ... on the dishwasher....
 and Nala on the coffee table-- one of her favorite spots.   I gave up caring a long time ago. LOL
 Bennett likes short tables...
 and higher tables.
 Beth's Cosi gets kisses on the table.
 And Wylie loved them too. 💗
 Oh Elwood-- You're so funny.   I thought you were the perfect dog, but now..... LOL.
 Granger is known for being on table and in boxes.  Never a boring moment with this little man.  The joke in the family is, "How do you spell Granger-- B-A-D-D-O-G."   LOL
 Leigh's Pekes can't get ON the table, but she posted a picture of them UNDER it.
 Marti's Peke says, "why use a table if you can get on the ironing board!"
 Alyssa's girl must be waiting for a treat.
 Oh, Percy, you're cute wherever you sit!  Okay, it's not a table, but too cute not to share!
 Renee's Peke likes tables, too.
 Rocky, are you contemplating the table?  Watch out for the tea!
 Shannon's little monkey is on the table-- just adorable!
 And Simon loves tables, and ottomans, and any place where he can see out a window! 
 Victoria's Peke is very comfortable!
Willy must be related to Nala-- they both love coffee tables! 
THANK YOU for sharing all your pictures!!

Thursday, June 21, 2018


 Chumley, like the dogs here, is a flat faced dog.   That means it's tougher to breathe. 
 So many dogs who live with smokers are at risk for nasal and lung cancer.  (I know this blog may cause some problems with people who smoke-- but smoke, second hand or otherwise, is just not good.)  There is a greatly increased chance of malignant lymphoma.  (If you have a cat, and they lick themselves to clean, they have an even higher risk, since they are licking in the toxins, also.)
 Lucy Lu is in a home where there is no smoke.   I'm so glad for that.  Pets who live with smokers have increased risk for cancer, heart disease and respiratory disease. 
 Rocky and Furby-- sweet boys!   But, they don't want to breathe in smoke. 
 Princess would definitely have issues with her tiny face and compromised health.
So, if you smoke, please smoke outside, away from your dogs.   Protect them from smoke.  Here are three articles to help you learn more.

Risks of Second Hand Smoke for Dogs and Cats

A Warning to Pet Owners Who Smoke

10 Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Wednesday, June 20, 2018


 Mom's been sick!   What are we going to do?!
 We can just lay around-- always together, and usually touching.
 Mom just lays there on the couch.  She eats crackers and sips ginger ale. 
 We got on the couch with her- hoping to make her feel better.  We are great at that.   We even curl up on her lap.
 Max just lays there-- but since he's almost 15, he usually lays around.
 Chumley just curls up on his bed.
And Floyd is near by.  Always.  Hope today is better. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2018


 Chauncey came into rescue in March.  Albino Pekes are rare, and they need special care to protect them from the sun.   His new name is Bing.  I love it.
 Do you have your sunscreen on?  LOL
 He was a foster failure and has made himself completely at home.
 Sometimes, he outdoes himself-- and then he gets "refreshed." :-)
 He supervises chickens and makes sure they are all behaving.
 His mom and dad love him.   You can tell he is so content.
He makes this statement so true -- even if there are puncture holes in the pillow from him carrying it around! 

Monday, June 18, 2018


Lucy Lu was adopted several weeks ago and I wanted to give you an update.   Look at that happy smile when I had her at the vet-- sweet girl!   She had been so neglected, but she was on the road to being a healthy girl!
She loves her new mom, Ellen!   
Lucy Lu follows her everywhere, sleeps on the bed, loves going on walks, and meeting new friends.
This was a wonderful match-- happy mom, happy Peke!!  💗

Sunday, June 17, 2018


 No, this picture isn't sideway-- it's Matt,my husband, laying on the floor with BeeBee and Nala. 
 He's always supported my rescue work-- and that's how Starlight came into our lives.   I think she was his favorite. 
 Matt came into our family over 30 years ago-- I was a widow and he married all of us.   And then, he became an instant dad, and later a grandfather, who loves his grandbits!
 He tries to entertain us. 
 He reads to the Bits. 
 Even after surgery, he was there to help with breakfast and have fun.
 He loves us and passes on God's love and grace to all of us.
He is a man after God's own heart-- and we are so blessed he is ours!!  We love you-- Happy Father's Day!