Friday, June 29, 2018


 Chloe belonged to my friend Sarah. 
 Chloe took guarding the door very seriously.
 She even called in recruits-- Daisy helped, too.
 She lived with other Pekes, too-- Sam Sam was one of them.   Her mom loves rescue dogs. 
 Chloe started to feel unwell yesterday and today she passed away.  She was diagnosed with ITP-- Immune Mediated Thrombocytopeania.   It can come on for no known reason and it is where the immune system in the body begins to attack itself.  The platelets drop dangerously low and bleeding, bruising and blood loss can occur. 
 For sweet Chloe, it came on fast and there was not much that he could be done.   Sarah's little princess was gone.
Chloe was only 12, but I'm sure Floyd and Starlight met her to show her the way.   
Run free now, sweet girl.  You were greatly loved.


Lost Earring said...

So much loss lately. Each and every one of these precious babies leave a giant hole to heal in the heart for many of us but not hole as big as the one in the hearts of loving Moms and Dads.

I wish I knew the right words but I don't but I recall my total desolation when two of my babies passed within 18 months of each other and another (our Black Lab) at the 2 year mark from Lyme's Disease complications blood clot. We lost our Patches first from cancer, our Cupcake from congestive heart failure and then Ladybug the Lab last.

So hard.

elderpriestess said...

What a wonderful tribute to her Diva-ness. Chloe was a sassy little thing and she will be missed.

LadyJicky said...

Oh Sarah ... you will miss that Midnight Princess so much .... she was just so cute and sweet. I have a big love of black midnight peke's .... and Chloe was a beauty.
Thinking of you all in Chloe's family.