Wednesday, June 27, 2018


 Ollie was my foster boy in 2006!  Wow, has it been that long!!
 He has a personality-- haha-- but he's also a snuggler.
 He can also be a chair stealer, along with his sister, Buffy! 
 But, he's not crazy about storms!  All that noise and racket is just awful.
 He tries to hide from that.   Poor guy!  His mom has tried all kinds of solutions, but she is trying a few more. 
I guess he was better though, because he went golfing with his dad.  I love his hat!   Golfing is much better than thunderstorms!


LadyJicky said...

How cute is he .
I wonder why some dogs seem fine with storms and others do not?

Lost Earring said...

Bless little Ollie's heart. Love the photo of him sitting in the plant. Maybe a warm snuggle in a towel from the dryer would comfort him. It worked for our beloved Cupcake who was terrified of storms and shook so bad we had to hold her, the vet suggested the warm towel and snuggling her which did give her some relief if we started quickly enough when a storm was coming in. And like me, she was really terrified by storms after dark. During the day in Southern Illinois it was easy to watch the sky for dark clouds and then clouds that were a terrible green in color which put everyone on alert that a tornado was bearing down on our location. At night of course there was no way of telling what color the clouds were so we depended on the weather radio which meant no sleep most of the night. I was so happy to move back to the wonderful Virginia mountain area where tornadoes are rare....knock on wood.