Wednesday, June 13, 2018


 Tara came into rescue in critical condition.  We didn't realize it until after she was out of the shelter.  She was so happy, but her condition was very serious.
 She was taken here for a specialist to remove a gigantic hernia that held her intestines, stomach, spleen...  It could have cut off blood supply to these organs and it would have been fatal.
 She wanted to play and romp, but she was not allowed to.
 Maggie asked, "Why can't she come out?"
 Pop was thinking, 'I'm glad it's not me!"
 And Tina ignored it all, stole BG's toy and got up on the couch-- where BG can't get to.
Tara will have her post-surgery check on Friday and we hope it is a great one.   Tara has a long recovery, but it will be worth it all for this sweet girl who deserves all the help and care she can get.   💗

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LadyJicky said...

You know what Pop...... I am glad its me too!!! LOL

Get well Tara :)