Saturday, June 30, 2018


 Matilda was a stray at a shelter near me.   I emailed them, but it looked like she had been adopted.
 She had been.  But, they got her home, shaved off a lot of her hair (cutting her in the process) and they ended up returning her to the shelter.  Good thing!
 She is a small one-- only 9 pounds!   All we know is she is 8+.   She has a little gray, but it's really hard to tell how old she is. 
 My Granddaughter, Bitty Bit the Viking, helped me.   Matilda adored her.
 It was mutual.
 Sugar Bit took a lot of pictures for me of Matilda!
 I went through all my harnesses and collars and found a tiny harness.  It fit!  But, no collars small enough.  So, we bought her a new one with a matching leash that match the harness I had.
 And then off we went to the ophthalmologist.  They had an opening yesterday, so I snatched it up!
 She wanted to check things out.   The ophthalmologist said Matilda has very little vision.   BUT, she is a candidate for cataract surgery, so we are going to try to raise money.  We need $2500 for both eyes.   I think that's a great price. 
 We came home and my guys met her.  (I isolated her at the vet for a few days to make sure she was okay and would not be a threat health wise to the Sisters.)
 You can see her cataracts in this picture.  They are very dense.  I'd love for her to be able to see.
 You can see my groomer did a wonderful job cleaning up the bad haircut she had.   Her hair will grow back, but she is very cool right now.
 "Want to come inside?"  You can see how small Matilda is.  I have the best crew of dogs here.  They are all accepting and kind with the new ones.   Kai Kai was over to the side.  Matilda has obviously been blind for awhile, but she hears well and follows my voice.
At the end of the day, she curled up beside me on the couch and fell sound asleep.  She loves people and wants to be near them.  Once she is medically clear, she will be available for adoption. 


LadyJicky said...

What a beauty little Matilda is !

Waltzing Matilda .... a famous Australian song -

Lost Earring said...

Love the name Waltzing Matilda and she is a real beauty. Now I must work on a way to make a donation for Matilda and the Sisters because they are in need and giving will enhance the life of all three of these beautiful babies.

I'm still in the planning stages of a donation to the cause as soon as I check all the rules and get Linda's input on that plan.

Meanwhile, kisses to these precious babies and their new home crew for taking a newbie into their fold.

Unknown said...

She is ADORABLE and I know you will find her a good home... Bless you for what you do for the Pekes