Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Pi came into our family when Lil Bit/Sweet Girl was a year old.    
 She was living on a farm in NC and my daughter and granddaughter would go there so that my daughter could ride her horse.    (Pi with Lottie and Wicket, her doggy siblings)
 Pi immediately became Lil Bit's protector-- and Lil Bit (who is now 15!) could put food in her mouth and take it out and Pi never did anything.  Even though she had lived outside, she came to live with them and had incredible house manners.
 Pi was comfortable wherever she was-- at my house, or my daughter's house. 
 She was the Nanny dog to all the kids and grandbits.  (with Sugar Bit here)
 She was comfortable wherever she was.  She just found a soft place to be and settled in.
 I love this picture-- she was just hanging out on the dock.
 Her name was Pi (her dad is an engineer!), but I sometimes called her Sweetie Pie.   Because she was just that.
 She went through a procedure for bloat last November and she had cancer surgery three years ago-- but we had her for that much longer. 
 Pi was 16 1/2 years old and she was getting old. 
 She walked slower, and didn't hear well.
It was time to let her go after she had a very bad night.  The vet said it was time.
We went to see her friends, Annie and Jazzy Girl after we let her go.  Pi had lived with them most of her life.
Pi is now with Kallie, Wicket and Lottie-- her best friends.   I'm sure she was met at the Rainbow Bridge by a lot of Pekingese like Starlight and Scooterbug and Cranberry and Lexie.  
Run free now, sweet girl--- you were the very best! ❤️


LadyJicky said...

I know you all loved her SO MUCH .... there are times in your life when a certain dog just "gets to you" ..... you do not know really why sometimes but they just do!!
That was Pi .

Sending love to you Linda and your family who will miss Pi so , so much.

Lost Earring said...

It is so very hard to let them go but Fur lovers know they must do what is best for their charges in spite of the pain we humans feel when it's time.

When our rescued Black Lab Ladybug started seizing several times a day we couldn't sit by any longer. She had Lyme's Disease from her days of living as a yard dog living under a trailer and covered in 100s of ticks when she came running up our drive after being dumped on our farm road (our road was a favorite dumping grounds for animals and people's trash who were too lazy to dispose of it legally). We had a great 8 years with her from about 6 months old and onward until the day we had to take her to the vet for the last time.

As usual I tend to digress but yes I know the pain of letting go when it's time. Pi is with her 4 legged companions who are in pain no longer and even have all their limbs in the healing place across Rainbow Bridge.