Thursday, April 26, 2018


 Sweet Maggie is almost 14!   Her birthday is coming up soon.   She decided she needed a quiet place to rest-- Pekes do like little hidey holes.
 BG and Domino were napping together-- or maybe just posing.  They belong to Kay and Claretta.  Claretta is our club secretary, but we all know it's a two person job. 
 Kay and Claretta have reorganized and purged folders and they have put things in order.  It's all on the computer now and they keep us on track with vaccines, microchip information and so much more.  (BG and Tina)
 Domino knows they work hard at anything they tackle-- they tackled him and were able to calm him down and help him adjust to being a real dog. 
 Whenever there is a birthday in the house, they celebrate.  There will be a 14 on her cupcake soon.
 Pop loves her moms.  They were about five years old when we got her and Beau in 2012.   Can it be that long?
Her brother, Beau, stole my heart when I picked Pop and Beau up from the shelter near me.  I think it's because he reminded me of my Scooterbug.  ❤️
 Tina is the youngster there-- and she has brought so much joy and fun to the house.   She got some of the older dogs rejuvenated.
I want to thank Kay and Claretta for ALL they do for the club.  They do more than we ever realize and they encourage me when I'm having a rough rescue day.  They are steadfast and such good friends.  The rescue is blessed by them-- and so am I!

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


 Droopy Dog came in with the Bristol 18-- his name was Snowflake then.
 He was a thin 13 pounds (he's over 16 pounds now) and was six years old. 
 I can't remember who fostered him-- so if you did, please let me know.   We had renamed him Sabre in foster care (most of the Bristol 18 dogs weren't that familiar with their names anyway).
 He is best friends with his sister, Daffy.  They name their dogs with "D" names, and that's how his name became Droopy Dog. (I think his name is adorable!)  His sister is 17 now and Droopy is 14. 
 He is a big lap dog and loves going on walks.   He snores like a "drunken sailor" his mom says. LOL  Oh, we know Pekes can snore!
 Droopy moved from Virginia to South Carolina and now he lives on a tree farm.  He loves the farm life.   He loves being on the porch, soaking up the sun and napping.
 He is still a beautiful boy who came so far after he was rescued.   Like the rest, he had some trust issues, and didn't know if the next meal was coming, but he's put all that in the past. 
His family said to say thank you for their little angel-- and I want to say to them, "THANK YOU!" for adopting and giving such a loving home to this precious boy. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


 We were asked to help this ten year old sweet boy.   We were first told he was 3-5 years old and I was so excited to get a young one.  But, he is older, 10. 
 He was in a Virginia shelter and had been turned in by his family-- we don't know why. 
 Ida volunteered to help get him and transport him to his foster home   This is his jail-break photo!
 He was perfectly comfortable traveling.  He just fell asleep.
 He had a bath and was all clean and fluffy.
 He is a very sweet, docile little man of about 13 pounds.  He just wants love and someone to snuggle with.  He does wear a belly band for now-- we don't know where he lived before.  He is learning.
 Ricky can hear, but not like a young dog.   And he just has one eye and it has a cataract in it.  SO....
We would like to raise about $2000 to be able to do cataract surgery on him.  The chances of gaining his sight in his one eye is 90-95%.  Those are pretty good odds, and one of the top ophthalmologists in the country is doing it.   If you would like to help fund his surgery, please make a donation on our web site or by sending it to our P.O box.   Our address is:  PVPC P.O. Box 61005, Richmond, VA 23261.   Or click on this link:    Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Donate Now   
We want to give Ricky the best chance at a good life.  Thank you!                 

Monday, April 23, 2018


 This is Colby. He belongs to Tracey.  He was one of the two puppies in the Bristol 18 rescue in August of 2010.
 Here he was then, kept in a crate in deplorable conditions.
 The other puppy was Carter, Jeanne's dog.  My grandson was just a baby when we went to see them.  They grew fast once their environment changed.
 Colby and Carter are loved and spoiled.
 And they are almost 8 years old now!
 They both have beautiful yards to run and play in.  They have friends to snuggle with.
 Carter is so loved by Jeanne and he has been a real comfort to her when she isn't feeling well.
 Carter is a big boy, but he is gentle with his siblings.
 Their mom, Brandy, was so thin when we got her, but her coat grew, she gained weight, and she is loved.
Camden is Brandy's brother, and they are both stunning.   Rescue made a difference-- it saved their lives, literally.   Rescue to freedom to homes.  That's what rescue is all about. 
We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue.

Sunday, April 22, 2018


 Chumley said, "We are having a birthday!"
 Can you believe this little one is now three years old!?
 She entertains me often-- like when I'm making up the Bit beds.
 Or jumping in puddles, or playing with the Pekes, or destroying the play room. 
 Sugar Bit and the Viking have birthdays only four days apart. 
 They both love the Pekes, and are part of Camp Runamuck-- a loving place for Pekes and Bits and anyone else who is here.
 We all went to the beach a few weeks ago when we had a warm day.
 Sugar Bit and her older cousin (who has a birthday next month) dressed up with flowers for our birthday party last night.
 Our home is set up for the Bits-- and they all have their place here.
 Our home is set up, our porch is set up and our yard is set up-- you just never know what is going on here, but it's probably fun!
 We celebrated with cake and ice cream.
 The Viking got art supplies (which I didn't get a picture of) and Sugar Bit got a new wagon.  The canopy will be so nice on hot summer days when we walk to the park.
Dad pulled the birthday girls for a ride, and the Bit boys ran along behind them.  It was a fun day and we will continue today.  Happy Birthday sweet Bits!! 

Saturday, April 21, 2018


 Hampton came into rescue in 2011.   His family could no longer keep him and so he came to rescue and was fostered by Sonia. 
 He joined Chance, also adopted from us.  Hampton was great with children, and loved to go on walks. 
Hampton began to have health issues.  At first, the vet thought it was vestibular disease, but it didn't get better.   Over time, he began to have symptoms of Inflamatory Brain Disease and the symptoms became worse quickly.   I'm so sorry for his mom and dad, as he was a beautiful and sweet boy.   Run free, now sweet Hamptom.  You will be missed.