Friday, April 27, 2018


 I've had Pekingese most of my life.  And what are they good for?  Dishes!   LOL
 Or just being cute like little Floyd.   He's an old boy and sleeps a lot, but when he's awake, he follows me all over.
 And then there's Sugar Bit-- and her faithful followers, Nala and BeeBee.
 She goes up the stairs -- They go up the stairs.
 She goes down the stairs--- wait, wait...
 And down they go.
 Nala is especially devoted to Sugar Bit.
 She will follow Sugar Bit all over.
 And Sugar Bit loves it.  Sugar Bit calls me in the morning to facetime with Nala.  😊
 Sugar Bit, like all the Bits, have been raised with dogs and have been around so many of my foster dogs.   
 They have learned to be gentle and caring. 
 Sugar Bit knows Kai Kai can't see, and she knows he needs special love, which she is happy to give.
 Kai Kai has hit a plateau in healing from his stroke.  We don't know if he will get any better, but he is still happy, and his tail wags like crazy when he is picked up. 
 The Sisters, Nala and BeeBee, are so good with him.
 And all of them love Sugar Bit.  It's like a little club.
Children and Pekes-- it can be a wonderful experience.  One of love, and friendship.  ❤️

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LadyJicky said...

You know Linda .... I think Kai Kai is ok ..... you can see in the photos of Ms.Sugar Bit and Kai that they are communicating just fine and as long as there is no pain for Kai Kai .. I think Kai knows he has family and love all around him.

Sweet story today Linda :)