Wednesday, April 11, 2018


 Leann came into rescue when her mom needed help.   There was a home situation and Leann needed to come to us.  She is 15 1/2, but we were glad to help her.    She came to the meeting on Saturday.
Floyd came to the meeting, too.   He has one eye and he's old, so he gets stuck sometimes.  It's just a chair, Floyd.  He did figure out how to go around it.   He is totally deaf, so I couldn't talk him through it.  LOL 
Leann has been with Kay and Claretta, but BG is a "pill" as we call it in our house.  So, she went to live with Robin and her old crew. 
She met Floyd and they liked each other.   (Floyd doesn't have accidents, which is amazing, but I wanted to make sure he didn't have one at Fiona's so he wore a belly band.  No accidents-- good boy!)
Floyd moved almost the entire meeting-- he was stressed because it was all new, but he was also exploring.    Hello Bunny!
Robin held Floyd and Leann-- what a cute pair!
I think Floyd wanted to share secrets with her.
Leann leaned in to hear better.  It must have been a good secret!
And then, she decided to check out the toys.
Floyd settled down in front of the fire place to take a snooze.   He slept all the way home!
And so did Leann.   They had a great time at the meeting-- new friends, and comfy places to rest.  


LadyJicky said...

As Floyd and Leann learnt .... meeting can be so Boring! LOL
Well Linda... you did mention they slept all the way home :)

LadyJicky said...

Oh I forgot ... my husband can be a "pill" too .... not only dogs! LOL

Lost Earring said...

I also have a "Pill" of the two legged variety as well as my four legged Mercer Meyer Mason The VIII.

Luckily my husband is not a full time pill but Mercer Meyer is pretty much a 24/7 365 pill. We never know what he's going to get up to on any given day.

I loved the meeting story with little Leann and Floyd keeping things interesting. Hugs and kisses for both of them.