Saturday, April 21, 2018


 Poochie was one of our Bristol 18.  He was five years old at the time (summer, 2010).  (This was taken at my home after he had been cleaned up and vetted-- he was still healing, but his life was now beginning.)
 He was adopted and lives in Richmond now-- and is the adored boy of his mom and human sister. 
 He loves to snuggle and curling up between his humans is his favorite thing.
Poochie is 13 now and his life could not be better!   Good morning, beautiful boy!


Lost Earring said...

The rescuing of the Bristol 18 happened before I became a supporter of the Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue group. Bristol, Virginia is very close to my home area and Potomac, Linda Maxwell, Jeanne Reeves became my heroines along with the people who gave a helping hand for the puppies rescued from a back yard breeder who neglected and treated innocent animals cruely.

This was the beginning of my interest in saving and rescuing Pekes.

LadyJicky said...

I love a black Pekingese and Poochie is just beautiful.
I am so glad he is loving life now.