Saturday, April 14, 2018


Magnolia belongs to Fiona-- Fiona takes care of our calendar making process which is a huge task.  She has some help and Bridget's mom is going to help this coming year.  (It's time to begin thinking about what picture you want to submit!)
 I'm able to see Magnolia whenever we have a Peke meeting.   Her mom shared her home with all of us.
 Magnolia has a lot of friends, including their neighbor Margaret and tiny LooLoo.
 Her mom takes her to Dr. Kaitlyn Hemsley, for medical care- but they are friends, too.(Gayton Animal Hospital in Richmond)
 Kaitlyn does acupuncture on Magnolia to help her.   I wish she did it on people-- like me!
 Kaitlyn has two dogs-- this is Twix.  They are both very sweet.
 And this is Ava-- as you can see, she is missing a leg, but she does fine.   She told her mom it was okay if she wanted to foster for us, but please, just boys!
Look closely-- can you see the acupuncture needles? 
And now, back home.  It's the best place to be!

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LadyJicky said...

The acupuncture must really help Magnolia as she seems not to be bothered by it.