Wednesday, April 18, 2018


 BeeBee (front) and Nala came into rescue in January.
 I found out that my home is the fourth place they have lived in.   No wonder they are so bonded.
 If you find one, you usually find the other.
 Kai Kai is often there, too.   Yes, there he is.
 They love to kiss each other-- Here's proof! :-)   They just adore each other.
 I was eating dinner and I wouldn't share.  No, Mexican is not good for Peke tummies.   The girls are cute-- but no people food!
 Please don't pout!   It's okay. 
 BeeBee decided to try Nala's tactic of getting on the coffee table.  It didn't work.
 Oh, the tongue!!  Can you see it's a little pinker?   The Sisters had more blood tests this week.  They have been on medication for awhile for the IMHA and ITP that I have talked about before in my blogs. (When a dog has both of these, it is called Evan's Syndrome. Evan's Disease in Dogs | Cuteness )    Their cells (red and white) are being attacked because their bodies think they are the enemy.  They have been on antibiotics and prednisone.  It helps the body to not fight itself.   With IMHA, this is helping-- but I also know that IMHA is a very fickle disease and they may seem to do well and then crash again.   I will take a dose of good news though!!

So, here it is-- Nala is doing a little better.  In fact, we are going to try reducing her prednisone some and see how she does.   BeeBee is a little behind Nala, so her dose will remain the same.  I think I see some pink in her, too.   So, that's good news for two little girls who have been fighting hard to stay alive.
They are joyful, happy, inquisitive, and they also have a spirit of adventure.   I was sitting on the couch and looked down and there was BeeBee-- in Starlight's spot inside the coffee table.  No one else has ever gotten into this spot unless Starlight.  Maybe BeeBee saw it was a good and safe place.   It made my heart smile-- so did the bloodwork results.   I'll take that!! 
Here are links again if you want to learn more:
IMHA:  Canine Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) 
ITP:   Thrombocytopenia in Dogs


LadyJicky said...

Bitter sweet with BeeBee in Starlights spot.

So glad they seem to be a bit better Linda.

Lost Earring said...

I'm so sad that these beautiful girls are suffering from a disease(s) that could shorten their lives. They are so darned sweet and devoted that I can't even think of them being separated from one another.

Hopefully there's a cure or at least a reprieve from such a dreadful disease.

Praying that there's a Furever home for these babies and that they can be saved.

The Klein Klan said...

Oh my goodness!!! A Great update!!! We will continue to send prayers and positive thoughts to you all!!! These little girls feel the love they have been gifted with and are fighting!!! My Kaylee is doing the same!!! Enjoy every good moment and cherish those princesses while we can!!! Wishing and praying that they continue to have happy days!!!💕🙏🏻🍀❤️😘💘 Sending so much love from Atlanta Ga!