Friday, April 6, 2018


 If you are like me, you usually have your computer on and your cell phone is near by.  We can't hear all the noises, but our pets can.  Floyd is deaf, so it doesn't bother him.
 Nala is saying, "Turn off everything!" :-)  (I love this picture, so I've used it before.)
 Trio and Biscuit like to be on the porch anyway-- but there are probably no computer or cell high pitch sounds out there.
 Cats can be effected too.   Babykins with her friend, Furby, are listening-- can they hear noise?
 BG is attacking Kay because the computer noise is too high- LOL.  Not really, she's just playing.
 Granger is hiding out.  Computers, teens on cell phones.... OH NO!
 Sophie is blind, so her hearing is extra sensitive. 
Noise from computers, cell phones and other devices can make the world very loud for pets.   They hear noises at a much higher pitch than we do.   They can hear sounds 2 to 3 times as high a pitch as we can.    These stimulations to their hearing and their brain can have negative effects.   It can effect their behavior, their sleep.   It can even cause seizures.   LED lights can also be an issue. 
So for your pet's sake-- and for your sake-- keep computers and cell phones off when you can.  Keep those devices out of the bedroom.   Have a room where none of these are allowed-- and pets can hang out in quiet there.   Granger and his girl know sleeping without extra noise is the best!

Here is the article for you to read:

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