Thursday, April 26, 2018


 Sweet Maggie is almost 14!   Her birthday is coming up soon.   She decided she needed a quiet place to rest-- Pekes do like little hidey holes.
 BG and Domino were napping together-- or maybe just posing.  They belong to Kay and Claretta.  Claretta is our club secretary, but we all know it's a two person job. 
 Kay and Claretta have reorganized and purged folders and they have put things in order.  It's all on the computer now and they keep us on track with vaccines, microchip information and so much more.  (BG and Tina)
 Domino knows they work hard at anything they tackle-- they tackled him and were able to calm him down and help him adjust to being a real dog. 
 Whenever there is a birthday in the house, they celebrate.  There will be a 14 on her cupcake soon.
 Pop loves her moms.  They were about five years old when we got her and Beau in 2012.   Can it be that long?
Her brother, Beau, stole my heart when I picked Pop and Beau up from the shelter near me.  I think it's because he reminded me of my Scooterbug.  ❤️
 Tina is the youngster there-- and she has brought so much joy and fun to the house.   She got some of the older dogs rejuvenated.
I want to thank Kay and Claretta for ALL they do for the club.  They do more than we ever realize and they encourage me when I'm having a rough rescue day.  They are steadfast and such good friends.  The rescue is blessed by them-- and so am I!


LadyJicky said...

Kay and Claretta are "Peke Angels"

"Peke Angels" are the kindest people in the world!

Lost Earring said...

God bless and protect these wonderful angels who give their hearts and time to their rescue efforts as well as care for their family and loved ones.