Tuesday, April 3, 2018


 Binks was in a shelter in the western part of Virginia. 
 He was turned in by his owner-- but they only had him three months.  We don't know anything before that.
 On his way to a new life-- he had not been cared for well, and really needed a bath.
 Sherry's groomer fit him in.  What a nice thing to do!  Then, Binks met Sugar, who was just fine with him coming to visit. 
 Then on to meet Bucky and....
 Lucky.   Lucky and Binks then had a peeing contest in the yard.   lol
 The red coloring with black and tan highlights are beautiful.   We women would pay big bucks for those! 
 Back inside, he was a little nervous, and drooling.  Shelter dogs go through so much in the transition, but he was happy and gentle and not a bit aggressive.  He has a grade 3 heart murmur and is about 8-10 years old.   (Heart murmurs are not unusual and easily treated.  Floyd has a grade 5+ heart murmur and is on two meds and hasn't changed in two years.)  He has some aging issues, a little gimpy knee and back, but he was running in the yard, so it couldn't be that bad. 
 He is going to have a dental and after that, this sweet boy will be available for adoption.   Oh, to have such a nice one in your home---- ❤️
 Now it's time to rest-- welcome to rescue sweet boy!
We are so glad you are with us.


LadyJicky said...

When I saw the first photo ... he was just like a pretty autumn leaf!
Its autumn here now so the leaves are colouring up .... Binks could hide in my backyard! LOL

I would love to have Binks...... what a beautiful boy he is Linda and Coco is an old girl and they would just fit together but ......does he have a passport I wonder ???

Lost Earring said...

That little face is just so endearing. His eyes are pleading for a good home .

Unknown said...

Welcome Binks! You are adorable and Linda will find you a perfect furever home! If I could, I would apply for you myself.