Sunday, April 22, 2018


 Chumley said, "We are having a birthday!"
 Can you believe this little one is now three years old!?
 She entertains me often-- like when I'm making up the Bit beds.
 Or jumping in puddles, or playing with the Pekes, or destroying the play room. 
 Sugar Bit and the Viking have birthdays only four days apart. 
 They both love the Pekes, and are part of Camp Runamuck-- a loving place for Pekes and Bits and anyone else who is here.
 We all went to the beach a few weeks ago when we had a warm day.
 Sugar Bit and her older cousin (who has a birthday next month) dressed up with flowers for our birthday party last night.
 Our home is set up for the Bits-- and they all have their place here.
 Our home is set up, our porch is set up and our yard is set up-- you just never know what is going on here, but it's probably fun!
 We celebrated with cake and ice cream.
 The Viking got art supplies (which I didn't get a picture of) and Sugar Bit got a new wagon.  The canopy will be so nice on hot summer days when we walk to the park.
Dad pulled the birthday girls for a ride, and the Bit boys ran along behind them.  It was a fun day and we will continue today.  Happy Birthday sweet Bits!! 


LadyJicky said...

Coco and I want to say "Happy Birthday to the Bits" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Earring said...

It is just so amazing seeing Sugar Bits at 1 year old and now the big 3 this week. The smile is still so endearing and watching her go from a smiling 1 year old to the little adventure queen she is now with more to come as she is in search of higher heights to climb and leap.