Saturday, April 28, 2018


 Abner was my puppy foster dog in 2013.   He came to me as a six month old with eye issues.
 He had several surgeries at the specialist and then..
 He was adopted to Mary and Chris.  We met at the picnic and they took this sweet boy home.
 He joined Lily and Brody.
 His mom adores him!! 
 She decided that Abner was such a wonderful boy that he should be a therapy dog.
 He does a magnificent job of encouraging people in hospitals.  He also goes to the airport to soothe nervous people.  They love him!
 Abner hurt his back.
 And now he is the patient.  Can one of the therapy dogs visit him? :-) 
Get well sweet boy.  You are loved by so many and we are all cheering you on!


LadyJicky said...

Get well soon Abner..... your public needs you !!!

*Coco has a bad back (some time ago a Vet picked her up in a shocking way and her back went out so bad that I thought we might have to put her to sleep) but with another Vet's care she finally came good (no walking ... 6 weeks in her crate) + meds.
I now give Coco --- Brand name "Joint Guard" every day ... it has Glucosamine HCI 500mg and Sodium Chondraitin Sulfate 400mg
Coco can never jump on furniture or anything !
I will not allow any of my dogs to do this ... even when I had a cairn terrier - no jumping.
Backs can go out . Lift them up to your lap. Maybe I am a "fuss pot" but I honestly believe in this .
Kisses to Abner ------ Coco and I wish you a speedy recovery boyfriend :)

Lost Earring said...

Oh my, I remember Abner..the sweet little boy Peke. The Lord must be busy with our many prayers for the much loved Pekingeses we know through the dedicated Jeanne and Linda's Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue and those behind the scenes who keep up the good work.

There are many days when I think how free of spite, hate and revenge our beloved Fur Babies really are and what we can learn from them and their protectors.

Bless sweet Abner and make him well.