Monday, November 20, 2017


 Ricky was my foster boy in 2004.   Gosh, have I been in rescue that long-- yes, longer!
He was only three when he was put in a shelter, and he was so adorable.  It's hard to know why some are given up.  
 He came to my house and was so easy to get along with.   He had no Peke-a-tude at all!
 Ricky lives near me and his mom and I are good friends.   We try to get together for lunch as often as we can.  It's such a treat to see her and we always meet at a favorite restaurant on the beach.   "Old" friends are so special.  They know you, they care about you and of course, we both love Pekingese. 
Ricky is an old boy now.  He has a bad back, like so many older Pekes.   But, his sweet nature is still the best.   I just love this boy! 

Sunday, November 19, 2017


It's hard to believe that the Bristol 18 rescue was over seven years ago.  But, it was.  We took in 18 dogs at one time.   They were in horrific condition and we only lost one of them due to her medical condition.   I fostered Poochie for awhile and oh, was he a beauty once he recovered.   He has lived a life of love ever since he was adopted.   He has on a new sweater and is snuggling in on a cold day.   I'll do a blog on him later.   Poochie says HAPPY SUNDAY!! 

"We find beauty in the most incomprehensible places and the otherwise homely faces. It is our gift to see beyond the dirt, terror, sadness and defeat and find the true soul that lies within. We are Rescue."

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Bridget came into rescue last May.   
She was turned into a shelter by her owner -- she was about 14 years old.    We were asked if we would help and we said YES!   Transport was set up and the Pekingese Railroad was in action. 
She was in a foster home near me, and they loved her.  But, they wanted her to have a forever home if we could find one.   We received a wonderful application for her.   I love the seniors and I love people who will adopt seniors!   
I picked Bridget up so she could stay the night with me.   I decided to give her a spa treatment. 
She was bathed and cream rinsed and she was so good!   I used Pantene cream rinse so she smelled delicious!  (I have a Pekingese size sink-- a must!)
She found an open kennel in the laundry room-- she loved it, but didn't stay there long. 
I dried her and brushed her and put on a new name tag, a new collar, a new harness and a fancy leash-- thank you to all who donate to me! 
She explored the yard. 
And yesterday morning, we were off to meet her new mom.
"Are we there yet?"
She was so good in the car!
Her new mom was thrilled to meet her and fell in love the moment she saw her.   Now Bridget is off to her new life and her forever home.   SENIORS ROCK!!!

Friday, November 17, 2017


I'm going to try to update this once a week to keep people in the know about the dogs we have available for adoption.   Please fill out our adoption application on our web site:    You can also email us at    
 Duke-- 5-6 years old, needs a fenced yard.  Must have a playmate.
Oreo, 2-3 years old.  Very energetic.   Must have a playmate.
 Poof-- adoption pending!
 Chewey-- we were told he was ten but the vet thinks he may be younger.   We will still list him at 8-10.     He would love to be the only one so he can get all the love.
Graham (formerly Rufus).   Sweet boy.  He will be available once his cherry eye is repaired.
ADOPTED!!  Princess Virginia is about ten years old.  She acts younger and is very sweet.   
ADOPTED=\-  Bridgett, 14 years old. adorable.
Furby, Rocky's daddy.  They need to stay together.
Rocky, sweetness personified!
Chauncey, 2 years old, full of energy.

Thursday, November 16, 2017


 Chauncey is making himself at home in his foster home.   What a beautiful fireplace to curl up in front of.
 Toby, his Pekingese foster brother, and Max, were all on the couch. 
 Max is very docile, and Chauncey has been bossy, but he curled up with him the other day.
 Yes, I'm talking about you.
He goes to work with his foster mom-- in her home office! haha   
He lets her know he's done helping her and he goes to sleep.   Yes, I think he is settling in just fine!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Another donation has come in  from Pepe, Lilly and Lucy.   They are sweet, joyful Pekes!   
 Midnight, Elvis and Harley made a donation to the Joyful Year fund.  THANK YOU!!
 Toby and Zoey's mom, Barbara, made a donation all the way from Palm Springs!
Lil Cali Gurl helped us, too!  You're the best!
Beautiful Maggie (who belongs to Kay and Claretta) made a donation to the Joyful Year fund.   Thank you, sweet girl.
 Barbara wants to honor her sweet Paws who passed away three years ago. 
Mary asked people to make donations to our rescue for her birthday.  Abner was one of our fosters and has gone on to become an incredible therapy dog.  He dressed as a doctor for Halloween visits.   
 Last year, I did a blog to celebrate the life of Joyful Grace.
 Joyful came into rescue in 2015, and we were not sure we could save her.  But, she was a little fighter.  She wanted to live.
 Her foster mom, Sherry, has a way with the seniors and Joyful was in the right place for great care.
 Joyful had a lot of health problems.  She went on heart meds, skin meds, arthritis meds and pain meds.   We really hoped to give her a longer life than she would have  had.
 We were able to give her a year of love and care.   She did so well with her foster mom and stole the heart of so many of our rescue family.    So many sent in outfits for her, beds, things with JOY on them.   Her foster mom still has the little nightlight lamp with JOY on it. 
 Joyful was with us for almost one full year.  She died last November 1, 2016.   But, she left a legacy.
So, this year, we begin our "Make it a Joyful Year 2017" and for every donation, regardless of the size, I will add a picture of your dog/dogs to this blog and keep reposting it.   Once you send in your donation either through our web site ( or to our P.O. Box (PVPC, P.O. Box 61005, Richmond, VA 23261), post a picture on the blog on facebook so that I can add it to the blog.   We gave Joyful Grace a good year, and we continue to do that for others in our care, thanks to the donations we receive.   Let's make it another Joyful year!
Harley Marie wants to make it a Joyful Year!!   Thank you, sweet one.
 Freddie (of Freddie's Finds) sent a donation.   Thank you!
 Marco Polo and Ch'In are happy Pekes!   They want to help others.
So, their mom sent a donation to help the Pekes. 
Queen Willow, Bandit and Meyer Mason VIII are helping, too!   
Princess Virginia's new owner made a donation!!
Piggie is 16 1/2 years old and he wanted to help us have a Joyful Year.  Thank you, Syndee!!