Saturday, November 4, 2017


Benny/Benjamin and Mattie were at my house for awhile and I enjoyed them so much.
They came back to visit a few weeks ago.
They recognized all the dogs here.  (Except Poof, of course.)
Mattie checked everyone out.
Benny recognized my voice before he walked in the house.  His tail started going, which made me smile!!
He immediately ran through the hallway, through the kitchen, around the island, out the back door, through the porch doggy door, down the steps and out to the yard.  He remembered every bit.   He has very limited vision but he knew the way.
He found Kai Kai-- two red dogs together again, even if it was for a short time.
Poof and Mattie met-- and tails were wagging.
Hello, pretty girls!
"Who is this?" said Poof.
"I like her!"
Mattie went into one of her favorite spots-- in the border grass. 
Seeing Benjamin just made my day!   He came through so much-- from horrific eye condition, to one whose eyes are glowing with health.
Oh my heart.
Of course, Mattie gave me lots of kisses.   She's the champion!
She remembered the Bits--
Beach Bit was so glad to see them.
Hello, you sweet girl!
They all came inside...
Checked each other out.  That's Mattie' tail wagging.   :-)
Poof got into her bed (one of many) and just watched.
Benny made himself comfortable in the kitchen-- one of his favorite places.   Floyd was there, too.
And Mattie's tail was still wagging.
Chumley asked, "Are they back?  They were so much fun!"
They are always welcome here.
But, they couldn't stay long because it was time to continue on their trip.
Mattie looked back.   She remembered us.
We sat on the steps with them-- and you can see more Pekes at the door.
I'm so glad they came to visit! 

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LadyJicky said...

Oh it is so nice when friends visit !!!!!