Thursday, November 9, 2017


Harley Marie came into rescue with Roxy in August of 2013.  Their owner was very sick (and died a few months later) and they asked us for help.   Harley was adopted first and is the center of her mom's life.
Harley Marie went on vacation to the beach-- in October!  She sent me this email:
Dear Mrs. Linda,

Mom said that it was ok for me to use the computer to send you an e-mail. I have to e-mail because mom is in the dark ages and doesn't have Facebook. I wanted to tell you about my vacation to the beach. When mom said we were going this year I thought she was crazy because it was October. She knows I like the beach, but October! 
To my surprise the weather was warm and we stayed on the beach looking at the waves and watching people surf. It was so warm that I kept leaving my blanket and would lay in the sand or in the shade to cool off. I mostly people watched and ate snacks. After an exhausting day at the beach, mommy took me to a boutique store so she could do some shopping. The store people let me come inside since I’m so well behaved. I got lots of attention and people wanted their picture with me. How could I say no? By time evening came, I would curl up in my bed. Each day was an adventure and I had lots of fun.

Love, Harley Mariel
Harley Marie is such a little star-- a cherished one!   Thank you for emailing me, sweet girl!

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LadyJicky said...

Harley Marie....... like your Mum - I am in the dark ages too. I have no Facebook LOL