Tuesday, August 22, 2017


 We had a board meeting on Saturday in Richmond.  Since Bella just had eye surgery, of course she had to go.
 She curled right up in my lap.  She was also spayed the same day.
 Since Bella went, of course, her brother, Simon, had to go.  Marian was his car buddy.
 I let Bella rest in Magnolia's bed-- Magnolia is Fiona's girl and she shared her bed and house.
Bella fussed at Magnolia and it hurt her feelings. :-(
 Bella wanted to rest-- and we put in a few toys for her.  A pretzel toy to "snack on."
 A can of food in case she got hungry.
 She didn't move, so we added a few more.
 And a few more...
And more... Bella didn't budge.  
 But, then she opened an eye to see what we were up to.
And closed it again.   We were having a lot of fun-- poor Bella!! LOL  

Monday, August 21, 2017


Beach Bit came over to see the new Pekes.  Mattie was watching it all.  (She has gone to her forever home now with Benjamin.)
Bella and Simon lived with children, so they were very excited to see a boy!
They got closer and closer.
Mattie was not to be left out.   So, Beach Bit did his best to pet them all.
Simon jumped up to give Beach Bit a kiss!
Beach Bit was so surprised!   Chip, you can relate to this!  (Chip was part of the transport and as he was leaving, he bent down to pet Simon and Simon jumped up and planted a kiss on him!)
My grand Bits have been around many of my fosters and are just part of the fabric of Camp Runamuck.
Welcome to rescue, Simon and Bella.   These two are sweet Pekes!

Sunday, August 20, 2017


 Mattie and Benjamin have been here for 2-3 months-- They have made themselves right at home.
 But, today, they go to their new home.   They may be a little confused at first, but they are going to LOVE having so much attention!  They will go on walks, have new beds, meet new friends, and be the only two dogs there!
I will miss these two sweet ones, but I know they are going to the best home ever!!  Rita will give them so much love.   Happy Sunday from Mattie and Benjamin!

Saturday, August 19, 2017


(This was written before Bella's surgery-- more on her recovery later.)
Bella and Simon were turned in by their owner.  
We did all the tests we do on new rescues-- like bloodwork, heartworm check and urinalysis.  We do urinalysis because bladder infections (and sometimes stones) are in the top 20 health issues with Pekes, and many Pekes have them.   Simon had one, so he's on antibiotics and wearing a belly band.
Bella is a tiny thing and so loving.    She came into rescue with a very bad, enlarged eye. It has to feel bad, and our Virginia Beach vet, Acredale Animal Hospital, fit her in for surgery.
Simon is very attentive to her and I'd really like to keep them together.  They are both six years old and a bonded pair.
Benjamin wondered who the new "kids" were.  Don't worry, sweetie, I love you, too.   (He goes to his new home tomorrow, but will always have part of my heart.)
Simon hasn't jumped on the couch by himself, but once up there, he loves to be on top on the pillows.
Bella had no trouble-- she's so small, but she must have springs in her legs.
She just found a comfortable spot and curled up.
When I get a new foster, we go out-- a lot!  I want them to get used to the yard, and going outside to go to the bathroom.  When they arrive, even if they are housetrained, it can be confusing.
Bella takes so little space in a lap-- she loves to curl up for a tummy rub and hugging.
She lays on the arm of the couch.  She has found a lot of places to rest.
She won't be doing any jumping for a few weeks.  She was spayed yesterday and had her bad eye removed.  She has to rest now.  It was a lot to go through for such a small one.  If you are interested in a sweet pair, let me know.  www.potomacpekes.org is our web site where our application is.  You can also email us at potomacpekes1@gmail.com.   (We have a new email address, so send inquiries to that.)   I'll keep you updated on their progress.  

Friday, August 18, 2017


 Bella and Simon came into rescue last Saturday.  They were going to be fostered in Richmond, but when we realized how bad her eye was, I brought her to Virginia Beach.   My vet can do this surgery, saving us money.
Bella is a tiny one, at only 9 pounds.  I can't remember the last time I had such a small one.  Even Madeline Grace was a little bigger (and a lot mightier! haha).   
They traveled with volunteers until they could get to me.   I'm so thankful for those who will help get the dogs to safety.   (They now have harnesses-and new collars and leashes-- because it's not good to walk a Peke without one.)
Bella was so relaxed on the trip.
They curled up together.
I stopped at my daughter's house so she could meet them.  (Yes, I brought Simon, too-- I could not separate them.)
He's so cute, about 13 pounds.
You can see that Bella's eye is very damaged.   She is having it removed today.
They are both eating well and very affectionate.
Bella and Simon met Granger-Danger.
And Gigi.
We all went for a walk and they were both great with my granddogs.
You can see how tiny Bella is! (If you click on the picture, you can see how bad Simon's skin is.)
They were so good on the leash-- and I feel even better now that the harnesses protect their necks from damage.
Off we go!
Pi, "the best dog ever" met them, too.
Both dogs have skin issues, but Simon's is much worse.  He is missing a lot of hair.
I think he probably had flea issues and lost his hair.  He's had a shot for itching (Cytopoint) and special baths and is doing SO much better!!
Welcome to rescue, Simon and Bella!