Wednesday, August 2, 2017


 Sophie came into rescue over two years ago-- I remember picking her up and having her adopter come to my house to meet her.   We sat in my front yard for hours as she held Sophie in her lap.
 It seems like Sophie has been with her new mom much longer than two years!
 Sophie was considered special when she was fostered at my home.  They are all special, but Sophie, like my Kai Kai, is blind.   She has a tiny eye, and a regular sized eye, but no vision.
 Like Benjamin, my foster boy now, you would never know that Sophie is blind.  
 People are amazed to meet her and be told that she has no vision-- she gets around so well!   Blind dogs are usually able to use their other senses more and they hear and smell even better.   It is so encouraging to see them living their life without "handicapp" and Sophie is one of those dogs.   There is a facebook page for owners of Blind Dogs-- it's a wonderful and very encouraging page to visit, get encouragement and advice.   (There is also one called "The Bright Side of Blind Dogs," and that's where I can put funny antics and pictures of my dogs and foster dogs who are sight impaired.
Sophie is a Super Girl in my opinion!  Her groomer agrees with me and gave her the appropriate scarf.   She's a beautiful girl, and I'm so glad her mom sends me updates and pictures.

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LadyJicky said...

Put me into the crowd of people that did not know Ms Sophie is blind Linda!!!

Noses and sniffing are so important to dogs and especially dogs like sweet Sophie!

Kisses to you Ms Sophie .
I wish I could send you an "email smell-o-vision" of my native plants for Sophie to have an Aussie Sniff :)