Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Ricky came to me in 2004-- he was 2-3 at the time and such a sweet boy.   (I know, I know, I say that about so many.)
 At one point, he lived down the street from me and came to visit often.   I found a story I wrote back in 2009 (can it be 8 years ago!), so I thought I'd share some.   My Scooterbug and Cranberry were Ricky's good friends.  (Both Scooterbug and Cranberry have been gone several years now.)
 2009: "Ricky wrote his mom an email while he was here:
Dear Mom,
I'm over at Scooter's house. We're having so much fun. But, I need to talk to you about something! When I come over here, Miss Linda treats me just like her dogs. She says, "Go outside, go run. Go get the squirrel, go get the birds."  She's a lunatic, getting us to chase invisible things all over the yard!
 And today, she decided after all the rain, that HER dogs needed a bath. Well, since she treats me just like HER dogs, guess what!? Scooter got a bath. Bailey got a bath. I GOT A BATH! The foster dog Starlight didn't-- Miss Linda said it's because she had surgery-- WHATEVER! I think it's preferential treatment. And Cranberry didn't either! Miss Linda said she wasn't that dirty-- hey, she's a white dog. How come she didn't get a bath! I just don't get it. But, I SURE DID get a bath. And to add insult to injury, she has this table-- she calls it a grooming table-- well, she put each of us up there, the blow dryer was going, the brush was flying around us and there was hair everywhere. Even Miss Linda and her "cute little coffee flavored apron" were covered in hair. And she acted like she was having fun. I can't figure her out!
 I love to come here, and if it sometimes means I have to put up with all the shampoo and cream rinse, well, I guess that's okay. She said you could brush me more later since I still have a few areas that need it. Well, SHE says that-- I think I look just fine!"  
~~I laughed as I reread the story.  These Pekes are just brilliant, writing stories, sending emails.  Amazing!
 Little Ricky is at least 15 now-- his mom almost lost him a few weeks ago, but he rallied.   His mom cherishes this boy so much-- and he is a wonderful one.
Whenever I see him, he still gives me lots of kisses and his tail goes crazy.  I love seeing my foster foster dogs!!

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LadyJicky said...

I can just imagine how much you love to see your Foster Dog's Linda ... and yes - I sort of use "sweet" a lot too but .... Pekingese are so Sweet!!! LOL