Thursday, August 17, 2017


Peaches was in a Maryland shelter.  Her owner died and a family member took her briefly, and decided not to keep her.   She took her to the shelter and said she was 13 years old, giving a brief amount of paperwork.
That's all I needed.   I looked it over-- like a Peke detective-- and found out a place she had been groomed.
When I explained that we had her in rescue, they gave me more information, and her vet.
So, I called the vet.  We had been told she was 13, but I found out she was born in 2010-- so she's only 7!!  She weighs about 12 pounds.
She was happy to be out of the shelter and on her way to a new life.
She is sniffing around her new place.
Hello sweet one!
She is being fostered in Richmond, has had her spay and dental (yesterday) and will be ready for adoption soon.
We are all excited that she will have a new life!  She is, too!


LadyJicky said...

Well .... that Peaches is not a Old Lady after all! LOL

Again .... this girl is SWEET..... doing my Adoption Dance right now!

Lost Earring said...

So lying about the little sweetheart's age to shorten the paperwork. Shame. She is so pretty and sweet.

Unknown said...

Age don't matter she's a beautiful baby girl