Thursday, August 31, 2017


 Never tell your facebook friends you don't want to see sad faces-- I did not want to see "horrific" pictures on facebook.  You know the ones you can't get out of your mind.   So, my friends (and my daughters) posted lots of pics to give me a hard time.  Camden-- sad face-- and Brandy-- happy face!!
 Winnie is with a rescue friend in California.  As rescuers, we see a lot of the "sad" and we keep going.  We know we do all we can to help.   And hopefully, after the sad times, we see a dog blossom into a wonderful happy dog!
 Another one of her dogs is looking sad-- but I think it's a sleepy look lol.
 Britney sent me two pictures of her "sad" dogs-- uh huh.
 You can't fool me-- I think they are pulling her chain.
 Yodi, I know good and well what a happy home you are in.  No fooling me!
 Okay, maybe this dog is sad for being made to get out of the hamster cage hahaha.
 Gigi was happy she found the treat container at the feed store-- HAPPY!
 Pi was in a 'too small' bed, but she is still happy-- she is always happy.   She is at least 15 now-- and the best dog ever.   Even though she is not a Pekingese, she is my granddog and  she has part of my heart.  She is just content with whatever life brings her.
 Granger hopes for more puddles he can get into.   The rains brought a lot of them to his yard and he was thrilled.
Sophie would not dream of walking in a puddle, let alone being thrilled about it.  She is a princess for sure, like Starlight, who would rather just sit and let me carry her instead of walking.   So sad faces-- maybe,  Sad dogs-- not a chance!


LadyJicky said...

You know .... that Coco is not pulling one of her super sad faces for me Linda!!! Rrrrrr

Lost Earring said...

Love the happy sad faces today.