Friday, August 18, 2017


 Bella and Simon came into rescue last Saturday.  They were going to be fostered in Richmond, but when we realized how bad her eye was, I brought her to Virginia Beach.   My vet can do this surgery, saving us money.
Bella is a tiny one, at only 9 pounds.  I can't remember the last time I had such a small one.  Even Madeline Grace was a little bigger (and a lot mightier! haha).   
They traveled with volunteers until they could get to me.   I'm so thankful for those who will help get the dogs to safety.   (They now have harnesses-and new collars and leashes-- because it's not good to walk a Peke without one.)
Bella was so relaxed on the trip.
They curled up together.
I stopped at my daughter's house so she could meet them.  (Yes, I brought Simon, too-- I could not separate them.)
He's so cute, about 13 pounds.
You can see that Bella's eye is very damaged.   She is having it removed today.
They are both eating well and very affectionate.
Bella and Simon met Granger-Danger.
And Gigi.
We all went for a walk and they were both great with my granddogs.
You can see how tiny Bella is! (If you click on the picture, you can see how bad Simon's skin is.)
They were so good on the leash-- and I feel even better now that the harnesses protect their necks from damage.
Off we go!
Pi, "the best dog ever" met them, too.
Both dogs have skin issues, but Simon's is much worse.  He is missing a lot of hair.
I think he probably had flea issues and lost his hair.  He's had a shot for itching (Cytopoint) and special baths and is doing SO much better!!
Welcome to rescue, Simon and Bella!


LadyJicky said...

I am so glad you have these two .... they will both be a lovely addition to any family and Bella is so small and cute.

Lost Earring said...

How tiny and sweet Bella is and Simon being an easy going guy will take him far as well. Welcome to the good world Bella and Simon.

Unknown said...

Good luck Bella and Simon ��.My Pooh was little like Miss Bella