Tuesday, June 25, 2019


Tucker was rescued almost five years ago!   He is SO happy.
This was his shelter picture....
and I could NOT get those eyes out of my mind and heart.  I knew he was a mix, but I asked the rescue committee if we could help him and they said YES!  The shelter was getting full, and I didn't want him to be a casualty of that.
He has the best life now.   We thought he was about 8 when he came into rescue, so he may be 13-- but it's hard to know their age when we get them from a shelter.
Every time his mom or dad post a picture, it just makes me smile.  I bet it makes you smile, too! 

Monday, June 24, 2019


A Maryland shelter asked if we would take this "Peke mix."   From the front picture, she looked pretty Pekey.
And then, we got her.  HMMM, not so much.
She was nervous in the shelter.  Her owners had turned her in because "we can't have her where we live."   And they didn't know this before?  They only had her for a month, when a friend gave her to them.  We don't know Rosie's history before that.  But, enough is enough.
Time for some stability. 
I think she knows she is safe.
And that face-- definitely some Peke there.  I can see it!  Can't you!  The adorable teeth!
Are you happy?
Her eyes are beautiful.   She is only four years old and 14 pounds-- most of it is hair. 💜
She is looking for her forever home.  We know it's there.   She's a stunner!   We are taking applications for her.   She won't last long!  Go to our web site and fill out an only line application. 
www.potomacpekes.org   Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

Sunday, June 23, 2019


We were asked to take in a Peke mix-- the shelter picture made her look mostly Peke, so we agreed.  A day later, we got her and SHE HAS A NOSE!  😲  But, she's cute and only four years old!   See tomorrow's blog on her to find out more.   And Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, June 22, 2019


Ammo was one of our beautiful foster dogs.   His foster parents were Sonia and Joe, long time Peke people  
He was a happy boy and he adored his foster dad, Joe.
He went to his new home in May and has new friends!   BIG friends!
His new mom wanted a sweet one for herself-- but he loves his new dad the best-- isn't that just like a Peke!
 Ammo is the smallest in the pack!   Jethro is the big black Shepherd.  Aren't they all beautiful!
 Oliver is the Bulldog and he and Ammo get along just fine.   Oliver was rescued from a very bad situation but he's beautiful now.
As you can expect, Ammo is in charge-- it's a Peke thing.  😃
He's had a haircut now that it's summer and he's showing it off for us.   He sure has a wonderful forever home now!

Friday, June 21, 2019


  It's time now to start submitting your pictures for our 2020 calendar!   
 Should Mizmo be our cover boy??   We don't know!
 Or Petey-- he's a stunner with his pink puppy.
We might do one of our foster dogs for the cover, but please submit your pictures for the inside pages.   They must be high quality to be used, otherwise, they will be blurry on the large pages.

Here's the information from Fiona, who is in charge of the calendar:
"It’s time to submit photos of your wonderful Pekingese for our 2020 PVPC Fundraising Calendar!

The fee is $20.00 for a quarter page, $40.00 for a half page, and $50.00 for a full page.  One full page per family,  please.

The 2020 calendars will cost $20.00 each plus shipping, with a special price of 3 calendars for $50.00 plus shipping.

Please send your best quality, original images to Fiona, at fiona at fionaross dot net**  and she will contact you with payment information.

She is happy to check your photos to determine if they are good printing quality.

Spaces fill up quickly for this beautiful calendar, so send your images in soon. The deadline for photo submission is July 14, 2019. ”

The pages filled VERY fast last year and we closed down submissions early.  We can only give one page per family, so pick your favorites. 


 Waldo came to us after his family could no longer keep him.  He was not treated well by the children, and I've always said we have to train our children how to be around dogs-- it's so important.
 He wasn't sure when he came into rescue and needed time to just "be."
 Kathy and Jeff saw his picture and it was love at first sight.  They were experienced Peke owners and that's just what he needed.
 He now has a sister named Wendy Lou-- and they are best buddies.  SO SWEET.
 They enjoy just being together.
 He went to the beach and sat under the umbrella-- it was fun and relaxing.
 He enjoys hanging out on the table on the porch, just vegging with his mom and dad.
Yes, he is a happy boy now!!    💙

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Abby was Margie and Eddie's precious girl.
Margie had seen a posting on her.  Her first thought was, "She was ours."
She applied and was approved to adopt her, but...
..it was found that Abby was heart worm positive and so Margie paid for the treatment.
She stayed in a wonderful foster home during her treatment, and then the phone rang that she was ready for her new home.
On May 17, 2012, Abby became Margie's little girl.
Margie's other Peke, Brutus, died a few months after Abby joined the family and then Prince Harry came into the family. Shortly after that, Mr. Magoo joined them all.
China Doll joined them more recently, when Margie and Eddie fostered her.  Abby was fine with that.  (This is Abby.)
Abby was always the princess. 
Her temperament was so good, that someone suggested she could be a PAT dog-- Pet Assisted Therapy.
She was so loved and adored.   She had herniated disc surgery on four discs and came through great.  She was by her mom's side when she had hip surgery.
And she has been her dad's companion as he has journeyed through cancer treatment.   She had a very special purpose when she joined her family. 
Abby developed a heart condition, but she still wanted to be involved and play.   She died after what was believed to be a heart related issue.
Her mom and dad adored her.   She is missed so greatly.  Losing a beloved pet is so so difficult. 
Run free, little Princess.  You were such a beautiful part of your mom and dad's life.  💜

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


 I wanted to update you on Mr Happy.  He was so frantic when we got him but he’s settled down and more content now.
 His foster mom is introducing him to toys and he goes to work w her.  Lucky boy!
He sees the ophthalmologist next week to see what we need to do with his eyes—he is blind— but he is getting around fine and so sweet.  He will be available for adoption soon!