Sunday, August 25, 2019


 Simon came into rescue in 2014. He was young and the owner had too much going on.  We were happy to get this sweet boy.
He loving owners have stayed in touch w updates on their boy.  He has brought sunshine to their lives.   Simon says (no pun intended) HAPPY SUNDAY!

Saturday, August 24, 2019


 Granger and Mizmo heard it was the week-end
 Granger said everyone worked hard this week so it’s time to lay back and relax!
Mizmo totally agreed. Maybe he will just sleep in today.  Sounds good to me!

Friday, August 23, 2019


 My daughter is fostering Bartley, an older dog who has been in a shelter for months.   I did a blog on him earlier this week.
 I went over to let him out and took Mizmo with me. 
 I watched carefully to see if they would get along.
 Mizmo was watching, too. 
 They followed each other around.
 And Mizmo gave me this look-- oh my, it's so cute, but what is he saying to me! 
 It gets worse!  LOL
 He's contemplating, but there were no spats.
And then he said, "Can we go home!?"   They did fine and I was proud of both of them. 

Thursday, August 22, 2019


 King Wyatt came into rescue last month.   He was alone in a shelter, 16 years old, and in terrible shape.
 His first bath showed hundreds of fleas going down the drain.   The fleas had done such a number on his skin.   He felt better right away. 
 He has come a long way-- he's discovered cabinets!  If one is open, in he goes. 
 He found that people loved him.   He loves soft beds and looking out windows.
 He has discovered toys!  Okay, don't you just want to kiss his face!
 He still hates baths, but he gets them daily to help heal his skin.   
 Another vet visit?  Really?  Yes-- because you are worth it!
 His foster parents had to go to the Peke meeting, so he met the pet sitter.  He was in love. 
King Wyatt is an old man.   Should we rescue old ones?  YES!  They deserve it as much as young ones.   And we love these senior dogs.   Life has become good again for King Wyatt-- and he knows it!   Thank you to Kay and Claretta for all the care and love they are giving him.  It shows! 💙

Wednesday, August 21, 2019


Rich and Daisy
I can't remember how long ago Rich and I met through Pekes.  I know he had rescued a dog named Rusty, and somehow we became friends.  I've followed his adventures and learned about his home town-- in England!   We both have grandkids now and we both love Pekingese.
His little Daisy just had a dental, so she was recovering. 
Rich adores her.   
Wake up, Daisy.
I think Rich is one of our biggest fans.  He and Daisy do so many yard sales to help raise money for us and it's amazing!  I just wish I was close enough to go (he lives in Pennsylvania).   He has so many incredible things for sale!  Lots of great treasures!
It's amazing how many wonderful people you meet through rescue.  I'm glad I met Rich! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Nico was adopted in April of 2009.  He was adopted with Bao, and they were a sweet pair.   They both had a life with loving parents and many adopted aunts and uncles.  Nico loved toys and snuggling with his brother.  Snoring with his mom and dad in their big bed was also a favorite.  Last month, a malignant melanoma was found in the roof of his mouth, and there is little that can be done when that happens.   When he was no longer comfortable, they let him go, surrounded by the love he always had.  Run free now, sweet boy. 


 Missy came into rescue in 2010.  I remember she had pink ear tips, so someone must have loved her and not known how to find her.
 Beth and Dave were her foster parents. 
 Missy had problems with one of her eyes, so it was removed, but it didn't bother her.
 She loved being outside...
 the snow was fine, too.
 Christmas made a beautiful time for sweet pictures. 
  She was never adopted, which I didn't understand because she was so sweet. 
 So, her foster parents adopted her.
 Missy was greatly loved by them. 
 She enjoyed posing for pictures.
 And her group photos were wonderful!
 I love this one.
Run free now, and find your brothers, Teddy Bear and Wylie, who went there before you.  💜  You were loved.


Last September, Bugsy's owner asked if we could help his dog.  He could no longer care for him even though he loved him so much.   We realized he had no option but us. 
Bugsy came to us and had treatment for his eyes and skin and he adjusted to his foster home and all the love they had to give him.
On colder winter days, the fireplace was a great place to curl up.
Due to his declining sight and health, we decided Bugsy should remain in his foster home, under our care, for the rest of his life. 
His foster mom was happy to keep him, and do all she could to make his days good ones.  She really loves him.
Bugsy loves to roam around her back garden and sniff around.
He loves his bed, loves his human sister and doggie friends.  Mostly, he likes to just rest and go outside.   It's okay-- seniors deserve this and we are happy to do it for him.