Sunday, October 13, 2019


 Waves were high.  At one point, we had a swimming Granger.  But the leashes were on and they were fine
Gigi, my grand dog, was running in and out of the water, w so much joy.  We say HAPPY SUNDAY from the beach.

Saturday, October 12, 2019


 I’m case you wondered, I’m not in line much right now.  If I can’t do it on my phone, it isn’t getting done  
 Blame it on the ocean.  The wave sound is balm to the soul  
 I could just listen for hours.
So we and the  Bits and daughters took a break. Thank you Georgia.   We love it.

Friday, October 11, 2019


Potomac Valley Pekingese Club 2019 Yankee Candle Peke-a-Boo Fundraiser

Autumn is in the air! This is a wonderful time to head over to Yankee Candles and purchase some wonderful seasonal fragrances to enjoy while also supporting Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue! What is better than lighting a wonderful scented candle or decorating with beautiful Peke-autumn decorations? There are many delightful items for sale in the Fall/Holiday catalog! The best part is that 40% of all sales will go directly to the Rescue so we can continue the hard work of saving lives and providing new beginnings.
The web site is located at, enter group number 990103300 under start shopping and click enter! Shop away and shop often! The campaign ends Jan 06 2020! All orders will be mailed directly to your home. If you spend more than $100, shipping is free! If you have any further questions please email me at or message me on Facebook Ida Dailey! Please share on your Facebook and ask all your friends & family to participate!


 I’m going to give you pictures of the sweet ones we just got.  I have a lot of people who want them but they are not available yet.  The rescue committee will decide the best place for each one.
 We need to find out what their personalities are.  What are their needs.
 They lived outside so we need to know how they will transition.  We will not allow them to be crated.
 Enjoy the sweet pictures below. As we learn more, we will let you know.
 Welcome to your new lives...
 They love their treats that Susan brought them
 Pepper  has a sweet personality
They all do 💖💖💖.

Thursday, October 10, 2019


We were asked to help three 8 year old Pekes.  Their owner is dying and he's on oxygen and can no longer care for them.  So, Kay, Claretta and Susan stepped up and gave their entire day away  to rescue these three.  Pepper is above.  They lived near Danville, VA, so not close to much at all. 
Idget has a white spot on her forehead.  They all went to my vet because they need vet care and grooming.   They can stay there while all this is done and I figure out where they will be fostered   I am committed through the week-end, but will meet them after that.  My friends at the vet will give them all the care and love they can handle.   My vet is 24-7 so someone is always here, always checking on them. 
Blackie is the one who will need the most patience and security.  A quiet house for her for sure.   My house is way too crazy.   That's okay, I'll find places for them.  For now, they are safe and being cared for.  Welcome to rescue! 

Wednesday, October 9, 2019


 Ming and Fushi went to the beach.  They were so excited!
 "Are we going to see the ocean?"
 They sure did!
 Fushi-- oh my heart.  She has the cutest face!!
 They enjoyed running on the beach with mom and dad.  Look at them to!
 They watched dad build a fire-- well, maybe they were inside.  Safer.
 They watched the waves, and enjoyed beach sounds.
 The best thing was that they were with mom and dad.
 It's just the most wonderful place to be!
 Could YOU leave this sweet one at home!?
Not me.  They'd go with me every time.   And I'm sure they will next year, too.  They are so loved.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


 Harrison came to us in January of 2017.  His owner had died and he was in the vet clinic for four months until his owner's daughter turned him into a shelter.
 Jamie and Kim saw him on our rescue site and wanted to adopt him.
 He was joined later by Andy aka Mr. Rooney.   Both were special boys-- they needed understand owners to help them overcome the losses in their lives.
 They got used to having a friend there.
 They even napped together.
Harrison was at least 11 when he came into rescue, but he had health issues recently and was on medication to help him.  But, some medicines have side effects and his heart medicine was hard on him, even though it was necessary. 
Harrison and Mr. Rooney were taken on wagon rides and they made quite a picture.  So beloved.  He had the best parents. 
Harrison went through losses, and it took him time to realize how loved he was, but he did realize it.  It took over six months to trust his dad, but he finally did.  He was a Daddy's boy for sure.
He could relax and nap on the deck. 
Mr. Rooney will miss his best friend, and wagon buddy.
His mom and know know he's not in pain now, but they are.   Most of us know that feeling.  Harrison was one of his dad's most beloved Pekes.   Run free now, little man.  


from Beth:  
Our beautiful Lily (Liliang Xin "strong of heart") passed from this life on September 16th, surrounded by the love of two people and one dog who miss her terribly, fully, and forever. Now our girl sleeps, peaceful and safe.
 Lily"Liliang Xin, Strong of Heart" was adopted from us by Beth and David. 
 She was adopted with precious Wylie. 
 Missy, Lily, and Cosme were a threesome after their brother, Wylie passed away.
 Lily wasn't a big one, especially next to Cosme.  They were full of love. 
 Beth and David have loved Pekes for years-- they always had great pictures of them together.  Ted, Cosme, Lily, and Missy were together.  All but Cosme are gone now.   Too many losses this year for them. 
 Lily would take afternoon naps, and it was during one of these that she left them. 
Lily is now with Missy and Ted and Wylie.   Cosme and his mom and dad miss her so much.  Run free now, sweet girl.

"Some say the heart is just like a wheel
when you bend it, you can't mend it.
But my love for you is like a sinking ship,
and my heart is on that ship out in mid-ocean."
--Anna McGarrigle


The 2020 PVPC Fundraising Calendar is available now!  Paddington is our cover boy.
The 2020 calendars cost $20.00 each plus shipping, with a special price of 3 calendars for $50.00 plus $4.00 shipping (regardless of number).  

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 Bugsy is one of our forever fosters.  He's an old boy...
 but his foster mom, Nikki, just adores him.   He's been with her over a year. 
 He went to the vet for a check up.  He has mobility issues, but he is about 15.  One of his knees is frozen and just doesn't work well.   He's on pain meds, and he needs to lose a few pounds.   When they aren't moving as much, they don't burn as many calories.   Happens to people, too.
 He wanted to check out everything in the room-- and he did just that.
The vet watched him walk, and he was happy to show off.
As long as we can keep him comfortable, Bugsy will have a place in our rescue and our hearts.  He's a sweet old man.