Thursday, December 19, 2019


 At Christmas, we love pictures of our dogs surrounded with Christmas.   Bugsy, last Christmas, was definitely warm and loved.   He left this year, but is still remembered.
 Allie Marie loves Christmas-- she is making sure all the presents are secure.
 The Sisters are looking forward to Christmas inside this year.
 Gigi, what is your mom getting you for Christmas?
 Rosie visited a "few" homes this year before settling in with Barbara's crew.  She is so happy there.  Sometimes, we just have to listen to them more as they try to tell us where they want to be.
 Rusty is ready!   Bring on Christmas!
Tilt is spiffy with his Santa hat on.
Rosa Lee, Woola, Olive and Rufus are with baby Jesus as they pose for their Christmas photo.  
Furby was a happy boy last year in his foster home-- he left us this year, too, but what a life he had while he was in foster care.  (His son Rocky is doing well and was adopted by his foster family.  He has many friends there and he loves his home.)
 Bruce is dreaming of tasty treats and presents.
 Chance is telling his mom his Christmas wishes.
 Duke was adopted from us and his dad sent a picture.   He's ready!
 Sophia Francesca took a pre-Christmas beach trip.  (See her blog tomorrow!)
 Moe is guarding his special toy in front of the Christmas tree.
 Oreo, Duke's brother, loves his new home.  They were adopted together from PVPC.
Panda posed for her Christmas picture.   She has big brothers, but she controls the home.  And she is definitely a Daddy's girl. 
 Stewart has a new home for Christmas (he actually went last week to a home that has adopted two before), but he is coming to visit this week-end.   I bet her will love Clara!
And Clara-- her Christmas outfits are changing often.  She will have a Happy Christmas this year!
Look for more Christmas pictures!!!

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LadyJicky said...

Everyone looks fantastic in their Christmas gear!