Friday, December 6, 2019


 Mojo came into rescue as an injured Peke.  His owners said it had happened before, but they didn't know how-- and they didn't have the money to help him.  So, he came to us.
 He was in pain, but we were able to get meds to help. 
 He came to our Christmas meeting and was so happy.  He walked a little funny, but it didn't stop him.
 He saw a toy and he got right to it and grabbed it!   He adores toys.  He is the cutest Peke with the most loving personality.
 We moved him to Kay and Claretta's from Lisa's, thinking he could have physical therapy and exercise daily. 
For Christmas, they decided to take pictures.  In the past, they have just plumked Pekes one by one on the couch and it worked.   Not so much this time.  They got Mojo's picture and then Ted decided to join in.
 Tina did, too. 
 I think this is photo #20.  😃  Mojo was the star.
 BG (Baby Girl, Bad Girl.....) was not pleased LOL.  Get these things off me!
Mojo just rolled over because he was done.   He has endeared himself there, though.  Everyone loves him, and even BG tolerates him-- BG is known for her testy nature.   Mojo convinced his foster moms that he should be their Christmas present this year-- and they have adopted him!  We have several foster failures this month-- and we are thrilled that these precious ones have permanent homes for Christmas-- Finley, Luna, Patches, Mojo!   What a Merry Christmas it will be!  🎄🌲


Lost Earring said...

This is a true Christmas with the rescued Pekes, their fosters, the foster fails and all the adoptions this year. It's true this year has seen some losses but hope is always there for better times.

LadyJicky said...

That is such great news....... Mojo looks so happy and I bet his new family are too !
Sweet photos!!!