Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Bradley came into rescue last summer with his brother, Bentley.
His sister is Mulan-- she is a beauty!!
Bradley was such a sweet boy in rescue-- except for the time he got in the trash can and ate chocolate.  Oh my.  That was not a good idea. :-)
Look at that adorable face!
He was adopted to a great couple and now Bradley travels in style in a large motor home.
I was able to see him last week when they were camping near me.   Their camper is LARGE and my style of camping!   No tents for me!
Mulan was adopted to be his buddy-- she was in a friend's Dachshund rescue.  She obviously wasn't a Doxie.
Bradley lives a life of love and comfy beds now.
Paula and James were his foster parents and they went to visit him while he was near us.
Paula loved this little one so much!  He was really hard to give up.  
Bradley and Mulan are friends most of the time-- Mulan has her grumpy moments, but she is a Peke, so we expect that.  She's a little one at about 11 pounds, but the small ones can be the bossies.
I'm so glad we got to see you Bradley-- with your ever present ball!   I know you love your new family!


LadyJicky said...

Oh boy ..... Bradley and Mulan are Peke's on the move!!!
I can get grumpy too.

Lost Earring said...

Love Bradley with his ball sitting in luxury and love with little Mulan at his side but in charge all the way. Great morning starter, now if only I can maintain this mood for the rest of the day, I will be a happy camper too.