Wednesday, April 4, 2018


 Nala and BeeBee have a lot of people who love them-- including me!  Just look at those faces!
 They are often on the couch with me and Kai Kai.  Max, Chumley and Floyd would rather be on the floor-- thank goodness or I would have to be on the floor if they all wanted the couch!
 They love to be touching each other.  It's like one dog!
 Why they both like to get on the table is a mystery.  But, they do.  And I let them.
 This is a favorite picture of them.
 We went back to the vet today.  Nala has had bloodwork that isn't good-- at all. :-(  She has been diagnosed with Evans' Syndrome-- and we have no reason for it.  Usually a reason is never found. 
 I thought BeeBee was showing signs of the same thing and so she had bloodwork done on Friday.  
 Nala was getting sleepy while we waited.  My vet came in on her day off to check the girls.  She was very concerned about them when I messaged her.  There are at least 14 vets at the practice and I see a few of them.   I've met many and they are all great-- but I try to work with only a couple so that they know the dogs.   When I messaged one of them, she said she'd meet me at the vet -- I was amazed and grateful.  BeeBee went on meds that day.
 Even at the vet, the girls curls up together when we are in a room.
 We were in the waiting room yesterday because they needed bloodwork re-done, but didn't need to see the vet.   They saw lots of dogs there!  And they decided they needed to be in charge!  Bark, bark, bark!
 This little four pounder was so interested in everything the Sisters did!
 This little one was a rescue, too.  And so sweet.
 This rambunctious puppy came in with her mom and three kids.  The mom was great, but obviously had her hands full.  I understand!
 This beautiful boxer was there-- and he wanted to be everyone's friend.   BeeBee and Nala just wanted to be his boss!
 Once we were finished, they were happy to get back into the car!   Enough of the vets!
I'll find out Nala's bloodwork today or tomorrow.  BeeBee's had gone up a little.  It still needs to come up more.   I hope Nala's is improving.  These girls are so precious-- we just want them to live!  A long time!


LadyJicky said...

Prayers for them both.

The Klein Klan said...

Prayers and positive thoughts for both! And YOU!!!!πŸ’•❤️πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜˜πŸ’˜πŸ€πŸŒΈπŸŒ»

Lost Earring said...

Like everyone else I'm in love with the Sisters and to learn that they both have a disease that probably has no cure is heart breaking. I hope that we all can lend a hand when it comes to donations for their care.

I never tire of looking at their pictures and their devotion to each other. It's so funny that they operate as one with it comes to being bossy....Double Trouble Duo.