Friday, April 27, 2018


 Barack belonged to my favorite vet techs, Bettina. 
 Barack had so many medical issues, but his mom wasn't afraid of them-- and she brought this sweet boy into her family in 2010.
 At first, he could be a bit "boisterous" when others were around.
 But, his mom took him to therapy dog school and that's what he became!
 He had physical challenges all his life, but it did not get in his way.
 He guarded the chicken.
 He laughed at his mom. 
 He dressed up for Halloween.
 At Christmas, he joined the photo shoot at the clinic.  (He even let me hold him.)
 He was so smart.
 He gave joy to so many.
 Barack was such a special boy.
 He wasn't afraid of anything-- and he was great at the farm with the horses.
 He just trotted along behind his mom like a big dog.
 He cracked me up when it snowed. 
 Peeking out of the hole-- his mom had so much fun with him.
 She will miss her sweet boy.
Run free now little man.  ❤️

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LadyJicky said...

Looking at the many photos Barack sure had a wonderful life with his Mum Bettina!
You can tell that his family will miss him so.