Thursday, April 12, 2018


 Henry was found in August three and a half years ago in Richmond.   He was obviously very neglected, and in need of a bath and a lot of medical care.   He wasn't a young boy, but oh, he was so sweet.
 He was fostered by Sherry, but when her neighbors met him, they fell in love and adopted him.   They had over three years with this precious boy.  Recently, he was declining quickly.  His back legs no longer worked and he stopped eating.   It was time-- but it's so hard to let them go.
His last years made up for the neglectful earlier years of his life.  He lived with all the love and care he could absorb-- and he went to visit Sherry a lot, which she loved.   Farewell sweet boy-- you can run free now.   ❤️


Lost Earring said...

I'm totally convinced that the fortunate adopted Furs forget their bad years when they were neglected and unloved. They come into homes that adore them and love them so much.

I wish being adopted and loved could happen to every abandoned or mistreated Fur out there.

tgr74 said...

What a beautiful boy. I'm sure he will be sorely missed. :(

LadyJicky said...

This is so sad to read ... oh he will be so missed.