Thursday, April 12, 2018


BeeBee drinks a lot of water.   
 And Nala also drinks a lot.  They are both on prednisone for their immune disease, so I have to have a lot of water out.
 They don't care what I use-- it could be a glass loaf pan.  That's works!  (I wasn't using it anyway.)
 I like to use glass, but I also use stainless steel sometimes.   The white bowls show me if there is any dirt in there from "leaky chins" and I like the gang to have clean water.
 This plastic bowl is in good shape, but it's only used in the car.   I always keep a water bowl in the car-- just in case.   But, plastic can get nicked and harbor bacteria.   So, I don't usually use it.
 Chumley just wants to have water available, too-- the bowl below fits him just fine.
 He thinks he's a stud.   Handsome yes.  Stud, nope!  (That was taken care of years ago!)
 Rocky-- oh, sweet sweet Rocky (available for adoption with his dad, Furby) has a lot of water bowls in his house, too. 
 Like my house, there are a "few" dogs at Camp Kent haha.   That stainless bowl is clean, I don't know where the dark shadow came from.
 Duke likes fresh water to drink. 
 Oreo is more interested in playing!  (He's a beautiful boy-- I know the right home is out there for both of them.)   
 For dogs that have an e-collar on, I have found that pasta bowls work the best.   The e-collar can easily fit over it.  The Camp Kent Pekes below have had their share of e-collars!
 If you are uptown, you can use nice bowl.   I have Longaberger bowls (I'm not sure how many people still use these), but these have been called in as water bowls, too. 
 When Pi and her family come to visit....
 I bring out the big bowls.   I had a crock pot that "died" -- but the bowl was great.  So, it's a water bowl for crowds.   (The crock pot was only 20 something years old-- why didn't it last longer LOL.)
 Now, if you have a fast eater at your house, like BeeBee and Nala..  (Okay, this isn't a water bowl.)
 You may have to use a slow-feeder bowl.   I haven't found any that are not plastic.
 They sure help with these two girls because they will inhale their food!
 Cleaning them can be tricky-- I don't want any bacteria build up-- but a bottle brush works great. 
Chumley used to use a slow feeder bowl, but he's an old boy now, and he doesn't eat fast anymore.   Doing a blog on water bowls probably seems silly-- but hey, silly blogs are fun, too.   Post a picture of YOUR water bowl!  (I mean your dogs' water bowl, of course haha.)


LadyJicky said...

In our hot summers and hot autumns (at the moment) water bowls are so important! I have 3 outside for Coco and one inside ... we have a dog-door so madame can go outside to her favourite one under the gardenia bush when she wants!
As Coco has the beginnings of Kidney disease its so important to have those water bowls around.

Lost Earring said...

I love the Water Bowl discussion. We too have water dishes inside and out - glass and steel too but I prefer glass so I can see that it's clean.

We also have a water dish for the Little Queen Willow who insists on a water glass with ice for her drinking pleasure, then of course the other two insist that they get to drink out of the glass with ice so it's funny watching the water routine. However I will put my foot down
before I allow them to drink from my beloved Waterford Crystal champagne flutes that I have moved at least 6 times and hand washed a jillion times without an accident.

LadyJicky said...

Now Lost Earring .... you have gone toooooo far with the champange flutes!!!!

*** By the way--- what do you put their caviar in ???? LOL