Monday, June 11, 2018


Andy came into rescue with the family of Pekes.
He is Minnie's son-- and Minnie is Jodi and Koko's daughter.   I made a little family tree for you. 
Minnie--- ???
Andy is the most timid of the three.  (We were unable to save Jodi, at almost 16, her heart was in severe distress.  We gently let her go.)
We wanted to know how Andy would do with bigger dogs.  Callie met him.
"What dog was that!?" 
My daughter has two big dogs-- Callie and Leo, both gentle dogs.
So, we went there and Andy was confused.
"Who is this big guy who wants to meet me?"
"He's following me!"
Leo just wanted to be friends. 
Leo kept going up to Andy.   Callie had already found something else to check out haha.
Andy kept going behind bushes and trees.
But, Leo found him, and Andy walked away.  Andy wasn't aggressive, he was just unsure.  I think he will be fine with any size dog.   He will just take time to adjust to a new home.   He will need a patient and loving owner.
He got back in the car to go back to his foster home and was so relieved.   We'll find you a wonderful home, sweet boy.   Andy is a very young 11-- I would never guess he was that age.  He weighs about 22 pounds, but needs to lose a little.  He's a big boy.   He will be a very devoted companion with time to adjust.  I just want to kiss his face-- but I'll wait.  :-)
If you are interested in adopting Andy, or his mom Minnie or his granddad, Koko (or all three!), just fill out the application. 
Potomac Valley Pekingese Club - Online Application adopt

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LadyJicky said...

Poor old Andy ..... at the moment he is not 'good in crowds" but I bet he will get used to it in time. He is super sweet Linda!!!

Doing the Adoption Dance right now!!

* Its a public holiday here ... Queens Birthday.
Its not her real birthday but this is when we do it in Australia :)