Friday, June 22, 2018


I received such a response after asking for table dog pics.  Here's Yodi on his coffee table.
 Here's BeeBee IN the table.
 ... on the dishwasher....
 and Nala on the coffee table-- one of her favorite spots.   I gave up caring a long time ago. LOL
 Bennett likes short tables...
 and higher tables.
 Beth's Cosi gets kisses on the table.
 And Wylie loved them too. 💗
 Oh Elwood-- You're so funny.   I thought you were the perfect dog, but now..... LOL.
 Granger is known for being on table and in boxes.  Never a boring moment with this little man.  The joke in the family is, "How do you spell Granger-- B-A-D-D-O-G."   LOL
 Leigh's Pekes can't get ON the table, but she posted a picture of them UNDER it.
 Marti's Peke says, "why use a table if you can get on the ironing board!"
 Alyssa's girl must be waiting for a treat.
 Oh, Percy, you're cute wherever you sit!  Okay, it's not a table, but too cute not to share!
 Renee's Peke likes tables, too.
 Rocky, are you contemplating the table?  Watch out for the tea!
 Shannon's little monkey is on the table-- just adorable!
 And Simon loves tables, and ottomans, and any place where he can see out a window! 
 Victoria's Peke is very comfortable!
Willy must be related to Nala-- they both love coffee tables! 
THANK YOU for sharing all your pictures!!

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LadyJicky said...

OMG..... on the ironing table!!!! LOL